Super Kids 1 – Goodbye, Campers!

What an incredible week at Super Kids 1 Summer Camp!  It’s been a blast getting to know all of these great 3rd-6th graders, and we are sad to see them leave so soon.  But this week was so packed with fun as we learned about our Awesome Creator and His amazing Creation!

Today, campers had to get all their things loaded up, clean their cabins, and have a delicious breakfast before parents started to arrive.  Parents came for the 10am Closing Rally, where we handed out prizes to Polar Dippers, the winner of Gorilla Gets the Man, and the Fishing Contest winners!

Then we heard a final short message from our speaker, Wendy, who challenged the campers to continue digging their roots in deep in God’s Word so that they can grow, like a tree, “True North.”

Here’s a note from Wendy to campers and parents:

This week we started at the very beginning of God’s Word and saw what AWESOME CREATION He has made, how He created it all in SIX days and then on the 7th day He blessed the work of His hands and rested.  We took a look at Romans 1:19-20 which tells us that we can KNOW the truth about God because He has made it OBVIOUS…through everything He made, we can see His eternal power and His divine nature.  All creation points to our AWESOME CREATOR-JESUS!

The kids learned John 1:1, 2, 3 and 14 where we see that in the very beginning Jesus (the Word) was present and that ALL things were made through Him.  We talked about how Jesus came to live among us and gave His life so that His highest creation (You and I) could be free from sin and have everlasting life – because GOD LOVED and GOD GAVE, we have the choice to BELIEVE IN JESUS (put our Trust in Him) and decide to follow Jesus – to do life with the One who made us!

Our AWESOME CREATOR IS STILL CREATING!  He continues to create new life, life that has meaning and purpose.  He allows us to become New Creations in Him (2 Cor. 5:17). And we see that He is preparing our HOME (John 14:1-4).  The kids learned that we have to Dig Down Deep by getting into God’s Word in order to Grow True North – True North is Home, all creation points to Heaven and to our very AWESOME CREATOR.  Take the challenge of seeing God’s remarkable design everyday – don’t miss it!!!

At every Closing Rally, we also have a Love Offering for our sister camp in Ukraine.  Today, we raised over $1000 to send to that Camp and help them spread the love of Jesus!  What a blessing!

And then, we finish off the Closing Rally by drawing names from the verse buckets (campers who memorized verses got to put their names into a bucket) to see which campers get to pie a staff member of their choice!

It was such an amazing week, and such a great way for these campers to kick off their summer!  We hope that they will continue to seek out God’s signature in His Creation, and to get into God’s Word so that they can learn more about their Awesome Creator and how much He loves them!

Thank you, God, for a REALLY GREAT SUPER KIDS 1!!!

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Super Kids 1 – Facebook Photo Album

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Super Kids 1 – A Campfire Trek Adventure!

It’s the last full day of Super Kids 1!  Last night in chapel, it was time to Meet the Creator.  Our speaker Wendy taught us “Truths about the Creator” from John 1:1-18; 3:16-18.  Jesus is the 2nd Person in the Holy Trinity, and He (the Creator) became a CREATURE (“The Word became flesh” John 1:14).  Jesus showed “Creation Power” through Miracles of nature, time, and knowledge.  And Jesus, the Creator, died to save us by taking our place on the cross.   Campers learned that God loves them, God wants them with Him forever, and He invites us to say ‘YES!’ to Jesus!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Campers had the opportunity to hear the gospel last night and respond.  Take some time to ask your camper about their relationship with Jesus!  What did they learn about Him this week at camp?

This morning, campers woke up to a cool, sunny day without a rain cloud in sight!  We started off the day with a chilly Polar Dip, yummy breakfast, cabin clean-up, and Morning Chapel.  Our Director of Youth & Family, Rich Olson, talked to the campers about the devotional books that they will be going home with after this week.  Then cabins split off to learn from their counselors about how to have time with God every day.  The devotional books, Keys for Kids, will be sent to campers over the course of the year to help them develop a consistent prayer and devotional life outside of Camp!

Then it was time for some morning Free Time and Cabin Adventures.  Today, archery and the BB gun range were both open, not to mention all of the Hub games like four square, volleyball, 9-square, and Octoball.

Lunch today was ham and cheese sandwiches, tater tots, and salad, with fruit for dessert.  Then campers were invited into the Main Hall for a surprise mail call with the summer-long characters.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your campers about mail calls during camp.  Who were the summer- long characters, and what happened in the video on Wednesday?

After mail call, campers went to their cabins for some rest during Toes-Up Time, while staff got ready for Free Time fun!  It was a great day for a swim, and lots of campers headed to the beach, while everyone who still needed to take their trip down the zipline made their way to the top of the hill for their ride.  The Craft Room was busy, as was Laser Tag!  And lots of campers showed up for the 4 o’clock option of Dodgeball on the volleyball court!

Tonight was Pizza Night!  The Camp kitchen made delicious meat and cheese pizzas, salad, and monster cookies for dessert.   Then it was time to head in for our last chapel of the week!  Wendy talked about how the Creator is STILL CREATING!  He is alive and busy, holding the UNIVERSE together (Colossians 1:16-17), creating NEW LIFE (Psalm 139), making NEW CREATIONS (2 Corinthians 5:17), and getting HEAVEN ready for us (John 14:1-4)!  We learned that our Awesome Creator can always be TRUSTED, that He loves LIFE (so should we!), and that He FIXES broken lives!

After Chapel, it was Canteen Time before the Campfire Trek!  Campers bundled up in sweatshirts, put on some bug spray, and grabbed some candy for the trip before taking the hike out to Bass Point.  It was a beautiful night for a campfire.  We sang some fun campfire songs, and then Wendy told us a story from the Bible, with campers acting it out.  Then it was time for the Campfire tradition of the Lion Hunt with Bobber Bill!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask you child about the Lion Hunt.  Where did Bobber Bill take us on the lion hunt this time?  Do they remember what we found at the end of the hunt?

Now it is off to bed before a big day tomorrow!  Parents come for the Closing Rally at 10am, and we are so excited to tell them all about this amazing week of Super Kids 1!

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Super Kids 1 – Awesome Creation!

Last night in chapel, our speaker Wendy taught the campers lessons out of Genesis 1.  We learned that God is ETERNAL (Gen. 1:1), that God created out of NOTHING (Gen. 1:3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 20, 24, 26), God created in  7 DAYS, that His highest creation is HUMANITY (Gen. 1: 26-27), and that “God saw all that He had made and, behold, it was VERY GOOD!” (Gen. 1:31).  God is the AWESOME CREATOR and campers learned that because of this, life is PRECIOUS, life has PURPOSE, and we are SPECIAL.


This morning, after breakfast, campers had Morning Chapel with Bobber Bill.  They got to see Genesis 1 & 2 in a new and exciting way.  Then they learned about how to use their Bible.  Bobber Bill taught them how to find books, chapters, and verses.


TAKE CAMP HOME:  Find out what your child knows about the Bible.  Pick a few verses (maybe a memory verse from the week at Camp) and challenge them to find them in their Bibles, so that you can read them together.  Then, have your child teach you one of the memory verses from the week at camp (actions and all)!

After Morning Chapel, it was time for Free Time and Cabin Adventures!  Campers spent even more time hanging out with their counselors and cabin groups, playing some Wiffleball, coloring with chalk, or playing foursquare & 9-square!

Lunch was delicious tacos in a boat, with fruit for dessert.  After lunch, campers got another visit from the summer-long characters, with a little skit at the Steps of Faith.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your child to tell you about the characters in the skits this week.  What were the characters’ names, and what were they trying to do?

Every afternoon, after lunch, campers get to head back to their cabins with their counselor for a little bit of downtime.  They also get the mail delivered to their cabins at this time, so they can open their letters and packages from home!  After this rest time, we had games up on the North 40 Field!  The staff led a series of fun relays between cabins, which made for lots of laughter and a great opportunity to teach teamwork as a cabin!

Then, it was finally time for Free Time!  Today, the waterfront and zipline were open as usual, along with the craft room.  In the craft room today, campers could work on their Tie-Dye T-shirts!  Campers got to learn how to tie their shirts up, and (after putting on some gloves), use dye to create a beautiful, colorful creation that will be ready to take home on the last day of Camp.

Tonight’s dinner was burgers, fries, veggies, and chocolate malts!  Everyone had a delicious meal, followed by an exciting Camp game called “Clue.”  The game works a lot like the classic board game, with cabins working together to find out the answer to a mystery.  Different staff members dressed up as characters and scattered all over Camp, each knowing only part of the answer to the mystery.  The first cabin to solve the mystery won the game!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  What happened in the game of Clue?  Did your child’s cabin figure out the mystery?

After the game, we all went into Chapel to learn more from our speaker Wendy.  Tonight she will be sharing the gospel with the campers! We’ve had another great day of summer camp, and we are really looking forward to tomorrow – more playing, more laughing, and more learning!

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Super Kids 1 – Creation Walks, Capture the Flag & Carnival!

Hello from the first full day of Super Kids 1!  We’ve got a great group of campers here this week – and they definitely know how to have a good time.  It’s a beautiful day today – sunny, breezy, and putting God’s beautiful Creation on display!

This morning, we had some delicious pancakes, fruit, and sausage for breakfast (not to mention the always delicious, always heart-healthy, Camp Lebanon oatmeal!).  Then campers headed to their cabins for a little clean-up before the all-camp picture.  We got the whole Camp together on the Steps of Faith for a big group shot, which every camper will get a copy of at the end of the week!  Here’s the “goofy one” that we took!


Morning Chapel was next.  Matt, our Worship Leader, taught the campers a game called Gorilla Gets the Man.  We sang a few more worship songs, and then campers got to learn more about the days of Creation.  They went out with their cabin groups and their counselors to find as many of the things as they could from the first two days of the Creation story!

TAKE CAMP HOME: Read through the Creation story in Genesis 1 & 2 with your child.  Ask your child to tell you about some of the things they saw at Camp in Creation – do they have any fun stories to tell?  Take some time in the outdoors together at home and see what you can see!

Campers also had a little morning Free Time, with some great play options including archery, BB guns, Octoball, 9-square, and other Camp fun.  Then it was time to split into cabin groups again for the Cabin Adventure time!  Counselors planned lots of fun activities for their cabins today.  One cabin did dress-up, two cabins challenged each other to a kickball game on the Wiffleball field, and another cabin did team building activities!  Campers received their mail right after Cabin Adventures and went to their cabins for a little rest (Toes-Up!).


After Toes-Up Time, campers played a game of Capture the Flag all over Camp!  The summer staff made the game extra interesting by adding Berserkers, staff in crazy costumes who run around tagging campers and spraying them with water.  Campers played two rounds of the game, and then headed right into Free Time – the beach, Craft Room, and Canteen all opened and some campers headed up to ride the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Can your camper remember their first Free Time of summer camp?  Ask them about what they did that day!


After dinner tonight was the Carnival!  The Camp Staff set up a bunch of carnival games on the lower field, play some music, pop some popcorn, and let the campers win tickets!  Tickets can be used to dunk a staff member of their choice, or to get cotton candy.  Campers can also get crazy hair or face painting for free!  There were so many fun Carnival games this week, including an obstacle course, a carpetball shootout, and corn-hole.


It’s been a full day!  We can’t wait to learn more about God and His Awesome Creation tonight in chapel.  And tomorrow we start all over again with more of the same Funnest Fun!

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Super Kids 1 – God’s Fingerprints Are Everywhere!

It’s the first day of Summer Camp at Camp Lebanon, and the first day of Super Kids 1!  There are so many SUPER 3rd-6th graders here, and we can’t wait for everything that’s going to happen this week.  It hasn’t even been a full day of Camp yet and there has already been a ton of fun, including fishing, Octoball, four-square, & playground adventures – all before dinner!

Speaking of dinner, after learning about how to lower the flag each night, campers had a delicious meal of turkey & cheese sandwiches, veggies, chips, and a yummy brownie.  It was a picnic dinner, so campers sat together with their cabin and spent some time getting to know their counselor and the rest of their cabin mates!

Campers also get to have a tour around camp with their counselor, learn some of the rules for the week, and get their Bibles ready for the first chapel!  One of the best parts of Super Kids week is getting to sing all of the crazy Camp songs.  Campers got to learn a brand new song today!


TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your child to teach you the Hippopotamus song!

Our speaker this week is Wendy Gordy.  For her first night speaking in chapel, she took some time to introduce herself to the campers by telling them some fun facts about herself.  Then she introduced them to the main topic for the week – the Big “T” Truth: God is our Awesome Creator!  Tonight, she asked the campers to think about what makes them say “WOW!”

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Take turns with your child in listing 5 things in God’s Creation that make you say “Wow!”  Can your child remember the thing that makes the speaker, Wendy, say “Wow?”  (Hint:  She loves music!)

Wendy gave each camper a challenge for the week – to look for “God’s fingerprint” at Camp.  The Big Life Lesson for the week is: To grow “True North,” you gotta DIG DEEP!  Campers read together from Romans 1:19-20:

“For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.”

It’s been a full busy day already, and there’s still more to come!  Tonight, the summer staff put on a Variety Show for the campers, performing skits that are definitely going to get some great laughs before lights out tonight.  Tomorrow is the first full day of summer camp – we can hardly wait!

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Rain can’t stop our fun!

Good morning, friends! Tuesday was another great day for Super Kids 1, all the way from polar dip to lights out.

Our morning schedule was pretty similar to yesterday, but we met some new friends during morning chapel! Darl and Jill Powell (who have been missionaries for 22 years) visited to talk about missions and their experiences at and around a missionary kid school in Dakar, Senegal. It was the most quiet and attentive I’ve seen the kids all week! Darl and Jill will be back today to talk more about missions and answer our questions, and we’re so thankful they’re spending time with us.

After we rotated skills, we had lunch and ran into Captain Kyper and her intrepid crew again! This time, we found them on planet [Pop Noise] — pronounced by making a pop noise with your mouth. The inhabitants of the planet were so distracted by bubble wrap, they couldn’t focus on anything else! Luckily, Captain Kyper and her crew stepped in to save them.

Boys and girls split up for a very silly afternoon game time. The girls played a game called Collect the Planets, which involved a lot of running around the upper part of Camp and working together to collect balloons to bring back to Captain Kyper, and the boys played a Camp classic called Custer’s Last Stand, male staff against male campers. As always, it was loud and crazy, and the staff members lost hard.

Game time went right into free time, and we had a lot of the same fun options as the day before. The 4 o’clock option was Nukem, a variation on volleyball where you catch the ball. It was a big hit! At the very end of free time, it started pouring and campers and staff alike had tons of fun splashing in the puddles.

We had to move our carnival night inside because of the rain, but we packed all the games into the chapel and had a blast! There was face-painting, coloring, an “obstacle course,” and much more! Campers who collected one of each ticket color also got to drag a staff member out to “Sad Counselor,” where they could splash them with cold water!

Finally, we had a great evening chapel to close out the day. Adam talked about how everyone is on a quest for something, and Jesus came on a quest to rescue the lost, give us eternal life and guide us to the Truth. Many campers dedicated their life to Jesus last night!

We have one day left of Camp. Please pray for the safety of our campers and staff, and that we would keep having the funnest fun!

-Becky Boo


The first day of Camp!

That’s a wrap on the first full day of Super Kids 1!

God answered our prayers with beautiful sunny weather today… but even though the skies were clear, our big games made it impossible to avoid getting wet!

We started off our morning  at 7:40 with the wake-up bell. Some brave campers even woke up early to take a polar plunge in the lake! Next up was flag raising in the amphitheater, breakfast, and cabin clean-up. After we finished our cabins, we took a group picture with everyone at Camp!

In between the skills sessions, we had a morning chapel where Kenn (the counselor of Canada cabin) taught us how to use our Bibles and find verses. For morning skills time, we moved as cabin groups between stations so that by the end of the week, we’ll get to try out all the different skills. This week, the skills are archery, canoeing, team-building and two outdoor survival sessions that focus on different aspects of appreciating nature and being prepared to handle the wilderness. There’s also a theme-relevant session where we can learn about space!

Speaking of our theme, we saw our summer-long characters Captain Kyper and P3T3R again after lunch. The mission they received from the Master Commander yesterday led them to the planet Ah-hecknah, where they helped a local named Nova Imadele learn to be brave and fight back against the giant space spiders attacking her home. We’ll hear more about their adventures through the galaxy tomorrow.

After Toes Up Time (nap time), we jumped right into one of campers’ all-time favorite big games: the Staff Hunt. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s basically a giant game of hide-and-seek with campers looking for staff members across the main area of Camp. When they find a staff member, they get to push them in the lake! The Staff Hunt rolled right into free time, which gave campers plenty of fun things to do (like zip-line and swimming) before flag lowering and dinner.

Once dinner was over, we had another game with a water element: The Amazing Space Race! The goal for campers was to find which door of the Chalet was unlocked (at that moment — it kept changing) without getting tagged by the “berserkers” or splashed with water. It was crazy!

Finally, we had to settle down enough to pay attention in chapel. Tonight, Adam talked about temptation and how sometimes we like doing the wrong thing, even though it’s bad for us. He showed us things we can do to fight back in the face of temptation using Jesus’ example, and also talked about how he put his faith in Jesus as a kid. It was great!

We’re so thankful for the lovely day God gave us, and looking forward to what tomorrow brings! See you later!

-Becky Boo

Hello, summer!

It’s finally here! The first week of summer camp is here!


Bobber Bill was super excited to greet all the campers and their families!

Super Kids 1 kicked off with some not-so-great weather (rain and thunder for most of the evening), but we still had plenty of fun on our first day. It’s like we say here at Camp — weather is an attitude!

After campers arrived and met their counselors and cabin friends, they got the chance to take the swim test and explore Camp a little bit before learning the names of the other counselors at “Who’s Who.” Later, we had a delicious pizza dinner to refuel before rules and chapel.


Rich’s puppy Teddy visited us during chapel.

Our speaker, Adam Roub talked about creation and how we can discover things about God by looking at the things He has made, like beautiful landscapes and puppies!

After chapel, we had canteen and then got to watch a super fun variety show starring the camp staff. (You should definitely ask your camper about their favorite skit when they get home!)

We have a fun week ahead of us, regardless of the weather, but still — prayer for sunshine would be much appreciated.

I’ll be back with more tomorrow!

-Becky Boo