A Merry Monday Tale

The last Monday of summer Camp started off as another other Monday would; with a chilly dip in Cedar Lake to wake up! After a delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausage, we went into our first Skills classes of the week! Skills are a time that campers learn how to do specific things at Camp, like canoeing, fishing, archery, and games. AAB_0011 copy.jpg

After Skills, we had morning chapel with Bill Abeler. Today, Bill talked about the Bible, the importance of using it well, and about how to find specific Bible verses in it. We learned a lot! After Chapel, we had our second Skills classes for the day. Next, we had some Toes-up Time to rest before our afternoon games!

We played a bunch of games on Camp’s lower ball field this afternoon. Each cabin started at one game and rotated throughout all of them. Now we know how to play a bunch of fun games to fill up time in between events at Camp, or to play during Free Time!

BBE_0053 copy

Free Time followed our afternoon games. Today, campers took the swim test, ate Canteen treats, played a round of Run & Jump, enjoyed the new wiffleball stadium, made crafts, and rode the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline! We had a blast this afternoon.

DSC_0402 copyDSC_0489 copyBBD_0034 copy

After dinner, we played a crazy game of Capture the Flag 2.0. There was a lot of running and laughter and strategizing! Capture the Flag has been a favorite game this summer for campers and staff.

BBF_0027 copy

When the game was over, we enjoyed some Canteen time and even a little bit of evening swim time as the day cooled off. Now, the campers are in chapel listening to our speaker Nate Miller talk about how the steps to following God are similar to playing baseball; you’ve got to get to first base! We are tired after a fun day, but we are so excited to start a new day tomorrow.

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 4

Sunshine, Swimming, and Snails

We had a wonderful first full day of Junior High 3. Our day was saturated with beautiful weather, laughter, and new ways to get to know each other. The day began with the Polar Dip; campers and counselors jumped in the brisk lake to wake themselves up. Then, after a delicious breakfast of pancakes, the campers had some time to spend alone with God to read the Bible, pray, and memorize verses.

Next, we had our first Clinics and Seminars for the week. These are brief classes about specific aspects of Christianity or life in general, and they’re always a great time for big questions and deep discussions. After Clinics and Seminars, the girls and guys split up for morning chapel. Today, the girls talked about Shalom and the guys talked about Purity. This morning was full of learning!

After lunch and a fun mail-call skit, it was Free Time! Today, Free Time featured a lot of swimming and boating, as well as crafts, a game of dodgeball, and paintball! Everyone enjoyed the warm and sunny weather today, especially the swimmers.


Free Time ended with lowering and folding our flag together, then dinner. After dinner we returned to the chapel to hear from our speaker Kirsten King. Tonight, Kirsten shared a couple of funny stories to illustrate man’s relationship with sin, and she talked about how the Bible is like our equipment that we wear when we join God’s team. Kirsten is a blast to listen to, and we are all pumped to hear more from her tomorrow!


Our evening is ending with an insane game of Capture-the-Flag 2.0. In this version of the game, there are “snails” to help win the game (staff members that have to move really slowly across the hub to win, but they can only move with a camper on their backs). We are having a great week so far!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Junior High 3

Get Your Head in the Game!

The first full day of Super Kids 3 was joyous and filled with new ways to have fun and connect with each other and God. This morning after the Polar Dip, we raised the flag and learned a memory verse together. Today we learned Romans 10:9, and if the campers say it to the counselors this week, they get their names in a drawing to pie a staff member in the face at the end of the week!

After breakfast, we had our first Skills classes for the week. Skills are short classes where the kids learn how to do specific things at Camp, such as fishing, canoeing, outdoor survival, archery, and more. After this time, we had morning chapel together. During chapel today, Kayla Johnson taught us about the Bible. We learned why it’s important, as well as how to find specific verses in it. We learned a lot, then we had more Skills time following lunch.

AAD_0035 copy

This afternoon, we played a ton of new games on our lower field. It was fun to learn a bunch of games, and it helped us make friends in our cabins and get to know each other better. After the games, we had Free Time! Today during Free Time, kids were able to fish, swim, go boating, play games, make crafts, and ride the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline. It was a blast!

AAD_0105 copyAAD_0160 copy

After dinner, we had another fun game. We played Capture the Flag, and it was a highlight of the day for a lot of campers! This game is fun, competitive, and a great chance to get out all of the extra energy before evening chapel. We are ending our night with chapel with our speaker Frank Lanier. Tonight, Frank is talking about the “second base” of following Jesus, and we’re excited for all the fun stories he’ll share!

AAE_0125 copyAAE_0152 copy

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 3



Butterfly Bonanza!

What a wonderful first full day of Senior High Week! Today began with the Polar Dip, as always; campers and staff took a refreshing dip in a foggy Cedar Lake to begin their day. Then, we enjoyed a pancake breakfast and got ready for the rest of the day.

Our day was made special by a beautiful butterfly who decided to hang out with us and join all of our Camp adventures. Greg the butterfly went to the zipline, the waterfront, and he hung out at all the games today. He had a great day and made a lot of friends.

BBB_0067 2

After campers had time to spend alone with God to read their Bibles and pray, we had our Clinics and Seminars. Senior High week is a great opportunity for the staff to go more in depth with what is taught during these classes, and we love that the campers are not afraid to ask hard questions.

BBB_0224 2

Once our morning free time and optional morning game were done, we had morning chapel together. Today, we heard from a missions team called Royal Servants about some opportunities that are available to high schoolers who feel called to missions and want to travel the world. It was cool to hear about it from Devon Harris, a full-time missionary!

Chapel was followed by lunch, mail call, and FREE TIME! During Senior High Camp, free time is relaxed and a chance to spend time with friends and build relationships. Today, Free Time featured swimming, crafts, a round of Two Rooms and a Boom (a fun strategy game), and rides down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline!


After Free Time, we had dinner. Dinner was luau themed tonight; we had crab and mango salad, Hawaiian meatballs, key lime rice, fruit, Jerk chicken, and key lime cheesecake. Everything was incredible, and we enjoyed fun music and costumes as well!

BBC_0027 2

Dinner was followed by Team Time, where the cabin teams had a chance to hang out and plan their video projects that they’re working on. Then we had Canteen time and got ready for evening chapel. Tonight in chapel, Nate Miller talked about how even when we feel like we’re not worth being on God’s team, we are still wanted. He focused on the story of the prodigal son in Luke.


We are wrapping up our day with a game called “Escape the Night Security,” where campers are running all around Camp for a scavenger hunt in the dark. This game is intense!

We are thankful for a great day of Senior High Camp, and we are so excited for more fun tomorrow.

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Senior High


It’s All About the Game Plan

The first full day of Camp for Super Kids 2 started with the Polar Dip this morning! We had over 150 kids jump into the lake to start their morning. After a delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausage, we had our first skills class for the day. Kids learned how to fish, canoe, shoot BB guns and bows, and play various Camp games. It was a lot of fun!

After skills, we had morning chapel where one of our counselors, Kayla Johnson, taught all of the kids the importance of using the Bible and how to find verses in it. After chapel and lunch, we had more skills classes.


Then, we relaxed a bit with some Toes-up-Time and opening up our mail! This rest was much needed because we then played a bunch of group games before Free Time. Today during Free Time, kids took the swim test, rode the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, played Nukem, went boating and swimming, and did crafts. It was a hot day, so a lot of people enjoyed the water!


AAC_0144After dinner and cabin time, we had a fashion show! The campers dressed their counselors up as “cabin mascots” using only the things that they could find in their cabins. There were some fun characters made! After the fashion show, we had Canteen time and evening chapel with our speaker Wendy.

Tonight, Wendy talked about how getting into the Christian faith is similar to running the bases in a game of baseball, and how we need to get to the first base before we can get anywhere else. We need to know the game plan in order to live out our faith! The first base is deciding to follow Jesus, and we’re going to learn about the other “bases” as the week goes on. Tune in tomorrow for all of the fun that Tuesday holds for us!

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 2

A Marvelous Monday

The week of Junior High 2 is in full swing after our first full day. We have enjoyed incredible weather today as well as so many opportunities to make new friends and new memories. The day started with several campers jumping in the lake for the Polar Dip to wake up, and after a delicious breakfast of pancakes and some time spent alone with God, we were ready to get started with all of the most exciting parts of Junior High Camp.


This morning, campers had a choice of clinics and seminars they could attend (these are short classes about specific aspects of Christian faith or specific skills). After that, we had our first morning chapel for the week. Today, the girls talked about Shalom and the guys talked about Purity. Morning chapel was followed by a lot of good questions and fruitful discussions with our cabins.


After a tasty lunch of tacos and churros, it was Free Time! Today, free time featured swimming, boating, crafts, paintball, and a crazy game of SWAT! The weather was beautiful today, and Free Time is a great time to enjoy the best parts of Camp as well as to relax and get to know each other.


After dinner tonight we had evening chapel with our speaker Nate Temp. Tonight, Nate talked about the importance of intentionally choosing a team as well as what it looks like to be on God’s team. We are excited to hear more from Nate tomorrow!

Right now, the campers are enjoying some evening Canteen time before we play a group game called “The Crazy Medley.” It will definitely be crazy! Today was full of laughter and learning and getting to know each other, and we are thrilled to do it again tomorrow.

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Junior High 2

The Monday Adventure

Adventurers Week is off to a great start today! Monday was filled with a ton of exciting activities and a lot of learning. The day started with a bunch of campers jumping in the chilly lake for the polar dip. Then we had a delicious breakfast of pancakes, sausage, and fruit (some kids even saved pieces of their sausage to use as fishing bait – the fish love to share our breakfast)!

AAB_0006 copy

After breakfast, we played a game where the campers went around Camp to find different activity stations and get stamps in their “passport.” There was a lot of running and laughter. After that, we had morning chapel with Bobber Bill; he talked about Luke chapter 5 and Mark 1:15.

Following lunch and a relaxing Toes-Up Time, it was time for the campers’ favorite game! The Camp staff and counselors all hid around Camp, and the kids were sent out to find them. If a camper found a staff member, they got to push them in the lake!


Then, it was time for free time. Free time today featured fishing, swimming, boating, crafts, and a game of wiffleball on Camp’s new Legends’ Field.

Tonight after dinner and an evening cabin adventure, we had our carnival on the ball field! There were games, cotton candy, popcorn, face-paint, a dunk tank, and a dance party. Kids collected tickets to win cabin points, and everyone had a blast! We were all sad when it was over.

AAC_0018 copy 2AAC_0098 copy 2AAC_0120 copy 2

Now, the campers are in evening chapel hearing from Bobber Bill once more before bedtime. We are excited to keep learning more from Bill tomorrow  as he talks about what it looks like to be a part of God’s team.

Tune in tomorrow for more of the Adventurers’ adventure at Camp!

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from this week: Adventurers

Happy Monday from Junior High 1!

The first full day of Junior High camp for the summer was packed with the funnest fun. Monday brought us beautiful weather, a relaxing breeze, and a lot of excitement about the week to come. We also started the day with a memory verse; today we learned Romans 10:9.

This morning started with some campers jumping in the lake for the Polar Dip! It was cold and refreshing. After a wonderful breakfast of pancakes and Camp’s famous oatmeal, the campers had time to spend alone with God to read the Bible and pray. Then, after our first session of Clinics and Seminars (short classes on aspects of Christianity or on specific activities) for the summer, we had Canteen time and morning chapel! In morning chapel, the guys covered Purity and the girls talked about Shalom and Personal Wholeness. 


After a tasty lunch of tacos and a funny mail call skit, we had free time! Some highlights of free time today were swimming, crafts, wiffleball, and the first game of paintball for the summer!


Tonight in evening chapel, our speaker Phil Campbell helped us to better understand some specific parts of the Bible. He covered Matthew 19:24 and what it could have meant in the context of the time and place that it was written. He also talked about the first five books of the Bible and how they work together as a story that Jesus has a part in.

After chapel tonight, we are going to play an intense game of Capture-the-Flagthen we’ll enjoy nighttime devotionals with our cabins and look forward to more fun tomorrow!

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Junior High 1