We started off the day with some refreshing rain and enjoyed a cooler, cloudy day outside. While we love the sun, it’s nice to have a break between the really hot and sunny days.

Last night in chapel, our speaker, Kirsten King, presented the Gospel Message. The past few days, we covered showing Thanksgiving and Adoration in God’s presence, and last night we learned how in order to do those things, you must first Believe.

This morning, we had polar dip, flag raising, breakfast, and morning chapel. The women heard from Kirsten about sisterhood as women of God. She talked about how comparison kills companionship and that God made us all unique to compliment each other’s gifts, so we don’t have to compare ourselves with others because God has a unique plan for each of us. The men had a panel for the guys to ask some staff members any questions they have.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what they liked most about men/women’s chapel.

After morning chapel, there was team time for the teams to work on their projects, and then there were clinics and seminars. Today, they had the opportunity to choose from the options they were given on Monday.

Once clinics and seminars were over, it was lunch time! After lunch, we watched the mail call video, and then it was free time.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what their favorite free time activity was!

After free time, campers gathered at the Amphitheater for flag lowering, and then they were introduced to King Richard who hosted tonight’s medieval feast! At the conclusion of the feast, King Richard rose to gave a toast, but he suddenly fell ill and passed away! Then, campers were introduced to our game “Falsia.” It was basically a live action game of clue; the objective was to be the last team standing or to solve the murder mystery by gathering money or clues from staff members.

Now, campers have some more team time to practice presenting their projects for tomorrow. After team time, campers will head up to evening chapel. Then, they will have cabin devotionals and then lights out for the night.

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Thanks for a Super Week!

It’s hard to believe that Super Kids has come to an end so quickly! We had such an awesome week with these kids and beautiful weather too!

Last night at our campfire, we sang some worship songs, played a final round of “Gorilla Gets the Man,” heard from Bobber Bill and Adam Roub, went on a Lion Hunt, and did our traditional “Praise God” yell that echos across the lake.

This morning, campers woke up to clean their cabins before going to breakfast. After breakfast, campers went into the main chapel for their last round of Mad Libs while parents began showing up.

Then, campers were given their mail, and we worshiped! Afterwards, campers and parents got to watch the photo slideshow and video of the week’s activities. Then, we handed out prizes and some staff members got pied!

To close, we thanked God for our really great week!


Then, campers were dismissed to their cabins to get checked out and head home.

Thanks to everyone who came this week; we had so much fun getting to know these campers. We pray for everyone’s safe return home, and we hope to see you back next year!

A message from our speaker: Adam Roub – Area Team Leader, Mid MN Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)

“This week at camp we spoke about living life at the Lord’s Table, and giving the throne of your life to the worthy king Jesus. Each night we focused on 1 attribute of God, and told a story about a specific bible character who demonstrated great faith (David, Esther, Peter, and Paul) and the camp staff acted out a scene for the kids. During the week our main points were: Jesus is the good king, who is worthy to be served. Jesus is our protector king, who is worthy of our trust. Jesus is our Savior king, our only worthy substitute (the Gospel Message was shared on this point; Rms 10:9). Lastly, Jesus is our commissioning king, who sends us, and is worthy to be obeyed (call to rededicate your life).

“During the week we invited the campers to invite King Jesus to take control of the thrones of their life, and to entrust their lives to Christ. Many campers either prayed to receive Christ as their savior for the first time or to rededicate their lives to following Jesus, and renew the commitment they may have made earlier in their lives. The common phrase was, “Who is on the throne of your life?” You can ask your camper about this. Also, they will remember the phrase, “God is King, I am not, Long Live the King! Thank you for helping build connections with your camper, and helping us continue their discipleship.”

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what the stories of David, Esther, Peter, and Paul taught them about sitting at the Lord’s table.

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Rainy Days and Mondays Are So Much FUN!

The first full day of Super Kids 1 was cloudy, rainy, blustery, and SO MUCH FUN!  Camp Lebanon loves rainy weather – we have a great time splashing in puddles, snuggling up inside for some fun indoor games, or getting a little messy outside during some rainy, muddy field games!

First things first, campers went to flag raising (indoors), had a delicious breakfast, and cleaned their cabins!  They learned the first memory verse and its actions (Colossians 3:12) today – memory verses earn them cabin points AND a name in the bucket to pie a staff member of their choosing!

Then, it was Morning Chapel time – we learned about the Parable of the Lost Sheep (Luke 15:1-7).  Campers headed back to their cabins with their counselors to talk about the morning lesson and to tell stories of times when they have gotten lost before.

Take Camp Home:  Ask your child to show you the actions for the memory verses, starting with Colossians 3:12.  Have them teach you the actions, and then pick another verse you can make up actions to together!

After chapel, it was still pretty rainy outside, so we had some great fun playing games in the chapel.  One of these games involved dressing up counselors in a “suit of armor.”

Take Camp Home:  What are some other fun things you could make a suit of armor out of?  Play the game with your child, and challenge them to be creative in making you a truly kingly outfit!

Next, it was time for lunch!

And then, more game time!

Take Camp Home:  Ask your child about how the “maze game” worked!

During free time, some kids embraced the rain and played octoball, four square, and wiffleball outside.

While others stayed inside for crafts and rainy day games!

Since it was still wet outside, flag lowering was moved inside, and then we were sent to supper. After dinner, it was dry enough for Cabin Adventures to be outside. The different cabins did a variety of things that their counselors had planned.

Cabin adventures were followed by the game “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge.” We had learned this game as a staff during training week, so we were very excited to teach it to the kids. It was a little chaotic with so many people playing, but it was a blast!

Take Camp Home: Ask your child how to do the “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge” chant.

The campers are now enjoying their afternoon free time!

And after free time, we will have evening chapel, cabin devo time, and then off to bed for tonight!

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Junior High 3: Double Blog Edition

Hey, there! Over the past few days, we’ve braved the Screaming Eagle Zip Line, worked together at the volleyball tournament, fought for victory at the paintball range and tons of other things. We have so much to tell you, so here’s a special double edition of the blog!


We had gorgeous, sunshine-y weather on our second day of Junior High 3 and plenty of ways to enjoy it! Our morning started off with Polar Dip – our daily dip in the lake before breakfast – and flag raising. After we had time to eat, clean our cabins, and spend time reading the Bible, we moved into our second day of seminars. The Tuesday/Thursday rotation featured topic options like “Finding God in Bacon” (a seminar about different and unique types of worship) and friendship!

We split up again for morning chapel – this time, to talk about the heavy topic of sin, shame and forgiveness. For many of us, it’s hard to feel like we can be pure and whole after deeply struggling with sin, but this chapel was to show us that God’s love and gift of redemption can overcome all sins – and that it doesn’t make sense to not forgive ourselves if God forgives us.

Next up was lunch and the next installment of the Adventures of Captain Kyper! Tuesday’s mission took the crew to the planet M.A.L.K., where they taught a mean, angry king about kindness and invited him to join their team.

It was pretty hot during free time, but the water felt so nice – it was a great day for swimming and boating. We also made some crafts, played some carpet ball, and headed up to the zip line for the first time this week!

Our big event for the day was something that always brings campers closer together – the volleyball tournament! We had four nets set up on the North 40 for the official bracket games, and in the down time between games, cabins could play spike ball, nine square in the air, or run through the sprinkler! Dinner was served up picnic-style out of our new building, The Eagle’s Nest. It was a great evening!

Tuesday was special for a number of reasons, but the most important part of the entire day was evening chapel. Josh showed us another video clip and talked about how he loves the story of redemption shown in the character of Finn, a stormtrooper who runs away from the darkness of the Empire and towards the light. He explained that Finn became aware of what the truth was and came to a place of realizing he needed a reset on his life. In real life, Jesus offers us a reset – a big, immediate, supernatural reset when we choose to follow him. Even after becoming a Christian, there are many things we can ask Jesus to reset – our purpose, our purity, our focus, and so much more. Near the end of Josh’s message, we had a time where he encouraged us to ask for Jesus for a reset. It was incredibly powerful to hear campers and staff reaching out to God in that way, and it opened up the door for many campers to dedicate their lives to following Him!

Please pray that campers would continue to have these important conversations, ask questions, and allow God to work in their lives!



The weather was a little wilder on Wednesday, but that just gave us some different activities! Rain forced us inside for flag raising, but let up for most of the day.

We flip-flopped our morning and evening chapel times, so we all gathered together in the morning to listen to Josh in the main hall. Much of the message was a follow-up to what he’d said the night before, and he encouraged us to not forget what happened here, to not let fear and the unknown drown out what happened. He explained that when we ask for a reset, it might not end up feeling like what we “signed up for,” but that following Jesus means you have to change things that are working against the reset you asked for.

Free time had most of the same activities as the day before, but we also had four-way volleyball for our option and had one last opportunity to play paintball! Free time was also a great time to play our ongoing game of Assassins – each cabin received ten clothespins and has to sneakily pin them onto different members of staff. Each staff member is worth a different number of cabin points, but you can also use “power up” pins hidden around Camp to earn even more points!

In evening chapel, we split up into guys and girls like we normally would in the mornings. Girls talked about leadership as women, and the guys talked about brotherhood! After chapel was canteen and our night game – Clue! Campers had to run around the Chalet as a cabin, talking to the characters scattered throughout the building to figure out who kidnapped Rich and why.

Today (Thursday) is our last full day! Please pray that God would continue to keep us safe, give us fun opportunities, and teach us more about Himself.

Rain, rain, go away…

We had so much rain yesterday – good thing “weather is an attitude” and we could still have fun!

One day down, three more full days to go! During our first 24 hours at Camp, the crazy weather switched up our schedule a little bit, but we had plenty to do.

Our morning started off with flag raising (indoors), breakfast (pancakes!), and clinics and seminars. Throughout the week, campers will have the chance to attend four different clinics/seminars, where they’ll learn more about specific topics like prayer, worship, and healthy friendships.

Speaking of friendships – in our guys/girls split chapel yesterday morning, the girls talked about what healthy versions of three different relationships look like (friendship, romantic relationships, and mentorships), and the guys talked about platonic friendships with girls. After chapel, we had lunch (quesadillas) and met some summer-long characters – Captain Kyper, her robot pal Beep Beep Boop BOP, and a girl named Nova!

During free time, the waterfront was only open for a little while before we heard thunder, but the staff made sure we had other options. We played Mafia, Swat, four square, octoball and splashed around on the lower field!

Later on in evening chapel, Joe talked to us about how making our main focus and pursuit something other than God will just lead to “dead ends” in life. He encouraged us to put God first, and some campers decided to follow Christ for the first time!

Today is another big day (with better weather) – please pray that we would be safe, have fun, and grow closer to God!

Welcome, Junior High 1!

We’re back for our second week – and our first Junior High camp of the summer!

Yesterday, 128 campers checked in, met their counselors, and settled in for an awesome week here at Camp! It was windy and crazy humid for most of the afternoon (which made swim tests a great choice), but our picnic dinner – the first time most of us got to meet and hang out with our whole cabin – had pretty nice weather.

But then it turned weird.


Kirsten King is our speaker for the week, and we can already tell she’s super funny!

We knew a storm was headed in our direction, but some light rain (and a gorgeous double rainbow!) quickly turned into heavy rain and a detour for us down to the lower level of the Chalet. Just to be safe, all of us – campers, junior staff, senior staff and a volunteer group here to help us with some grounds projects – squeezed into the back hallway for a short worship set, and we ended up listening to our speaker, Kirsten King, in the dining hall. (Kirsten previewed what she’ll talk about this week, and told us a hilarious story to communicate the idea that Truth is there to be discovered and enjoyed.) Thankfully, the storm passed without damage and we could go on with the schedule as planned.

Our night ended with canteen and the much-loved staff variety show. We (the staff) put a lot of effort into blending classic skits and new skits into a fresh show – and based on the laughter, I’m guessing we did a pretty good job!

It’s supposed to be a hot week, so please pray for safety for both campers and staff! We’ll try our hardest to keep everyone hydrated.

I’ll be back later to talk about our first full day! See you then!

-Becky Boo

Rain can’t stop our fun!

Good morning, friends! Tuesday was another great day for Super Kids 1, all the way from polar dip to lights out.

Our morning schedule was pretty similar to yesterday, but we met some new friends during morning chapel! Darl and Jill Powell (who have been missionaries for 22 years) visited to talk about missions and their experiences at and around a missionary kid school in Dakar, Senegal. It was the most quiet and attentive I’ve seen the kids all week! Darl and Jill will be back today to talk more about missions and answer our questions, and we’re so thankful they’re spending time with us.

After we rotated skills, we had lunch and ran into Captain Kyper and her intrepid crew again! This time, we found them on planet [Pop Noise] — pronounced by making a pop noise with your mouth. The inhabitants of the planet were so distracted by bubble wrap, they couldn’t focus on anything else! Luckily, Captain Kyper and her crew stepped in to save them.

Boys and girls split up for a very silly afternoon game time. The girls played a game called Collect the Planets, which involved a lot of running around the upper part of Camp and working together to collect balloons to bring back to Captain Kyper, and the boys played a Camp classic called Custer’s Last Stand, male staff against male campers. As always, it was loud and crazy, and the staff members lost hard.

Game time went right into free time, and we had a lot of the same fun options as the day before. The 4 o’clock option was Nukem, a variation on volleyball where you catch the ball. It was a big hit! At the very end of free time, it started pouring and campers and staff alike had tons of fun splashing in the puddles.

We had to move our carnival night inside because of the rain, but we packed all the games into the chapel and had a blast! There was face-painting, coloring, an “obstacle course,” and much more! Campers who collected one of each ticket color also got to drag a staff member out to “Sad Counselor,” where they could splash them with cold water!

Finally, we had a great evening chapel to close out the day. Adam talked about how everyone is on a quest for something, and Jesus came on a quest to rescue the lost, give us eternal life and guide us to the Truth. Many campers dedicated their life to Jesus last night!

We have one day left of Camp. Please pray for the safety of our campers and staff, and that we would keep having the funnest fun!

-Becky Boo


Hello, summer!

It’s finally here! The first week of summer camp is here!


Bobber Bill was super excited to greet all the campers and their families!

Super Kids 1 kicked off with some not-so-great weather (rain and thunder for most of the evening), but we still had plenty of fun on our first day. It’s like we say here at Camp — weather is an attitude!

After campers arrived and met their counselors and cabin friends, they got the chance to take the swim test and explore Camp a little bit before learning the names of the other counselors at “Who’s Who.” Later, we had a delicious pizza dinner to refuel before rules and chapel.


Rich’s puppy Teddy visited us during chapel.

Our speaker, Adam Roub talked about creation and how we can discover things about God by looking at the things He has made, like beautiful landscapes and puppies!

After chapel, we had canteen and then got to watch a super fun variety show starring the camp staff. (You should definitely ask your camper about their favorite skit when they get home!)

We have a fun week ahead of us, regardless of the weather, but still — prayer for sunshine would be much appreciated.

I’ll be back with more tomorrow!

-Becky Boo