A Staff Hunt and a Carnival

Today was a nice cloudy day to cool off after how hot it was yesterday!

In last night’s chapel, Don talked about the power and importance of prayer. He shared a story of when he was working in the Philippines and two children went missing, and after sharing the incident on his Facebook page asking people to pray, they were eventually able to find them. We then looked at the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den (found in Daniel 6) and talked about how we should pray regularly like Daniel in all circumstances.

This morning began with Polar Dip, flag raising, today’s memory verse (Colossians 3:13), breakfast, and then morning chapel. Today in morning chapel, campers heard the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (found in Matthew 18:21-35).

Then, campers had free time until Cabin Adventures.

After Cabin Adventures, it was lunch time, and then we had “Story Time with Tori.” The campers got to fill out another Mad Lib story following the journey of the two characters from yesterday’s story.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what the Mad Lib stories were about!

Then, it was Toes up Time, and following Toes up Time, campers learned about today’s game, the staff hunt! Staff members hid all around camp, and campers were released to go find them. If they found a staff member, they got to push them in the lake!

Once the game was over, it was free time!

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what their favorite free time activity was and why. Maybe it’s something you can do at home as a family!

After free time, we gathered for flag raising before dinner. Then, we had the “Ye Olde Renaissance Faire!” We had a variety of activities for campers to play to win or spend tickets. The tickets they kept go towards their cabin points for the week, but campers love to spend their tickets to spray their counselor with the hose!

Now, campers have some free time before evening chapel. After chapel, they will have cabin devo time and then go to bed.

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Super Kids 4 – Photo Album

Taking the Leap of Faith

Today was bittersweet as we celebrated everything God had done this week, campers reunited with their parents, and we sent them on their way home.

At the campfire last night, we had worship, played another round of “Gorilla gets the Man,” we heard from Bobber Bill and Darla, some campers shared their decision of faith, we went on a Lion Hunt, and then we ended with our traditional “Praise God” yell and listened as it echoed around the lake and back.

This morning, campers woke up to clean their cabins and pack up. Then, everyone walked around camp to pick up any garbage and turn in lost and found items laying around. Afterwards, we raise the flag and went in for breakfast.

Then, as parents started showing up, it was time to go into the Main Hall for the last round “Story Time with Tori!” She had another Mad Lib for the campers to fill out and then a few counselors acted out the end of the story and handed out today’s mail.

Once mail was distributed, it was time to watch the photo slideshow and highlight video of the week! After the video, we headed out to the Amphitheater for worship, prizes, our traditional Love Offering, and of course, staff members getting pied in the face!

To close, we thanked God for our really great week full of fun activities, amazing lessons, and super cool people!

Campers were dismissed from the closing rally back to their cabins for their parents to check them out.

This was such a fun week, and we are sad that it has come to an end. We are grateful for each Super Kid that came this week, and we are praying for everyone’s safe return home!

We would like to leave you with a message from our speaker: Darla Benjamin – Director of Impact, Grace Church; Roseville, MN

“This week at camp we talked about faith – using Hebrews 11 as our starting point. Through looking at Abraham & Sarah and Deborah & Barak, we learned that our faith will be tested and faith is sometimes hard. But if we put our faith in the right place – in Jesus – we will experience a victorious and everlasting faith!

“Kids were challenged to spend time in God’s Word and choose a faith buddy. Ask them about both! Many campers prayed to either receive Christ as their Savior or renew a commitment by rededicating their lives to following Jesus. The common phrase was, ‘God is King. I am not. Long Live the King!’ Thank you for building connections with your kids and helping us continue their discipleship.”

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what the most memorable thing was about their week at camp and why.

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Super Kids 3 – Photo Album

For full-sized versions of this weeks photos, go to our Google Drive Album!

Welcome, Super Kids 3!

Today was a lovely day out to welcome the Super Kids 3 campers! They checked in this afternoon and had some time to settle in and take their swim test.

Later, everyone gathered at the Amphitheater for introductions of the non-counseling staff members. After introductions, campers learned who their cabin friend for the week is. A cabin friend is a non-counseling staff member who helps out when needed and hangs out with the campers when they have time. Then, staff members volunteered to lower our country’s flag to show the campers how to properly lower and fold the flag, as we will raise and lower the flag every day.

After flag lowering, campers went to dinner, and with their cabins, chose a spot to eat outside and have a picnic meal! Then, we went inside to learn the camp rules.

Following rules, campers went on a tour of camp led by their counselors. Then, it was time for chapel. After worship, campers met our speaker for the week, Darla Benjamin. Tonight, she spoke about faith, and she used her experience skydiving as an analogy of having enough trust to take a leap of faith.

Campers then had some free time while staff set up for the Variety Show. After getting the giggles out, the campers are now going back to their cabins for devotionals and then it will be lights out tonight.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what their favorite skit from the Variety Show was!

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Super Kids 3 – Photo Album

Super Kids 2 Flying in!

It’s been so long since we had a group of Super Kids here at camp, and we are so ready for this week of fun! We had a great opening day, and we can’t wait to see what this week holds!

Campers arrived this afternoon to check in, and they had an opportunity to take their swim test before things got started.


When everyone was checked in, and things were ready to go, everyone gathered at the Amphitheater. Campers were introduced to the program staff members and learned who will be their cabin friend for the week. A cabin friend is a non-counseling staff member who helps out when needed and gets to know the campers.

After meeting their cabin friends, campers were shown the proper way to lower our country’s flag, as we will be doing it every afternoon. Then, campers were led to the dining hall to get their dinner, but tonight, we ate outside to have a picnic as cabin groups!

When everyone finished eating, we went into the main chapel for rules, and then we had chapel time. After worship, campers were introduced to our speaker of the week, Adam Roub. Tonight, he talked about how the blessings that come from sitting at the Lord’s Table are free, but we need to have faith in order to sit at the table. We looked at the story of David and Goliath (Found in 1 Samuel 17) to talk about David’s faith, and tonight’s memory verse was 1 John 5:4-5.


Following chapel, campers were shown around camp by their counselors and then had a little bit of free time while staff set up the Variety Show! Staff members put on a handful of short, goofy skits to break the ice with some giggles on the first night.


Take Camp Home: Ask your camper to act out their favorite skit!

Campers now have cabin devotionals, and then it will be lights out.

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Super Kids 2 – Photo Album

Finale Friday!

Where did the week go? We had so much fun that it just flew by! Today, we said goodbye to our Junior High 2 campers, but not before having an awesome closing day.

This morning started with packing and cabin clean up, and then we went to flag raising and breakfast.

After breakfast, we did a quick sweep around camp to pick up any garbage and put away anything left lying around.

Once camp was cleaned up, we began our closing rally! Campers and their parents filed into the chapel to watch the photo slideshow and the video of highlights from the week.

Then, everyone went out to the Amphitheater for worship, prizes, and of course, pieing some staff members!

To close, we thanked God for our really great week!

We would like to leave you with a note from Phil Campbell, our Junior High 2 Speaker:

“Noble Men and Women have been positioned around the LORD’s Table. We see as it were a “Hall of Faith” leading to the table (Hebrews 11). Taking prominent seats at the table are a few characters that the Hebrew author wished for extended time to explore their faith. That is what we did this week at camp: explored the strategies of Barak, Gideon, Jephthah, Samson & Samuel, and finallyKing David. These knights of the LORD’s table were not perfect, yet they laid down their swords for the Lord of Lords. Their Faith & Victories foreshadowed the King of Kings – JESUS.

“It is here that we find our hearts fixated on Jesus who authored and perfected our faith. He set the example for our discipleship, and being a disciple means that we undergo discipline not only for our good, but so that we may share in His majesty, His holiness. The quest of the LORD’s table is not only the will to die for the King – but are we surrendered to Live for the King (Rom.12:1,2). We take up arms to follow him, but we also lay them down in humility – understanding that it is not by our own might, power, chariots, or horses – but by the Spirit of the Lord that we are more than conquerors.”

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what the most memorable thing of the week was and why.

After closing rally came to a completion, campers were checked out of their cabins and said their goodbyes. We are praying for everyone’s safe travels home. We hope to see you all back again next year, to Victory!

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Junior High 2- Photo Album

For full-sized versions of this weeks photos, go to our Google Drive Album!

Morning of Adventure!

We had a great first night with the Adventurers 1 group, and so far, we have had a great first day!

This morning the temperatures were a little cooler, which made the polar dip live up to its name! The polar dip is an optional opportunity to start your day off by jumping in the lake. If campers do it every morning, they will win a prize on our closing day.

After polar dip, there was flag raising and breakfast. Then, campers were sent to clean their cabins before everyone gathered to take our whole camp picture! Every camper will be sent home with a printed off picture, but here is a silly sneak peak!


Can you spot your camper?

Campers then had Option time. Staff members led different activities for them to choose from.


Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what they got to do during Options time. Is it something you can do as a family?

After, campers went inside for worship and chapel time. Bobber Bill told the story of Daniel in the Lions Den (found in Daniel 6).


Take Camp Home: This week, the campers are learning about how God is the King of all. Ask your camper how to do the “Long Live the King!” chant.

Then, campers got to play a fun game where they collected random items from their cabin and got points for having certain things. They also got to dress their counselor in the objects to win points.


Lunch came next, followed by an interesting game of Mad Libs. Campers filled in the blanks and staff members came on stage to act out the story that they created.


Campers are now enjoying toes up time. During this time, everyone has to be quiet so they can relax and maybe take a nap to have energy for the rest of the day.

Check back in tonight to hear about the rest of our day!

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Adventurers 1 – Photo Album

Kickoff for Adventurers 1!

The youngest group of campers we get this summer are here and we are beyond excited to get to know them and have lots of fun!

Campers got to meet their counselors as they moved into their cabins and went through the check-in process. Some campers took the opportunity to take their swim test today after they checked-in.

Once everyone was settled in, the campers were gathered at the Amphitheater to be introduced to the program staff and find out who their cabin friend is. Then, staff members acted as the “Color Guard” to show the campers how we do flag lowering every day and how to properly fold our country’s flag.

We then got to have a picnic dinner. The campers ate with their cabins and chose a spot outside to enjoy their meal and get to know one another.

After dinner, campers went inside to learn about the camp rules, and then we had worship and chapel time. Our very own Bobber Bill will be the chapel speaker this week. Today, he talked about how God is an all powerful, all knowing, all present, all loving, and all holy king. He also taught the campers 1 Timothy 1:17 and some actions to go with it.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper if they remember the actions for 1 Timothy 1:17. Pick another verse for them to learn and come up with some actions together!

Campers were then had a little free time to get treats at the canteen and play things like Octoball, Nine-square, and draw with sidewalk chalk.

Afterwards, campers came back inside to watch a few skits put on by the staff. Hopefully, they got their giggles out so they will be ready for bed tonight!

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what their favorite skit was! If they want, have them act it out for you!

Campers are having their cabin devotionals and then they will get some rest for their first full day tomorrow!

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Adventurers 1 – Photo Album

Praise the Lord for a GREAT Summer 2017!

What an amazing SUMMER!  God is so good, and Summer 2017 was one of the best ever.  We had over 1700 campers here this summer, and our prayer is that each one left knowing their Creator God a little bit better!

Our theme this summer was GAME ON! We talked about being ready to live life for Christ and to teach others about who He is.  Just like a baseball player who has trained his whole life to play the game of baseball, he is meant to go out and actually play the game, not just sit on the sidelines! Our hope this summer was to help campers learn how to get in the game and to spread the good news of Jesus to everyone they know!

The ministry of summer camp is done in all areas – through fun games, cabin time and devotions, awesome chapel speakers and worship, and learning new skills.  We challenged campers to build relationships with their cabin mates, to learn something new every day (Skills or Clinics & Seminars), and to dive in to God’s Word (TAG Time, Chapels, cabin devos, etc).

Through every cabin cleaned, every dish washed, every mouth fed, every camper hugged, our year-round and summer-long staff has prayed that God’s love would be experienced here and His truth would be proclaimed.  Praise God for an amazing summer of camping ministry! Onward – and GAME ON!

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5 Reasons to Consider Summer Camp @ Camp Lebanon!


There are so many great reasons to make Summer Camp a part of your schedule this summer!  A great blog post from a few weeks ago gives 8 Reasons to Consider Summer Camp.  We love all of these reasons, and we wanted to add some of our own!  We think Camp Lebanon is a great place to consider as your  home away from home this summer, so let us tell you FIVE reasons to spend a week of your summer with us!



DSC_0035 2

Whether you are swimming, hiking, boating, or just looking out over the water in the early morning, there is so much to see and appreciate about God’s Creation at Camp Lebanon. Enjoy cool, clear water, abundant fishing, and a safe waterfront on Cedar Lake, full of opportunities for swimming and boating adventures.  Take out a canoe, kayak, or paddle boat.  Go sailing.  Take a group of friends out to Turtle Bay and see if you can spot some turtles or beavers.  Hike one of our many trails along the shoreline, or through the woods and out to our campfire site, Bass Point.  No matter the weather, God’s glory is clearly visible in nature!



It was no surprise to Camp staff this spring when “Camp Food” won our March Craziness Bracket.  We have a top notch creative team in the kitchen, headed by Chef Jim.  He loves to cook fun, healthy meals for campers year round.  And, BONUS, you don’t have to worry about cleaning any dishes!  Also, you won’t leave Camp without hearing about the always delicious, always heart-healthy, Camp Lebanon OATMEAL!



Camp has always been about building friendships and growing relationships.  Families come to get away from the burdens of technology and a busy world, to reconnect with one another in a peaceful, encouraging environment.  Summer campers spend a week away from home learning how to thrive in their friendships and to develop new ones.



From the first seven rings of the Camp Bell on opening day to the cries of “Thank You, God, for a Really Great WEEK!” at the closing rally, Camp is packed full of memories that will stay with kids for a lifetime.  Campers spend a week in a cabin with other kids their age, experiencing the joy of being outside, playing games, and laughing together.  Our Summer Staff prepares for weeks in advance to provide every kid with the “Funnest Fun!” There are great options like carpetball, foursquare, octoball, and chalk drawing.  During Free Time, kids can swim, craft in the Craft Room, get a snack at the Canteen, or ride the Zipline.  For older kids, we have archery and paintball options as well.   So many ways to enjoy time together in this special place.  God’s presence can be seen so clearly in the laughter of His children!


4 senior high pic

Every day, campers head into the Chapel to spend time in worship and digging into God’s Word.  Camp Lebanon brings speakers in for each age group who encourage campers to think deeply about scripture and the theme that Camp focuses on each summer.  Counselors and other staff members strive to meet each child where they are in their spiritual walk, and to provide encouragement in being more like Christ.  Through memorizing scripture, daily TAG times (Time Alone with God), inspiring chapels, and nightly cabin devotions, Camp Lebanon hopes to be a meeting place with God for every camper who comes up our driveway!

Want to find out more?

Check out our website for more details on summer camp weeks and availability!  If you have any questions, visit our FAQ, or give us a call!  We would love to help you find the perfect fit for your family or your child to visit us this summer!

1st Half of Summer in 20 Pictures

It’s crazy to think it’s already the middle of July!  Camp is flying.  In two sentences or less, how would one sum up the summer at Camp so far? Well, in the words of Rich Olson, Camp’s Director of Youth Ministries, “Campers have been loved and Staff have been the epitome of flexibility.” It’s been an amazing summer so far and God is at work in the lives of campers and staff alike.  In this post we’re going to attempt to capture the 1st half of summer in 20 pictures.  Enjoy!

(p.s. Be sure to check back to this blog for frequent updates during the 2nd half of summer!)

1st Half of Summer in 20 Pictures

1. Weekly Campfire Trek to Bass Point.  

This Camp tradition continues on with every age group, for youth and family camps alike. It’s a highlight of every week, complete with singing some fun songs, sharing God’s blessings popcorn style, Bobber Bill’s “Lion Hunt”, and the “Praise God Yell!”

+ adv-thu-0179

2. Fourth Time Is the Charm.

The Camp carnival is a weekly tradition for Super Kids and Adventurers camps. One fun part of that is the “Dunk Tank.” As a camper, this is the perfect opportunity to soak your favorite counselor/staff member with ice cold water. Weston Wold got dunked not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times!

+ adv-wed-0219

3. Counselor Hunt!

Super Kids and Adventurers also get to enjoy a “Counselor Hunt.” The rules are simple: be the first to find (& tag) a counselor/staff member before the bell rings and you get to push them in the lake. Pictured below are some fortunate staff who were bested by the campers during this particular week.  (NOTE: Check out Byron Oostra’s perfect line form…now that’s devotion!)

+ adv-wed-0312

4. Cabin Time

The weekly scheduled is designed for cabins to bond with one another, strengthening current friendships and making new ones. Pictures below is the cabin of Pakistan from Adventurers.

+ cabins--2

5. Oh yes, it’s Pie Day!

Each week campers & staff are given the opportunity to memorize Bible verses. For each verse memorized they get to put one slip of paper in the bucket with their name on it. During closing rally one girl camper, boy camper, female staff, and male staff member are drawn from the bucket. Then they get to choose the staff member of their choice and make a memory.  Hopefully the pie will be properly applied to the face, hair, ears, and up the nose 🙂

+ DSC_0020

6. “Flexcellence” – The Union of Excellence & Flexibility

Sometimes you need to call an audible due to circumstances that are out of your control. Junior High 1 experienced one of those moments when some big storms came through. Instead of chapel in the main hall, songs were sung in a crowded (windowless) hallway and the rest of chapel took place in the dining hall.  Perfect example of flexcellence!

+ jh1-sun-edits-0171

7. Gone Fishin’

If I was a fish the first question I’d ask them is whether or not they have a competition to see who can get caught the most. Some of these sunnies must get hooked 100+ times! The kids love it and sometimes largemouth bass, walleyes, northerns, and crappies are caught too. (pictured below: the girl on the right laughs as three boys struggle to keep up with her fishing skills.)

+ jh1-thu-edits-0096

8. Summer Characters & Staff Skits

There’s a summer long story going on during the Galactic Adventure with beloved characters. What adventures will they find next?

+ sk1--15

9. Counselors Turned Heroes!

Do you remember being in 3rd – 6th grade? College and high school ages people were the coolest ever and became heroes and role models. At Camp, our staff loves kids and desires to show them the love of Christ lived out.

+ sk1-0301

10. Pie Five!

Abbey Minke, radio personality on Mix94.9 and former junior staffer at Camp, visited for a day this summer.  Little did she know there was a surPIEse waiting for her!

+ sk1bill-3378

11. The Camp Lebanon Variety Show!

If normal pictures are worth a thousand words, this picture is worth at least two thousand. This is a snapshot of one of many skits the staff puts on for kids each week.

+ sk1-blog-0207

12. So Colorful!

This is just a great picture overall. Joy. Bright colors. Tie-dye. Friends. Nature. Camp.

+ sk1-blog-0237

13. Fun at the Amphitheater. 

When the Camp bell rings there is a 75% chance you’re supposed to go to the amphitheater. Mail calls, flag raising, flag lowering, skits, seminars, games, Bible verse memory, closing rally, and more.


14. The Camp Sign.

One of the first things you see when you come to Camp is the welcome sign…well, besides the driveway and trees and other smart aleck answers 🙂  This picture is also in the running for the Best Picture of the Summer Award.


15. NEW! Nine Square in the Air.

This summer Camp installed its first Nine Square game and it has caught on quite well. It’s exactly like four square except there are nine squares and you get one hit to keep the ball from touching the ground in your square while hitting to someone else.  Come to Camp and give it a try!


16. A Legendary Performance

During Family Camp Week all guests were treated with a performance of “Swimming Buddy” by it’s author and Camp legend, Scott Woller. This performance became legendary with the addition of his daughter for a one-of-a-kind rendition.

DSC_0215 copy

17. Pure Joy.

Ever wondered what Joy would look like if it was a person? Look at this picture…this is it. This picture is also in the running for the Best Picture of the Summer Award.


18. A Bobber Bill Miracle!

Unable to run at full speed, feeling the pain of shin splints, and hindered by bifocals, “Bobber” Bill Abeler scored the game ending goal during Family Camp Week. The girls couldn’t believe it and walk away  while glancing at the celebration.


19. High Flying Summer. 

This summer has been high energy, high heat, and high flying. Pictured below are a couple of campers from Junior High 1.  We’re still wondering how long they’ll be able to hold this pose.

p.s. This will be another entry in the Best Picture of the Summer Awards contest.


20. The Weather is an Attitude

A common phrase at Camp is “the weather is an attitude…so how’s the weather?” As you can see in this picture, the weather is great!  A little rain is going to stop the funnest fun from happening!



Thanks for reading!  We’re excited to see what is in store for the 2nd half of summer. Please keep us in your prayers!  To God be the Glory.