Senior High – Day Six

Closing Rally Day!  Parents arrived to see the video and slideshow of the week, and then headed out to the Steps of Faith for the rest of the rally.  We sang some throwback Camp songs, heard another message from our speaker Rocky, and handed out prizes for fishing, Polar Dip, and Gorilla Gets the Man!

Bobber Bill took the stage to tell campers about the two camps that we support in Ukraine, for which the Love Offering today would go towards.  Thanks to the incredible generosity of our campers and their parents, we beat our goal and are going to send over $1600 to those two camps!

We also honored our graduating seniors, who were youth campers for the last time this week!  In particular, Bobber Bill celebrated those who had been attending Camp since they were Adventurers, by passing out one of our Camp CDs from 2003.

Then it was time for pies to fly!  Campers (& staff) say verses all week for a chance to pie a staff member of their choice.

It was an amazing week of Senior High Camp – we love these campers, and can’t wait to see them back at Camp, whether for another youth camp, Young Adult Retreats, or on our summer staff in the future!  Thank you, God, for a really great Senior High Week!

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Senior High – Day Five

Last night’s chapel service was about when troubles come calling.  Rocky talked about how the Bible tells us that we will encounter troubles in this life (1 Peter 4:12), troubles that can stand in the way of our faith in Christ if we let them.  God is not surprised by our troubles, and has a purpose behind the things that happen to us.  Rocky talked about how significant and profound experiences with God will often be in our darkest days – so why let trials hold us captive?

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Read Psalm 34:18, John 9:3, and 2 Corinthians 4:17.  Then read the story from Matthew about Jesus and his cousin, John the Baptist (Matthew 14:1-21).  Talk to your camper about this passage – ask them about Jesus’ response to John’s death.  Talk about how we can make sure problems don’t get in the way of what we are called to do.  Pray together that God would use troubles to draw you closer to Him.

Today was Sleep In Day!  Campers got an extra hour to sleep in this morning before having breakfast in bed, delivered by Camp staff!  Then the morning continued in the usual way – Polar Dip, TAG Time, and Morning Chapel, followed by a brief Canteen time before Clinics & Seminars.    Then it was time to line-up for lunch, before watching the next video from our Mail Call series.

Then it was Free Time!  Today was very very windy, so there weren’t too many campers who went out in boats.  We still had some swimmers, but lots of campers went to the Craft Room to work on the Craft of the Day – painting tiny little clay pots for succulent plants!

Tonight’s themed meal was the traditional Formal Night!  Campers and Staff got all dressed up and went to the Dining Hall, which was decked out with candles, paper lanterns, white table cloths, and place settings.  Campers mingled at their tables while Staff served them plated meals!  Tonight, we had tropical chicken with a fruity salsa, wild rice pilaf, a vegetable medley, dinner rolls, and a wonderful dessert – Coconut Creme Crumble!  After campers ate, the went out to the windy waterfront to take photos with each other and hang out before the Competition Finale!

Now it’s time for campers to head up for the last chapel of the week at the tent.  After Chapel, we’ll come back to main Camp to get into our long pants, sweatshirts, and put on bug spray before the Campfire Trek!  We’ll head out to Bass Point for the biggest campfire of the summer, where we’ll hear more from Rocky, sing some fun campfire songs, and look at the stars.  We can’t wait!

Tomorrow is the last day – Closing Rally, when parents get to see the highlight video and slideshow, and campers can tell them all about the week they have had.  To continue following the story of Camp all year long, follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.  Don’t forget to download the Camp App for notifications and easy access to Summer Camp info!  Check your email inbox tomorrow after the Closing Rally for an email with links to high quality photos from the week, the video of the week, and a PDF document with some discussion questions for talking to your camper about their week at Camp!

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Senior High – Day Four

Our chapel session last night was all about making a choice.  Rocky talked about how throughout our lives, we are asked to make choices and decisions to continue to grow as a human being.  We need to want to grow, decide to make an effort, and then persist.  Rocky applied this to our faith walk as well.  He asked campers to think about the things that they commit to daily – school?  sports?  the future?  a job?  friends?  family?  church?  And where is God on that list?  Campers had the opportunity to consider where they stand with God, and to take some time to connect with their counselor after Rocky’s talk, if they wished to.  Lots of campers made a point to talk to their counselors, whether it was to ask more about following Jesus for the first time, or to pray about how they feel their faith walk is going so far.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Read Philippians 1:21, Galatians 2:20, and 1 Corinthians 11:1 and talk through some of these questions that Rocky asked the campers.  What does “to live is Christ” mean?  We might know this verse by heart, but how can we put it into practice?  Ask your camper about the things in life that make them feel most alive, on fire, and excited.  Jesus came that we might have abundant life!  Does your camper feel that their life is abundant and full?  In what ways can they be more filled with passion and joy?  How are they being transformed?  And finally, discuss with your camper how they can live a life that others can follow to Jesus.

Today was the fourth day of Senior High week!  The morning looked pretty normal through Morning Chapel times (where guys and girls split up to hear more from male and female staff on specific topics).  After chapel, it was time for an extended Team Time to prepare for the final competition.  Campers are working together in their teams (2-3 cabin groups combined) to create a parody of different Youtube video genres.  Teams drew a random genre of Youtube video at the beginning of the week and have been spending Team Times brainstorming ideas, creating the plan for their video, and practicing.  Today they will do a lot of the filming, so that our staff can edit the videos together for them before the Competition Finale tomorrow night!

Then it was time for lunch, followed by the next installment in our Mail Call video series.  Campers have loved getting to see the “second season” of videos from the ongoing story that started last summer.

Then we went on to Free Time!  It was another gorgeous day at Camp.  As usual, we had lots of campers in boats and swimming on the Waterfront.  We also had lots of campers enjoying laser tag and zipline – including several campers who liked going upside down down the Screaming Eagle Zipline.

This evening’s themed meal was Alice and Wonderland!  The staff went all out with their costumes, and it was a really fun night to decorate.  The kitchen staff made a delicious pot roast dinner, fresh fruit (watermelons made into teapots!), and a red velvet cheesecake dessert!  YUM!

After dinner, campers went to Clinics & Seminars before the Coffeehouse!  Tonight we are opening up the Turtle Bay Coffee Company to serve iced and hot coffee drinks (for free!) while campers play games and relax in the Main Hall.  It’s an “open mic” feel, with special music from Katy Dahl!

After the Coffeehouse, campers will have a little evening Free Time and Canteen before heading up to the tent for Chapel!  We’ll tell you more about that in tomorrow’s blog.  And, to add to our excitement about tomorrow – tomorrow is SLEEP IN DAY!  Campers get an extra hour of sleep tomorrow morning, which is much needed after such a busy week.

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Senior High – Day Two

Last night, we had chapel under the stars!  Campers trekked up to the top of Hazzard Hill for a chapel service under the tent.  We sang some incredible worship songs and then heard from our speaker, Rocky.  He spoke about unity, and all the ways that we can be unified with one another.  Rocky compared this to being a “Momma Bear” to the people around us – through putting others before ourselves, avoiding gossip, and more.  He challenged campers to earnestly ask God to bring unity this week at Camp!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Talk to your camper about unity in Christ.  What are some of the ways that Rocky encouraged unity?  How can we be more like a “Momma Bear” with our brothers and sisters in Christ?

Today was the first full day of Senior High Week – we started off with a 7:45 wake-up bell and a Polar Dip for the campers willing to brave the chilly Cedar Lake waters.  We had a wonderful pancake breakfast, and then everyone headed to the Steps of Faith for the big group photo.  Here’s a goofy version of the photo we took:


Then campers headed into split Guys & Girls chapels.  Afterwards, campers had some morning Options and a Pop break, followed by Clinics and Seminars.  Campers get to attend 4 different seminars or clinics throughout their week.  These are sessions about a specific topic, where they are able to dive deeper than usual into a subject that interests them.  Some of today’s Clinic & Seminar options were “Christians in Sports,” “Spiritual Gifts,” “Cardio Dance,” and “ASL.”

TAKE CAMP HOME:  What clinics and seminars did your camper attend during the week?  Did they find any topics that they want to pursue and learn more about outside of Camp?

Then it was time for lunch!  We had chicken strips, chipotle mac ‘n’ cheese, salad, and fruit for dessert.  Then we showed campers the first of our Mail Call videos for the week.  This summer, the Senior High Mail Calls are a continuation of a story that started last summer (campers who missed last year’s story got to catch up today during Free Time if they wanted to)!

Free Time came next.  It was a beautiful day for swimming, ziplining, laser tagging, and crafting.  The crafts of the day today were mason jar glasses with lids, mugs with a design, or a special Senior High craft – a headphones holder.  Campers could also draw, make friendship bracelets, or make scrunchies!

Campers had fun in the swimming area today, particularly on the Rock-It and watermats.  Today was also the first day of Zipline and Laser Tag.

At Flag Lowering tonight, campers were introduced to the special themed meal.  Every night of Senior High, the summer and kitchen staff create a fun themed dinner for campers to enjoy.  Tonight’s theme was Bob Ross!  We decked out the dining hall with “happy trees” and “happy clouds,” covered tables with white paper so campers could color pictures, and the kitchen staff went all out with so much delicious, colorful food!  We had an array of fresh fruit, jello salad, and rice bowls with a choice of protein and veggies, and three delicious sauce options.  As a finale, there was a rainbow display of cupcakes for dessert.

After dinner, campers were invited to attend a baptism for a staff member and a camper!  It was so amazing to gather together on the lakefront to witness these individuals making the decision to proclaim their love for Jesus!

Campers had another Team Time this evening, followed by Canteen/Free Time before a Big Camp Game!  Then it will be on to Chapel up at the tent, with another message from Rocky.  More details to come in tomorrow’s blog!  To continue following the story of Camp this week, follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.  Don’t forget to download the Camp App for notifications and easy access to Summer Camp info!

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Senior High – Day One

It’s one of the biggest weeks of the year at Camp Lebanon.  Camp loves Senior Highers, and the staff loves to create a unique week of programming that feels one-of-a-kind and different than anything that we’ve done all summer long.  There are many campers here who have been at Camp Lebanon their whole lives, and some even work on the D3 and Junior Staff teams, so our Senior Summer Staff love the challenge of giving these campers a new and exciting Camp experience.

Campers arrived at 4pm and started filling in Camp, meeting their cabin mates and counselors, taking their swim tests, and making the Hub area a fun hang out space.  Campers played 4-square, 9 square, and Octoball while they waited for the Opening Rally, where they would meet the staff and find out some basic rules for the week.  After the rally, cabins were put into their teams for the week, with 3 cabins making a team.  During this first Team Time, campers and counselors got to know each other and started to come up with a Team name and a Team cheer!

At dinner time, campers got a special surprise – Pizza Delivery!  Then they continued their Team Time until it was time to introduce their Team to the rest of Camp.  Everyone gathered on the Steps of Faith and each Team got to perform their cheer for the rest of the campers.

Then another surprise – Sundaes on a Sunday!  Campers were served some delicious ice cream sundaes before some evening Free Time & Canteen.

Chapel was to follow, after a trek up to the big tent on the hill.  Tonight campers will meet our speaker for the week, Rocky Hovda, from Willmar, MN.  We’ll fill you in on what Rocky’s first chapel session was about tomorrow.

It’s been a great first day with these amazing high schoolers – we can’t wait to see what God has in store for this week.  To continue following the story of Camp this week, follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.  Don’t forget to download the Camp App for notifications and easy access to Summer Camp info!

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Thank You God for an INCREDIBLE Week!

Our closing day of Senior High Camp for 2017 was sweet. It is always hard to say goodbye to new and old friends, but we are incredibly grateful for this week and the ways that God worked through every part of it.DDD_0023 copyDDD_0032 copy

Today, we enjoyed a closing rally that featured an incredible video slideshow, prizes, a short graduation ceremony for all the campers that graduated high school this year, a final word from our speaker Nate Miller, and of course, pies flying. Emily, Mitchell, and Asher will smell like whipped cream for weeks, but it’s all for the sake of celebrating Scripture.

DDD_0040 copyDDD_0057 copy

We had an incredible Senior High week this year, and we saw God move in so many different, unexpected, and exciting ways. See you all next year!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Senior High

A Day of Significance

What a great last day of Camp! Today was significant for many reasons, and we all soaked up our last day together as much as we could. The day started with an extra hour of sleep, followed by breakfast in bed! Then, we had more time to spend alone with God to read the Bible and pray. After that, we had our final session of clinics and seminars. It was a fairly relaxed morning.

Next, we had our last morning chapel. Today, the women talked about Sin, Shame, and Forgiveness and the men talked about Work. We are thankful for everything that we’ve learned in morning chapel this week and for the sweet worship and discussions that were had during that time this week.

After lunch and Mail Call, it was our last Free Time! Today, Free Time featured paintball, swimming, crafts, and towards the end, everyone spent time getting ready for dinner. Dinner tonight was formal themed; everyone dressed their best and we ate the fanciest, most delicious meal of the week. It’s fun to see everyone dressed up, and formal night is always a great time of fellowship and fun!

DDD_0078 copyDSC_0021 copyDSC_0640 copyDDD_0063 copy

Immediately following dinner, we headed to the chapel to watch our final team video projects together. All of the videos turned out so good, and we were laughing the whole time! We are thankful for the teams we were with this week and the ways that this project brought us all together.

Then, we had a significant event here at Camp. Three people decided to be baptized tonight in Cedar Lake, witnessed by their friends and family. It was a beautiful and sacred time for Molly, Josh, and Weston. It was incredible to be able to rejoice with them in this occasion tonight!

DSC_0330 copy

We wrapped up our last day of Senior High Camp with our final chapel with Nate Miller. He really taught us a lot this week about “living a life that matters.” Now, we are enjoying an epic end-of-the-week campfire at Bass Point, and we are enjoying our last few hours together.

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Senior High


Slipping and Sliding into a Great Day

Wednesday of Senior High Week started with a relaxed morning. We enjoyed the Polar Dip and eating a delicious breakfast at the appropriate time of day. After breakfast, we had time to spend alone with God, then we had morning chapel. The men and women split up for chapel once again; today the women talked about Loving Your Neighbor and the men talked about Purity. Morning chapels are always followed by a time of great discussion.

After chapel, it was time for the traditional Senior High Volleyball Tournament! Unlike any other week, the Senior High tournament is filled with crazy music and dance parties, a slip & slide, yard games, and a picnic lunch. Everyone had a blast at the volleyball tournament this year, and a lot of us have the sunburn to prove it!

CCC_0042 copyCCC_0107 copyCCC_0221 copy

The Volleyball Tournament was followed by Mail Call, and then Free Time. Today, Free Time featured swimming, boating, rides down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, a game of Ultimate Frisbee, and crafts. The surprise craft-of-the-day today was making handmade soap and bath bombs!

CCD_0027 copyCCD_0190 copy

Dinner tonight was Minnesota themed; we dressed in our best flannels and overalls, and we ate hot dish, jello salad, chicken wild rice casserole, biscuits, and cupcakes decorated to look like little camp fires. Everything was delicious! After dinner we had evening chapel with our speaker Nate Miller. He brought us more ideas to think about how we can live out being a part of God’s team and “living a life that matters.”

After chapel, we played another night game! For tonight’s game, cabins are running all around Camp to complete tasks and unlock video clues to find out where our friend Samuel was taken; he was kidnapped and we have to find him! After the game, we’re off to bed. We’re ready to enjoy the best part of the week tomorrow morning–it’s SLEEP IN DAY! Tune in tomorrow for the last full day of Senior High Camp!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Senior High

Day Backwards Happy!

Happy Backwards Day from Camp Lebanon! The second full day of Senior High Camp was entirely backwards. We embraced the theme of the day with everything from our clothing, to the schedule, to the meals. Some of us even spent the day walking backwards and speaking backwards!

So, for dinner this morning we had salad, pot roast, roasted potatoes, corn, and pumpkin pie. Then, as our morning continued in a backwards fashion, we had chapel. For chapel this morning, the men and women split up to cover different topics; the women talked about Shalom and the men talked about Responsibility and Integrity. Chapel was followed  by a time of great discussion and asking important questions.


After that, we had our evening free time in the morning, followed by Team Time to work on our videos. Today was a great day to finalize plans and do some filming! After that, it was time for lunch. Lunch was served backwards today; we traveled backwards through the dining hall to get our food (the line started at the dish return).

In the spirit of backwards day, lunch was followed by Call Mail and Time Free. Today, Time Free featured paintball, boating, karaoke in the chapel, and tie-dye. It was a relaxing day with great weather!

BBE_0043 copyBBE_0029 copy

After Time Free, we had our breakfast. We enjoyed our meal in our pajamas, and for breakfast this evening we had waffles, ham, fruit, and Camp’s famous oatmeal. Breakfast was followed by Clinics and Seminars.

BBF_0002 copy

Tonight, we enjoyed Coffee House. The Coffee House is a Senior High tradition; we hang out, play music, drink coffee, and enjoy good conversations and fellowship with each other. This year we held the Coffee House in our new Eagle’s Nest building and enjoyed yard games on the North 40 field.

BBF_0020 copy

An unexpected rain shower acted as our backwards Polar Dip tonight as campers made their way back to the Chalet. Chapel with our speaker Nate Miller is marking the end of our backwards day, and we are excited to hear what truths he has to share with us tonight. We’re looking forward to a great morning tonight!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Senior High

Butterfly Bonanza!

What a wonderful first full day of Senior High Week! Today began with the Polar Dip, as always; campers and staff took a refreshing dip in a foggy Cedar Lake to begin their day. Then, we enjoyed a pancake breakfast and got ready for the rest of the day.

Our day was made special by a beautiful butterfly who decided to hang out with us and join all of our Camp adventures. Greg the butterfly went to the zipline, the waterfront, and he hung out at all the games today. He had a great day and made a lot of friends.

BBB_0067 2

After campers had time to spend alone with God to read their Bibles and pray, we had our Clinics and Seminars. Senior High week is a great opportunity for the staff to go more in depth with what is taught during these classes, and we love that the campers are not afraid to ask hard questions.

BBB_0224 2

Once our morning free time and optional morning game were done, we had morning chapel together. Today, we heard from a missions team called Royal Servants about some opportunities that are available to high schoolers who feel called to missions and want to travel the world. It was cool to hear about it from Devon Harris, a full-time missionary!

Chapel was followed by lunch, mail call, and FREE TIME! During Senior High Camp, free time is relaxed and a chance to spend time with friends and build relationships. Today, Free Time featured swimming, crafts, a round of Two Rooms and a Boom (a fun strategy game), and rides down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline!


After Free Time, we had dinner. Dinner was luau themed tonight; we had crab and mango salad, Hawaiian meatballs, key lime rice, fruit, Jerk chicken, and key lime cheesecake. Everything was incredible, and we enjoyed fun music and costumes as well!

BBC_0027 2

Dinner was followed by Team Time, where the cabin teams had a chance to hang out and plan their video projects that they’re working on. Then we had Canteen time and got ready for evening chapel. Tonight in chapel, Nate Miller talked about how even when we feel like we’re not worth being on God’s team, we are still wanted. He focused on the story of the prodigal son in Luke.


We are wrapping up our day with a game called “Escape the Night Security,” where campers are running all around Camp for a scavenger hunt in the dark. This game is intense!

We are thankful for a great day of Senior High Camp, and we are so excited for more fun tomorrow.

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Senior High