Only one more week?

We can’t believe it’s our last week of the summer, but we’re going to end on a high note! We’ve had a lot of fun so far during Super Kids 4 – here’s what we did on Sunday and Monday…


All of us on summer staff were pumped and ready to dive into our last week when campers arrived on Sunday! After the kids checked in, they had the chance to take care of some things like the swim test, camp tour, and settling into cabins. We also had some dinner and heard about the rules for the week.

Next up was chapel! We sang some great songs and met our speaker for the week, Nate! Nate talked about the part of the Bible where Jesus talked about being “born again” and how it’s not a literal rebirth. Throughout the rest of the week, he’ll be talking about our quest for Truth!

After chapel was canteen (yay!) and the staff variety show! We went all out for our last performance of the summer, and by the end of the show, the stage was covered in water and pie – the sign of a classic variety show!


Monday was our first full-day experience this week, and it was awesome! It started out at 7:40 for the Polar Dip (a chance for an early morning dip in the lake), followed by flag raising and breakfast! When we were done eating, we squished together at the Steps of Faith for the all-camp picture. (After several minutes of silliness, we finally managed to get a good one.)

Our morning was filled up by skills time. Throughout the week, our cabin groups will rotate through six different skills: Outdoor Survival 1 (fires and forts), Outdoor Survival 2 (plants and orienteering), Canoeing, Archery, Space Adventure (where we learn more about stuff related to our space theme), and Team-Building. Our two sessions a day are split up by morning chapel. Yesterday, counselor Kenn talked about the Bible and gave us tips for finding things more easily using the Table of Contents and verse references.

We really worked up an appetite for lunch, but then we definitely needed a nap during Toes Up time… which recharged our energy for the Staff Hunt! After we pushed almost every staff member in the lake, we went straight into free time! There were so many activity options – swimming, boating, crafts, octoball, and zip-line were just a few!

Before dinner, we saw another installment of the Adventures of Captain Kyper. This time, Captain Kyper and M4 rescued the planet Ahecknah from an infestation of giant space spiders!

Our evening was filled out by Free the Hostage (a more-complicated version of Capture the Flag where you have to find two staff members hidden on opposite ends of Camp), canteen, and chapel. Nate talked about searching for Truth in the wrong places and told the story of the woman at the well and how she was looking for life in things other than God.

It’s going to be an awesome week! Please pray that we can all stay safe, have fun, and learn more about God!

So many Junior High campers!

Good morning/afternoon! Our first evening of Junior High 3 was a blast – and we still have four more days! Here’s a little bit about how we started the week…

The summer’s last Junior High session started, of course, with check-in and meeting our counselors. For a few hours, we had had time to settle into our cabins, take our swim tests, and just hang out. Many campers flocked to Octoball, which suddenly seems a lot more crowded when the session is this big!

Just before dinner, we gathered as a group to create cabin cheers and meet the other counselors. Dinner was a delicious picnic of pizza, salad, and brownies! After dinner, we got a camp tour, learned the rules, and had canteen.

At evening chapel, we met our speaker for the week: Josh Keller, a youth pastor from Litchfield. He talked about how our culture is changing – and to illustrate that, we played “Name That Tune” with songs from the past 15 years. It was super fun! He also set up for what he’ll talk about the rest of the week by talking about how what’s around us impacts what we seek after.

The last part of our night was the staff Variety Show, which included skits we’ve seen in the past as well as new material! So fun. Afterwards, we headed off to devos and bed so we could be ready for another great day today.

Please pray that we would all have a fun, safe week, and that we would see God work in amazing ways in the lives of these campers!

Super Kids 3: Double Edition

Hello, everyone! Super Kids 3 kicked off two days ago and we’ve already had SO much fun! Here’s a look at what we’ve been doing…


Everyone arrived on Sunday, pumped for a great week! We went through our usual first-day activities – check-in, swim tests, meeting our counselors and cabin mates – and then went to dinner line-up, where we made up cabin cheers to show everyone else. Dinner was a pizza picnic! After hearing rules and hanging out as a cabin, we all crowded into the chapel to watch the beloved annual Staff Variety show!

Our speaker for the week is Jay, the Kids Ministry Director at Westwood Church. On Sunday night, he talked about how God created us to be curious – how it’s that curiosity that makes us fascinated with outer space and yearn to know why and how we got here. Sometimes (often times), we look in the wrong place. This week, we’re going to talk about our quest for Truth!


Our first full day of camp was rainy off-and-on, but we still had a great time. To start the day, we practiced our Bible verses and danced our sleepiness away with Joel! After that, we had breakfast and took our all-camp picture – you’ll see it at the end of the week.

The typical Super Kids morning is spent mostly on Skills time. There are six different skill stations that each cabin will get to see at some point during the week: Outdoor Survival 1 (Fires and Forts), Outdoor Survival 2 (Plants and Orienteering), Canoeing, Archery, Team-building and Space Adventure (where they learn more about space). Between the two skill times is morning chapel! Yesterday, Bobber Bill talked to us about capital “T” Truth and how God wants us to know that Truth.

After lunch time, we had Toes Up (nap time), mail call, and the big afternoon game: the Staff Hunt! Counselors and other staff member hid all over main camp, and if a camper found them, they got to push that staff member in the lake! Up next was free time, when we got to go swimming, make crafts, check out the store and go down the zip-line.

Much later in the evening, we had a cabin adventure before playing our night game: Free the Hostage (a more complicated version of Capture the Flag where the “flag” is a staff member hiding in the woods). It was super fun! We also had evening chapel, where Jay talked about how the Bible is God’s “GPS” for us and explained how sin separates us from God… but there’s good news in tonight’s talk!

Thank you so much praying for our campers! Please continue to ask God for safety and lots of fun for these crazy kids!

Hello, Super Kids 2!

It’s been a while since we had Super Kids, but they’re back! Our Super Kids 2 session kicked off yesterday with around 200 campers. (Needless to say, the chapel is packed!)

After checking in, campers headed over to their cabins to meet their counselors and get settled in. During check-in time, the lifeguards were also down at the beach, administering the swim test so campers can swim out to the raft during free time today! I have a feeling that swimming will be extra popular this week – it’s going to be really hot outside all week!

Our programmed activities started with a “Who’s Who” introduction to all the counselors, flag lowering, and dinner line-up. We all created cabin cheers to use throughout the week and presented them to the group before heading down to a picnic dinner! After we ate, we heard some rules for the week and had a quick tour of camp before chapel.

Last night, our speaker Frank Lanier told us the first chapter in a story about the Starship “Fellowship,” then connected it to the Parable of the Sower in Mark 4:3-20. He talked about how different types of hearts are represented by types of soil in the parable, and what that can look like in our lives. He’ll continue the story later today!

After chapel, we had canteen time and the Staff Variety Show! We laughed, we screamed at the top of our lungs, and had a great time! (Ask your camper about their favorite skit when they get home!) When the show was over, it was time for bed.

We have a lot of fun things on the schedule for today! Please pray that we would all stay safe, hydrated and cool so we can have the best time at Camp possible!

Jumping back into Junior High

Hello! Yesterday was the first day of Junior High 2 – a big switch from last week’s little Adventurers – and we had a lot of fun!

When we arrived at Camp, our first stop was at our cabins to meet our counselors and cabin mates and settle in. There was also a chance for everyone to take their swim tests before introductions, where we got to meet the other counselors and make up a cabin cheer that we’ll use throughout the rest of the week. We presented them to the group as we were sent down to the dining hall for dinner after flag lowering.

After we ate, we went over some rules for the week, had cabin bonding time, and went to chapel. Joe Budish, our speaker for the week, talked a little about himself and what his messages will focus on this week. Our night ended with canteen and the staff variety show!

We have a great week ahead of us! Please pray that we would be given many opportunities to grow deeper in our faith, learn more about God and His Truth, and build good relationships with the friends we’re sharing this week with. Prayers for a safe week would be appreciated as well!


It’s time for Adventurers!

Our youngest group of campers is here! Around 200 kids going into grades 1-4 arrived at Camp yesterday, ready for a few days of the funnest fun!

After we checked in, we met our counselors and cabin friends, took our swim tests (until the beach closed for thunder – don’t worry, we’ll have another chance to take our tests today), and went on our first of many cabin adventures.

Later on, we met the rest of the counselors and played Simon Says before our picnic dinner of pizza. We also learned the nine rules for having the funnest fun and went on a tour of Camp before chapel!

Our speaker for the week is Bobber Bill. Last night, he told us a little about himself and outlined what he’ll talk about this week: capital-T Truth.

Then, after chapel, we had canteen and the staff variety show! (Ask your camper about their favorite skit when they get home!) We closed out our first night with in-cabin devos with our cabin friends. What a good night!

Please pray for a safe and fun day today! We have a lot planned out and we don’t want to miss a thing!

Welcome, Junior High 1!

We’re back for our second week – and our first Junior High camp of the summer!

Yesterday, 128 campers checked in, met their counselors, and settled in for an awesome week here at Camp! It was windy and crazy humid for most of the afternoon (which made swim tests a great choice), but our picnic dinner – the first time most of us got to meet and hang out with our whole cabin – had pretty nice weather.

But then it turned weird.


Kirsten King is our speaker for the week, and we can already tell she’s super funny!

We knew a storm was headed in our direction, but some light rain (and a gorgeous double rainbow!) quickly turned into heavy rain and a detour for us down to the lower level of the Chalet. Just to be safe, all of us – campers, junior staff, senior staff and a volunteer group here to help us with some grounds projects – squeezed into the back hallway for a short worship set, and we ended up listening to our speaker, Kirsten King, in the dining hall. (Kirsten previewed what she’ll talk about this week, and told us a hilarious story to communicate the idea that Truth is there to be discovered and enjoyed.) Thankfully, the storm passed without damage and we could go on with the schedule as planned.

Our night ended with canteen and the much-loved staff variety show. We (the staff) put a lot of effort into blending classic skits and new skits into a fresh show – and based on the laughter, I’m guessing we did a pretty good job!

It’s supposed to be a hot week, so please pray for safety for both campers and staff! We’ll try our hardest to keep everyone hydrated.

I’ll be back later to talk about our first full day! See you then!

-Becky Boo