Friday Farewell!

This week of Junior High 3 has been AMAZING!  What a blessing to spend this week with such incredible teenagers who passionately seek after truth and play so hard!  Our staff is exhausted but invigorated by their time spent with these campers, and we are very sad to see them go.


We had our Closing Rally this morning – parents and guardians arrived to pick up their campers, and we treated them to some action songs, the giving out of prizes, and a word from our speaker.

Mark Allen gave the campers a quick recap of what he had talked about this week, and left them with a challenge as they go forward into the new adventures ahead.

“This week at Camp we focused on owning your faith. Jesus tells us that we find life via a small gate and a narrow path (Matthew 7:14). It is when we choose him intentionally and learn to know him personally that we really find a life worth living. Many students still live in their parent’s basement when it comes to faith and Jr. High is a great time to move out and make your faith your own. It is so important because this generation of students is 40% religiously unaffiliated and the percentage of atheists has doubled from their parents’ generation to theirs. We need more students living for Jesus among their generation! I am praying God would move these students to make a difference in their world for Jesus.”

After the message and a Love Offering for our partner camps in Ukraine, we drew names from our verse buckets!  Campers got to memorize verses all week, and their name went into the bucket for each verse they were able to say to their counselor.  If chosen, they got to pie whichever staff member they wanted!


With a final “Thank you, God, for a really great WEEK!” campers headed home with their parents.  Camp is so excited to watch these teenagers head out into the world and a brand new school year.  We know that they are going to be doing great things for Jesus in their churches, schools, and communities!  Can’t wait for next summer!

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Finishing Strong for Junior High 3!

It’s the last day of Junior High 3!  It feels like these awesome teenagers just got here, and we are already sad to get ready to say goodbye.  Thursdays are for making some really great memories with camp friends, and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to do that!  The sun is shining, the lake is cool, and everyone is looking forward to our traditional Campfire Trek tonight!

Today started with a little gift to our campers (and staff!) in a sleep-in day!  Campers got an extra HOUR of sleep this morning, which was much needed.  After breakfast and TAG time, campers split up for Men’s and Women’s Morning Chapel.

Then came lunch (chicken sandwiches, waffle fries, salad, and fruit for dessert!) and Clinic & Seminars.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper what Clinics & Seminars they went to this week at Camp!  What was their favorite, and why?

Mail Call came next, and campers were treated to a fun skit out on the Waterfront – someone had stolen the mail, and one of our staff members went to save it!

Free Time came next and, by now, you know what that means…


If campers weren’t at the waterfront playing 9-square…

…they were at the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, in the Craft Room, or relaxing with their friends playing Hub games like four square, 9-square, and octoball.

The afternoon option was a game of Ultimate up on the North 40 Field!


The evening bell ran for flag lowering and dinner (Calzones, salad, and cheesecake!), and then campers went immediately into their final Chapel service of the week with Mark Allen.

Tonight, Mark talked about how life is full of highs and lows, and that God is present in all of them.  He spoke from the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 19, when Elijah was experiencing a very “low” point.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Read through 1 Kings 19 together and discuss it.  Compare that passage to other lows in life (ask your camper if they can remember the story that Mark told about another very high and very low point in his own life).  What are ways that we can remember God’s presence in the midst of the highs and the lows?

Tonight is the campfire!  We’ll sing some fun songs, hear another word from our speaker, and maybe even go on a Lion Hunt.  Tomorrow we will say goodbye – but first we want to thank God for the amazing week He has given us together by making some fun memories on the last night!

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Junior High 3 – Photo Album

Wonderful Wednesday! (Part One)

Last night, after dinner, campers participated in our traditional Junior High Volleyball Tournament!  Practicing teamwork, creating cheers, and demonstrating good sportsmanship, cabins banded together to have an amazing night of friendly competition.



Evening chapel, our speaker Mark Allen shared the salvation message with the campers.  He talked through Romans 8, and several other passages, and then asked campers to talk to their counselors if they had any questions about following Jesus!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper about chapel times – what was their favorite chapel topic?  Ask them to share their favorite story from the speaker this week!


This morning, campers woke up and some of them jumped into the lake!  Polar Dip is still going strong, and lots of campers were showing up to take a chilly dip this morning before breakfast!


Morning continued with flag raising, memory verse practice, breakfast, and TAG time.



Now campers are heading in to lunch time (grilled cheese & tomato soup!), and then they will have Mail Call and Clinics & Seminars.  Today is just getting started!  We’ll share more from today in a second blog post this evening – until then, enjoy pictures and social media updates!

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Junior High 3 – Photo Album