There are so many ways to have fun at Camp Lebanon!  Here are just FIVE of the funnest fun things you can do during Free Time every day!

1) Catch a Turtle


Turtle Bay is named after all of the turtles that live there, and if you pay close attention and aren’t afraid to get a little wet, you might just be able to find and catch one.  Don’t worry – they all go back in the water – the thrill is in the hunt!  After you catch one, find the Camp Photographer and get a picture with the little guy before you bring him back home.  Also, be sure to bring your counselor or another staff member with you when you go out in a boat, or make sure that you and your boating buddy have both passed our Swim Test!

2) Play on the Water Mat


Camp Lebanon has TWO water mats – one in the shallow end and one out in the deep end.  Both of them are crazy amounts of fun!  See how long you can stay standing, or who can be the king of the water mat!  Splashing is encouraged!

3) Try Riding Upside-Down on the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline!


You get two rides on the Zipline, so make them count!  If you are 10 years old you can ride the Zipline (prepay when you register, or sign up when you get to Camp!), and it’s definitely an experience you don’t want to miss!  If you try really hard, you can swing you legs up and ride upside-down most of the way!  Hands free and screamin’ loud, because that’s the funnest fun way to ride the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline!

4) Go Paddle-Boating!


All of the boats at Camp are fun, and we have canoes, kayaks, sailboats, pontoons, AND paddle boats!  No matter which one you choose, make sure you bring a buddy (and that both of you have passed your Swim Test) and are wearing life jackets!  Then, Cedar Lake is yours to explore!

5) Get a Snack at the Canteen!


We saved the best for last.  Free Time at Camp Lebanon wouldn’t be quite right without a little salty or sweet snack!  Our Canteen is stocked full of all kinds of candy, chocolate, pop, and chips.  Sometimes, there is even popcorn.  Just go up to the window with your cabin name on it and tell them your name and cabin!  If you brought spending money to Camp, turn it in to a Canteen Card that you can use throughout the week in all of your purchases (including the Trading Post and Craft Room).  We also sell Camp Lebanon water bottles with the summer theme design!  Make sure to get yours, and you’ll get your first fill FREE!


Of course, there are plenty of other ways to spend your time at Camp Lebanon during Free Time – these are just a few of the fun things you can do!  As always, all of these things are better with a buddy, and your counselor would LOVE to spend the day with you as you explore Camp!

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Only one more week?

We can’t believe it’s our last week of the summer, but we’re going to end on a high note! We’ve had a lot of fun so far during Super Kids 4 – here’s what we did on Sunday and Monday…


All of us on summer staff were pumped and ready to dive into our last week when campers arrived on Sunday! After the kids checked in, they had the chance to take care of some things like the swim test, camp tour, and settling into cabins. We also had some dinner and heard about the rules for the week.

Next up was chapel! We sang some great songs and met our speaker for the week, Nate! Nate talked about the part of the Bible where Jesus talked about being “born again” and how it’s not a literal rebirth. Throughout the rest of the week, he’ll be talking about our quest for Truth!

After chapel was canteen (yay!) and the staff variety show! We went all out for our last performance of the summer, and by the end of the show, the stage was covered in water and pie – the sign of a classic variety show!


Monday was our first full-day experience this week, and it was awesome! It started out at 7:40 for the Polar Dip (a chance for an early morning dip in the lake), followed by flag raising and breakfast! When we were done eating, we squished together at the Steps of Faith for the all-camp picture. (After several minutes of silliness, we finally managed to get a good one.)

Our morning was filled up by skills time. Throughout the week, our cabin groups will rotate through six different skills: Outdoor Survival 1 (fires and forts), Outdoor Survival 2 (plants and orienteering), Canoeing, Archery, Space Adventure (where we learn more about stuff related to our space theme), and Team-Building. Our two sessions a day are split up by morning chapel. Yesterday, counselor Kenn talked about the Bible and gave us tips for finding things more easily using the Table of Contents and verse references.

We really worked up an appetite for lunch, but then we definitely needed a nap during Toes Up time… which recharged our energy for the Staff Hunt! After we pushed almost every staff member in the lake, we went straight into free time! There were so many activity options – swimming, boating, crafts, octoball, and zip-line were just a few!

Before dinner, we saw another installment of the Adventures of Captain Kyper. This time, Captain Kyper and M4 rescued the planet Ahecknah from an infestation of giant space spiders!

Our evening was filled out by Free the Hostage (a more-complicated version of Capture the Flag where you have to find two staff members hidden on opposite ends of Camp), canteen, and chapel. Nate talked about searching for Truth in the wrong places and told the story of the woman at the well and how she was looking for life in things other than God.

It’s going to be an awesome week! Please pray that we can all stay safe, have fun, and learn more about God!

Junior High 3: Double Blog Edition

Hey, there! Over the past few days, we’ve braved the Screaming Eagle Zip Line, worked together at the volleyball tournament, fought for victory at the paintball range and tons of other things. We have so much to tell you, so here’s a special double edition of the blog!


We had gorgeous, sunshine-y weather on our second day of Junior High 3 and plenty of ways to enjoy it! Our morning started off with Polar Dip – our daily dip in the lake before breakfast – and flag raising. After we had time to eat, clean our cabins, and spend time reading the Bible, we moved into our second day of seminars. The Tuesday/Thursday rotation featured topic options like “Finding God in Bacon” (a seminar about different and unique types of worship) and friendship!

We split up again for morning chapel – this time, to talk about the heavy topic of sin, shame and forgiveness. For many of us, it’s hard to feel like we can be pure and whole after deeply struggling with sin, but this chapel was to show us that God’s love and gift of redemption can overcome all sins – and that it doesn’t make sense to not forgive ourselves if God forgives us.

Next up was lunch and the next installment of the Adventures of Captain Kyper! Tuesday’s mission took the crew to the planet M.A.L.K., where they taught a mean, angry king about kindness and invited him to join their team.

It was pretty hot during free time, but the water felt so nice – it was a great day for swimming and boating. We also made some crafts, played some carpet ball, and headed up to the zip line for the first time this week!

Our big event for the day was something that always brings campers closer together – the volleyball tournament! We had four nets set up on the North 40 for the official bracket games, and in the down time between games, cabins could play spike ball, nine square in the air, or run through the sprinkler! Dinner was served up picnic-style out of our new building, The Eagle’s Nest. It was a great evening!

Tuesday was special for a number of reasons, but the most important part of the entire day was evening chapel. Josh showed us another video clip and talked about how he loves the story of redemption shown in the character of Finn, a stormtrooper who runs away from the darkness of the Empire and towards the light. He explained that Finn became aware of what the truth was and came to a place of realizing he needed a reset on his life. In real life, Jesus offers us a reset – a big, immediate, supernatural reset when we choose to follow him. Even after becoming a Christian, there are many things we can ask Jesus to reset – our purpose, our purity, our focus, and so much more. Near the end of Josh’s message, we had a time where he encouraged us to ask for Jesus for a reset. It was incredibly powerful to hear campers and staff reaching out to God in that way, and it opened up the door for many campers to dedicate their lives to following Him!

Please pray that campers would continue to have these important conversations, ask questions, and allow God to work in their lives!



The weather was a little wilder on Wednesday, but that just gave us some different activities! Rain forced us inside for flag raising, but let up for most of the day.

We flip-flopped our morning and evening chapel times, so we all gathered together in the morning to listen to Josh in the main hall. Much of the message was a follow-up to what he’d said the night before, and he encouraged us to not forget what happened here, to not let fear and the unknown drown out what happened. He explained that when we ask for a reset, it might not end up feeling like what we “signed up for,” but that following Jesus means you have to change things that are working against the reset you asked for.

Free time had most of the same activities as the day before, but we also had four-way volleyball for our option and had one last opportunity to play paintball! Free time was also a great time to play our ongoing game of Assassins – each cabin received ten clothespins and has to sneakily pin them onto different members of staff. Each staff member is worth a different number of cabin points, but you can also use “power up” pins hidden around Camp to earn even more points!

In evening chapel, we split up into guys and girls like we normally would in the mornings. Girls talked about leadership as women, and the guys talked about brotherhood! After chapel was canteen and our night game – Clue! Campers had to run around the Chalet as a cabin, talking to the characters scattered throughout the building to figure out who kidnapped Rich and why.

Today (Thursday) is our last full day! Please pray that God would continue to keep us safe, give us fun opportunities, and teach us more about Himself.

Super Kids 3: Double Edition

Hello, everyone! Super Kids 3 kicked off two days ago and we’ve already had SO much fun! Here’s a look at what we’ve been doing…


Everyone arrived on Sunday, pumped for a great week! We went through our usual first-day activities – check-in, swim tests, meeting our counselors and cabin mates – and then went to dinner line-up, where we made up cabin cheers to show everyone else. Dinner was a pizza picnic! After hearing rules and hanging out as a cabin, we all crowded into the chapel to watch the beloved annual Staff Variety show!

Our speaker for the week is Jay, the Kids Ministry Director at Westwood Church. On Sunday night, he talked about how God created us to be curious – how it’s that curiosity that makes us fascinated with outer space and yearn to know why and how we got here. Sometimes (often times), we look in the wrong place. This week, we’re going to talk about our quest for Truth!


Our first full day of camp was rainy off-and-on, but we still had a great time. To start the day, we practiced our Bible verses and danced our sleepiness away with Joel! After that, we had breakfast and took our all-camp picture – you’ll see it at the end of the week.

The typical Super Kids morning is spent mostly on Skills time. There are six different skill stations that each cabin will get to see at some point during the week: Outdoor Survival 1 (Fires and Forts), Outdoor Survival 2 (Plants and Orienteering), Canoeing, Archery, Team-building and Space Adventure (where they learn more about space). Between the two skill times is morning chapel! Yesterday, Bobber Bill talked to us about capital “T” Truth and how God wants us to know that Truth.

After lunch time, we had Toes Up (nap time), mail call, and the big afternoon game: the Staff Hunt! Counselors and other staff member hid all over main camp, and if a camper found them, they got to push that staff member in the lake! Up next was free time, when we got to go swimming, make crafts, check out the store and go down the zip-line.

Much later in the evening, we had a cabin adventure before playing our night game: Free the Hostage (a more complicated version of Capture the Flag where the “flag” is a staff member hiding in the woods). It was super fun! We also had evening chapel, where Jay talked about how the Bible is God’s “GPS” for us and explained how sin separates us from God… but there’s good news in tonight’s talk!

Thank you so much praying for our campers! Please continue to ask God for safety and lots of fun for these crazy kids!

Senior High Day 3: Open Mic and Western Night

We had another sunshine-y, beautiful day for Tuesday of Senior High week! Here’s a few highlights from the schedule…

The Camp Picture / Staff Pictures

Every week, we take an ll-Camp picture – but this week was a bit of a squeeze! The motto of the moment was “get uncomfortably close to your neighbor,” and… well, we did that. Even through the bright, suddenly too-hot direct sunlight was suddenly way too hot for our liking, we squished together to fit in the frame and collectively praised Jesus when a cloud passed over.


Hello from Senior High week!

After the Camp picture, it was also time for the summer staff picture that will hang on the wall with all the past years’ staff photos in the hallway to the Chapel! Any camper who has been / will be on junior staff or D3 this summer got to join in as well!

New Options and the Craft of the Day

A few new things happened yesterday in terms of free time options. First, our maintenance crew brought up a new-this-summer game from the North 40 called Nine Square in the Air – basically a combination of volleyball and four square – and campers loved it! We also got to do tie-dye shirts for the craft of the day, play Ultimate for the 4:30 option, and zip-line for the first time this week!

Theme Dinner: Wild West

Last night’s dinner was Western-themed in honor of the 2002 “Circle C Ranch” summer theme. The menu included brisket mini sandwiches with barbecue sauce, chili, corn bread and apple pie – so delicious!

Special Event: Coffeehouse

One of the Senior High-specific activities we scheduled for this week was the annual Coffeehouse – basically, an open mic night for campers to hang out in a cozy setting to share music and other acts with each other. We set the chapel up with couches, Christmas lights, and plenty of snacks to get comfortable as we cheered on our friends! Acts this year included music (piano, guitar, singing, keytar), magic tricks, and a little “slam poetry.”


“Slam Poetry” with Peter was… not what we expected.

Chapel Things

Let’s talk about what went on in chapel time yesterday.

In the morning, we split campers up for guys and girls chapel. We do this because sometimes, campers really want to address topics that might not be something usually talked about or comfortable to discuss in a mixed group.Yesterday, the guys talked about purity as men; girls talked about leadership, working together and how to respond to Beyoncé-type feminism.

In the evening, Gretchen talked about how shame about our sins can make us feel like we can’t go to God – but God knows what we’ve done and still seeks us out. She reminded us that when we belong to Christ, Satan has no power over us, and prayed that God would grant courage to campers who feel like there’s something that’s keeping them from drawing close to Him.

Please pray for the same – and also that we would keep having fun (even though it’s supposed to rain today) and stay safe. See you later!

Big games and skills and staff hunt… Oh, my!

Capture the Flag and the Staff Hunt, both in one day? It’s a Super Kid’s dream!

Good morning! We’re already a little bit into this morning’s programming, but let me tell you some more about what we did yesterday.

Our day started with the usual activities – flag raising, breakfast, and cabin clean-up – but we also took a short break before skills time to take our all-camp picture! There are so many people here this week, so it took a few tries, but we got it! (We also managed to get a few silly pictures out of it, too!)

After the Camp picture, we moved into our first skills time! Throughout the week, our cabins will rotate through six different session, where we’ll learn more about a different skills and work together as a cabin! The skills for the week are Outdoor Survival 1 (Fire and Fort-Building), Outdoor Survival 2 (Plant Identification and Orienteering), Archery, Canoeing, Team-Building, and a neat space-themed session where we’ll learn more about outer space! There are two sessions a day, but we’ll get through all of the different activities by the end of the week.

In between the two skills sessions was morning chapel. Yesterday, Bobber Bill talked to us about the Quest for Truth and helped explain that God’s Truth is for all people, all places and all times. He also talked about the ways God reveals His Truth!

After chapel and the second skills session, we ate lunch and tuned in for the Adventures of Captain Kyper, our summer-long character! The Captain is in charge of a starship and travels the universe with her robot pal, Beep Beep Boop BOP, and her ever-growing crew. Yesterday, she took us to the planet Ah-hecknah, where they rescued a girl named Nova from a planet-wide infestation of space spiders!

We took a short nap during Toes Up time before what is many campers’ favorite big game – the Staff Hunt! Counselors and other staff hid all over the main area of camp, and if a camper found them, they got to push that staff member in the lake! After that, it was free time and we could all get in the water! (The swimming area was very popular yesterday.) Other free time activities included crafts, checking out the trading post or canteen, and going on the zip-line!

In the evening, we had supper, went on a cabin adventure (every counselor comes up with a different one!) and played our big game for the night – Capture the Flag! Then there was a little break for canteen between that and chapel.

In chapel last night, Frank continued his story about the Young Traveler and their detour to a planet known for distraction and sloth. He used the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-31 to illustrate the kind of behavior the people of that planet displayed, and encouraged us to throw off our selfish desire in exchange for following Christ.

We’re already having a great day, but please keep us in your prayers! See you later!

Blue skies for tournament day

Yesterday’s clear skies gave us so many more options for activities – and was great for the volleyball tournament up on the North 40!

We started out the Tuesday of Junior High 2 like any regular day, with polar dip, flag raising, breakfast and TAG time. Unlike our normal weeks, we also took the camp picture yesterday morning – something we put off thanks to the weather. After that, we jumped right into clinics and seminars time. In addition to regular seminars, we also had the option of going to three different clinics: God and Creation (nature appreciation), Basketball and Ultimate.

In our split morning chapel, the boys talked about brotherhood among fellow believers and the girls talked about sin, shame and forgiveness. It was pretty heavy stuff, but it opened up some really important conversations!

Next up was line-up, where we started taking cabin pictures, and lunch, followed by another installment of the Adventures of Captain Kyper, our summer-long character. Yesterday’s episode followed her crew to the planet Malk, a watery planet controlled by a strict king who learned about kindness from Captain Kyper and her friends.

Other than some crazy wind, we had beautiful weather for free time – campers flocked to the waterfront for swimming, boating (especially sailing), and fishing! Yesterday was also the first day of the week that zip-line was available.

After flag lowering, we all headed up to the North 40 for a delicious picnic dinner and the much-loved volleyball tournament! Cabins went all out on face paint and cabin “uniforms” to get pumped for the games, and it ended up being a great night.

Finally, in evening chapel, Joe talked about following God even when it’s not popular and how He is the only thing worth following.

We have just two full days left at Camp! Please pray that our remaining time here would be safe, fun and bring us closer to God!

It’s tournament time!

Good morning! We had a fantastic day yesterday and played a LOT of volleyball.

Most of our schedule yesterday was pretty similar to the day before – in the morning, we had flag raising, breakfast, TAG time, clinics and seminars and a mini free time before morning chapel. We split up again and the boys talked about brotherhood and the girls talked about sin, shame and forgiveness. It was pretty heavy stuff, but in the end, super important!

After lunch, we followed Captain Kyper, P3T3R and Nova to Malk, a beach planet run by a cranky leader named Malk Fremulon. After seeing him being mean to his people, Captain Kyper convinced Malk Fremulon to change his behavior and join their crew!

Instead of paintball, we had zip line as an option during free time yesterday! It was super popular and lasted all of free time. Campers also got to swim (it was another beautiful day for the waterfront), make crafts, and check out the camp store. The 4 o’clock option was giant volleyball/nukem, which looked… difficult. But fun!

Last night, we got to have a picnic dinner on the North 40 before we started our biggest event of the day – the volleyball tournament! The tournament is always a great bonding experience for cabins, and some even coordinated outfits and face paint! In the end, the winner of the girls’ bracket was Israel, and the winner of the boys’ was Brazil! They’ll face off today during canteen.

During evening chapel, Kirsten went through Hebrews 12 and talked to us about living for Heaven, using examples of people from the Bible who have gone before us. The ultimate example? Jesus!

We have just a few days left of Junior High 1! Please pray for continued safety and fun for our campers and staff!

-Becky Boo