We Are Ready for Summer!

The past week and a half at Camp Lebanon has been full of the learning, bonding, and preparing that comes with Summer Staff Training!  Our team is ready for the challenge set before them this summer, to love over 1800 campers and to teach them about Jesus.  With the first week of summer youth camp only a day away, the staff is feeling excited to finally dive into their roles.  And more than anything, they can’t wait to explore the Big “T” Truth of God as the Awesome Creator with campers by investigating this beautiful world that He has created!

A big part of preparing for summer camps is prayer and praise!  Summer Staff took time to walk through Camp and pray at all the different areas, committing this summer, the staff, and the campers to the Lord.  And Camp wouldn’t be Camp without some great music during chapels!  A whole session of Staff Training was dedicated to teaching the staff every single action song that they might get to do this summer.  It was a super fun (and super tiring) afternoon of jumping around and singing at the top of their lungs, but now the staff feel more ready than ever to teach these fun worship songs to the campers!

Every Staff Training, the team get to work on Ownership Projects that help the maintenance staff get ready for summer camp.  This year, different groups got to work on spreading dirt and planting some new grass, raking and mowing, cleaning the beach, and painting the Steps of Faith (plus a lot more!).

Our Summer Staff have also been planning and practicing their skits for the weekly Staff Variety Show (which is usually on the first night of a camp week).  They can’t wait to show these hilarious skits to the campers and to get some of the biggest laughs of the week!

Another fun tradition of Staff Training is the day when our summer staff team and the summer staff from Lake Beauty Bible Camp meet up and spend the day together!  This year, the Camp Lebanon team went to Lake Beauty and enjoyed some great fellowship with another summer staff team, played some games, and had a chapel session together.  It is so fun to partner with other camps, who are doing the same work this summer!  A great chance for the staff to meet some new friends and commit to praying for others in ministry!

It’s the day before campers arrive!  On Sunday afternoon, our first youth camp (Super Kids 1) will begin, with over 190 campers arriving to fill Camp with energy and life.  Our staff are ready for this summer, and they could use your prayers!  Pray that this summer team will stay unified in their mission and purpose, pray for health and safety, pray for wisdom, patience, and courage, and pray that, through everything that they do this summer, our Summer Staff will give glory to our truly Awesome Creator!

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Meet the Summer Staff – Female Counselors

We are introducing you to the team of young people that will be serving on our Summer Staff in 2019!  Today, we would like to introduce you to the Female Counseling Team!


Summer Blog - Staff Bios (Female Counselors)




Summer Blog - Staff Bios (Female Counselors)







Summer Blog - Staff Bios (Female Counselors)


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An Amazing Summer Awaits!

Staff Training has begun, and that means summer is only a week or so away!  Our staff of 40+ young people have gathered together at Camp Lebanon to undergo an intense couple weeks of training, where they will learn the ins and outs of summer and plan all the fun campers will experience for the next 3 months.

Days during Staff Training are all a little bit different, with various sessions that give the staff tools to love on campers and show them who Jesus is.  Staff also get to connect with their supervisors during Team Times, play games that grow team unity and cooperation, and have worship and chapel times at the Eagle’s Nest.

One highlight from Staff Training so far was our visit to the home of our Executive Director, Bill Abeler and his wife Lisa (Women’s Ministries Director).  The staff got to enjoy yard games, board games, and absolutely delicious crepes!  After some worship in the living room, the Abelers led a get-to-know-you activity that involved trying to draw an animal on a paper plate on top of your head, which ended up with very amusing results.  Then Bill and Lisa shared their vision for the summer with the staff, challenging them to learn more about God as our Awesome Creator this summer!

One final highlight of the last few days was the male and female counselors receiving their cabin assignments for the summer.  Their supervisors handed out the flags that represented the country name of the cabins that they will be in for most of the summer!  These summer staffers are SO excited to meet their campers!


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Summer Staff Training Part 2

Hello! It’s Bekah, and I am back to tell you more about what has been going on here at Camp Lebanon to prepare the staff for the summer. It was a long first week, and so much has happened since my last post on Friday!

Saturday, we participated in a day of silence. We spent the majority of the day not talking and fasting. This gave us all time to rest and refocus our minds on God and all of the amazing things He is preparing us for this summer. Some people chose to be alone in the Word and in prayer and some chose to be together in silence. Everyone was able to recharge for the coming week.

At 5:30 on Saturday we gathered for worship so that the first words to come out of our mouths would be praise to God. It was an amazing experience! After worship, we shared together and had our first meal of the day. Since we didn’t talk during the day, we had testimony time after dinner and that brought our night to an end.

After Sunday morning breakfast we attended Community Covenant Church in Upsala, where we were commissioned as a staff. Our worship team got to lead worship at the church, and we got to meet the staff of Lake Beauty Bible Camp. Later in the week, we will be facing the Lake Beauty staff in a game of ultimate frisbee.

After church and lunch, we helped clean up around camp to prepare for groups to come. We split into groups to clear fallen tree branches and leaves, clean up the beach, and move furniture and set things up.


We then gathered back as a group to learn and talk about what we will be doing with the kids this summer and to listen to a few more testimonies before dinner.  We later got to participate in a strenuous and chaotic game we like to call “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge.” (Get excited, campers, because you get to play Mighty Mighty all summer long!)

Monday morning we could feel the achy muscles as we went through our morning routine of alone time with God, raising the flag, and having breakfast before we gathered as a group for a learning session.  Our session was led by a mental health professional who gave us insight into caring for campers this summer.

That afternoon, we were assigned to projects around Camp to clean and prepare this space for all the campers who are soon to arrive. It was a challenge working through the sore muscles, but a lot of progress was made.


Over dinner, we met with our staff families to come up with a silly skit. We preform these skits for the Junior High groups during mail call. There was lots of laughter filling the amphitheater as presented our ideas, and I can’t wait to see them when they are more fine-tuned.

Tuesday was a normal morning leading up to our testimony time and team time. Counselors were told what cabin they would be in charge of for the summer, and we got some free time to relax.  The lead counselors presented each counselor a cupcake with a flag representing the country that their cabin is named for.


Free time turned into fellowship time as staff gathered to talk, play volleyball, and throw a frisbee.


Afterwards, we learned about the carnival we will be putting on for the Super Kids groups. We came up with games, chose people to lead and set them up, and made signs for the attractions.


After dinner, our staff families were hosted by year-round staff members at their homes.  Sadly, I didn’t get any stories about the other staff family adventures, but my group had a blast.  There was a fire, snacks, a swing set, and a stream in the backyard that immediately peaked interest.


After a little exploring, we gathered around the fire to talk and enjoy s’mores. However, the s’more roasting quickly changed into odd food combinations. The boys ended up roasting Starbursts, which they said tasted amazing.


We have had a great week so far, and with only a few days left of staff training, we are excitedly looking forward to the campers getting here. I can’t believe how quickly we have grown close as a staff, and I know God is ready to do great things through us for His purpose with all the people we have coming to Camp this summer. Keep following the blog throughout the summer for more fun updates! Thanks for reading, and God bless!

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Summer Staff Training

Hello! My name is Bekah, and this summer, I will be capturing the story of summer camp through pictures and writing. I am new to Camp Lebanon, and I am very excited to see the work that God does here and share it with all of you.

We are kicking off the summer here at camp with staff training May 28th-June 8th. It is a great way to get the staff together, new and old, to form a unified team as they learn more about camp, their position, and the group of people they get to work with over the coming months. The week started off with a getting-to-know-you session with the new staff followed by free time filled with a very competitive game of Apples to Apples and lots of giggles before heading to the cabins for the night.

Tuesday morning held a delicious breakfast and a Q and A session after going over some policies and guidelines. We were given more free time in which most people enjoyed the lake in kayaks, paddle boats, and the swimming area. The new staff was joined by the returning staff in the afternoon, and after an orientation, we were led on a tour of camp learning old stories and future plans along the way.

We were then divided into our “staff families.” These are groups that spend extra time together to support one another and make deeper connections. The groups spent time to get to know the family members and come up with a silly family name. Afterwards, we reunited as a whole to announce their names and worship followed by lights out.

Wednesday morning, we began adjusting to the camp schedule by getting up at 7:00 AM for time alone with God and raising the flag before breakfast. Following breakfast, there was time set aside for some of the staff members to give their testimonies. This will be going on throughout staff training so that every member will share with the group.


The rest of the morning was spent learning about procedures and talking about what the summer will look like as a whole and in certain positions. That night, we gathered for worship and chapel time, and afterwards, we all played a night game called “Live Action Mafia.”

Thursday morning began the same as Wednesday, and in the afternoon, we filled out paperwork, learned about Camp Lebanon history, and played a few games.

We were used as guinea pigs to test out new games to play with the campers this year, and it was a lot of fun! The games were also used as an example of how to properly lead an activity and clean up afterwards.

We then got to listen to our Marketing Director talk a little bit about what the marketing team will be doing this summer and how everyone can assist in the effort.

After dinner, we were graciously hosted by our Camp Director and his wife at their home. It was our time to relax after a long day of learning where we played all sorts of games.

There were board games, cards games, dice games, yard games, ping pong, basketball, catch, and some people decided to just talk and relax!

This morning, we again had our time with God, raised the flag, had breakfast, and listened to more testimonies.

Right now, people are working in groups according to their position to practice for the summer. We have lunch coming up soon, and I am looking forward to after lunch when we will run through all of our action songs that we will sing with the kids this summer.

I am so excited to be in this position and have the opportunity to share these things. The summer is going to be an awesome ride, and I hope you all check in on what God is doing here.

Thank you for reading, God bless!