Wonderful Wednesday! (Part One)

Last night, after dinner, campers participated in our traditional Junior High Volleyball Tournament!  Practicing teamwork, creating cheers, and demonstrating good sportsmanship, cabins banded together to have an amazing night of friendly competition.



Evening chapel, our speaker Mark Allen shared the salvation message with the campers.  He talked through Romans 8, and several other passages, and then asked campers to talk to their counselors if they had any questions about following Jesus!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper about chapel times – what was their favorite chapel topic?  Ask them to share their favorite story from the speaker this week!


This morning, campers woke up and some of them jumped into the lake!  Polar Dip is still going strong, and lots of campers were showing up to take a chilly dip this morning before breakfast!


Morning continued with flag raising, memory verse practice, breakfast, and TAG time.



Now campers are heading in to lunch time (grilled cheese & tomato soup!), and then they will have Mail Call and Clinics & Seminars.  Today is just getting started!  We’ll share more from today in a second blog post this evening – until then, enjoy pictures and social media updates!

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Junior High 3 – Photo Album

Tournaments & Tie-Dye Tuesday!

Tuesday has been full of fishing, corcling, swimming, ziplining, and playing!  This morning, campers woke up to Polar Dip, breakfast, and TAG time (Time Alone with God), followed by morning chapel.

TAKE CAMP HOME: What did your camper learn most from their daily TAG time?  Ask them what passages they studied, where their favorite spot to sit was, and see if you can come up with a plan to help them maintain a daily TAG time while they are home!

After chapel, campers did what they seem to love best – spending time with each other out on the Hub.  We even moved the 9-square court so that we could open up a second 4-square court by the Canteen – these campers just love to hang out and enjoy the sunshine!

Fishing was popular this morning – and it was beautifully still out on the lake, so campers spent time with the Fishing Grandparents and their counselors out on the fishing docks.

After morning free time, there was a more structured time called “Cabin Time,” where counselors planned an activity for their cabin to participate in together.  Some cabins teamed up to play games like dodgeball and volleyball, while others went corcling or played a game of extreme spoons!

TAKE CAMP HOME: Find out what your camper’s favorite “cabin time” was this week – what were some of the activities they did as a cabin team together?

We enjoyed a lunch of hotdogs, mac & cheese, and salad for lunch, and headed right in to Clinics & Seminars time.  Campers got to pick from a whole new set of subjects taught by staff members.

Then, it was time for Free Time!  Including what our Craft Coordinator calls a “Tie-Dye Party!”  Campers get to dye their shirts today and then, by the end of the week, they will be able to take home a fully ready tie-dye shirt!


There’s never a dull moment during afternoon Free Time…

Tonight is the big Volleyball Tournament!  But first, we will have a cookout dinner up on the North 40 Field at the Eagle’s Nest, where the tournament will happen.  Tonight is a great night for cabin bonding.  Counselors usually try to help their team unify as a team by using face paint or similar outfits to help them build a team.  After flag raising, we’ll hike up to our tournament!  To Victory!

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Junior High 3 – Photo Album



Mondays are Mighty!

Today began with a beautiful, still Cedar Lake and Polar Dip – campers woke up and got to jump in the lake for a chilly morning wake-up call.  Campers who choose to jump in the lake every morning of the week get a prize on the last day!

Mondays at Camp are packed full of new things – new memory verses to learn, Morning Chapels (split for guys and girls), Clinics & Seminars, and a brand new game called “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge!”


Morning Chapels will focus on a different topic for guys and girls each day.  Today, guys talked about Purity – what does it mean to be pure and how to stay pure in today’s world?  Girls talked about Sisterhood – how to be a good friend and what it means to treat others women with kindness.  Campers get the opportunity to delve deeper into these topics with their counselors.  In the girl’s chapel, there was even a question and answer time at the end where staff women answered questions from campers.

Before lunch, there was plenty of free time for these Junior Highers to just enjoy hanging out with each other.  Most choose to spend that time on the Hub, playing volleyball, foursquare, 9-square, or Octoball.

Clinics & Seminars happens after lunch.  Campers get to choose from a variety of subjects, taught by different members of staff.  Seminars are more of a “classroom” setting, whereas Clinics tend to be a more active learning experience.  The Clinics & Seminars from today will repeat again on Wednesday, so campers won’t miss out!

As always, campers enjoyed Free Time after lunch.


Mondays at Camp Lebanon are known as “Mighty Mighty Mondays,” because we always play a giant field game called “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge.”

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper to describe the game of Mighty Mighty, and see if you can find your child in any of the pictures from the game (here or on Facebook).



After Mighty Mighty, campers headed back to main Camp to clean up and get ready for Chapel with our speaker Mark Allen.

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Junior High 3 – Photo Album

Junior High 3 Begins!

Over 200 Junior Highers have arrived at Camp Lebanon and we can’t wait to spend a full week with them, investigating God’s Word, playing crazy games, and bonding with cabin teams!  There’s a lot to look forward to this week, but even the first day of Camp has some great adventures!

Campers arrived this afternoon to a medieval-themed Camp, including a bell tower “castle,” staff members dressed up as knights, and watermelon dragons at dinner.  It’s hard to miss the theme for the summer – “Knights of the Lord’s Table.”  Don’t forget to cheer “To Victory!” 

After a delicious dinner of sloppy joes, “dragon scale” chips, veggies, and cookies, Campers spent some time getting to know their cabin mates for the week.  Counselors take the opportunity of the first meal together to ask “get to know you” questions and help campers meet their cabin mates.

Campers sang some crazy actions songs, learned some of the guidelines for having a great week, and got a quick tour of Camp from their counselors!  Then it was time for chapel with our speaker for the week, Mark Allen.

Mark started off the week by talking about how we all come to Camp with things that we need to let go of, things we need to talk about, and things that God already knows about.  He talked through the passage of Matthew 16:13-19.

TAKE CAMP HOME: Talk to your camper about this passage of Scripture.  Campers were asked how they would answer Jesus’ question – ask your camper what they think about who Jesus is after a week at Camp!

After chapel, campers will head outside to enjoy some evening free time (including Canteen) before the big variety show!  Staff put on “Ye Olde Staff Theater” on the first night of camp – skits and shenanigans galore!  Laughter is a great way to close out a wonderful first day.

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Junior High 3 – Photo Album

Thank You, God, for a Really Great Jr. High 1!

Our first Junior High camp for the summer is over, with over 170 campers heading home to tell their families all about their week.  We are sad to see everyone go, but so joyful to know that they met God at Camp and had some of The Funnest Fun they will have all year!

While today is a Closing Rally for campers and parents, our traditional last night Campfire was definitely a closing rally of its own for these campers.


We sang all the classic action songs, played our final round of Gorilla Gets the Man, and even went on a Lion Hunt with Bobber Bill!  The Campfire was also a time to reflect on the week.  Bobber Bill called up ten campers to share how God had worked in their lives over the course of week – it was incredible to hear their stories and to see their bravery in sharing before the entire Camp!  We finished off the Campfire with a mighty Praise God! yell, which could be heard echoing across Cedar Lake!

This morning, it was time to pack up and welcome parents back to Camp for our Closing Rally day!  Campers were recognized for their many achievements throughout the week (Polar Dip, cabin points, biggest fish, to name a few!) and got to demonstrate their memorized verses for all the parents (Colossians 3:12-14).



We also heard from our speaker, Rocky Hovda, one last time.  He commissioned the campers once again to live like Knights of the Lord’s Table.  Here’s a message from Rocky:

“What an amazing week of transformation in the lives of your young Knights in training! So, what does it mean to be a KNIGHT of the LORD’s TABLE? I gave students a tour of my own Heroes of Faith that molded me. As I shared stories of growth and challenge, such as learning obedience, not complaining, and waiting on the Lord, I would share a person who modeled that from my own life and a ‘forever verse’ that reminds me of this hero in my own life.

After many kids made a decision for Christ (PRAISE GOD!), we took a journey inward. I used the short story, ‘My Heart, Christ’s Home,’ to take them thru the rooms of their heart, challenging them with next steps. (Read it, it is powerful!) I wrapped up the week with 12 qualities of a Knight! Thanks for letting me speak into the lives of your students. What a blessing!”

  1. Knights do what is right, even when they are alone! (Genesis 6:58; 7:1; Daniel 6)
  2. Knights embrace the unknown.  (Genesis 12)
  3. Knights endure in spite of circumstances. (Genesis 37; Romans 12:12; Col. 1:11-12; Gal. 6:9; Rev. 3:10; James 1:12; 2 Thes. 3:13; Prov. 3:5-6; Luke 21:19; 1 Cor. 9:24-27)
  4. Knights stand beside their own. (Exodus 3)
  5. Knights lead by example.  (Joshua 24; 1 Tim. 4:12; 1 Peter 5:3; Hebrews 13:7; 1 Cor. 11:1; Phil. 4:9; James 3:1-18)
  6. Knights do not fear dragons, ogres…or giants!  (1 Samuel 17)
  7. Knights rise to the occasion. (Isaiah 6:1-8)
  8. Knights challenge the foolish. (John 3)
  9. Knights are servants. (John 13:6-17)
  10. Knights are passionate. (Acts 9)
  11. Knights own their failures.  (Luke 22:54-62, then Acts 2)
  12. Knights have ONE KING!  (1 Timothy 2:5; Isaiah 43:11; Matt. 6:24; 1 Cor. 8:6; Rev. 1:8 and about 80 more!)

Take Camp Home: Take one of these bullet points every day and read through the verse(s) with your camper!  Talk about what it looks like to be a Knight of the Lord’s Table in practical ways.  Ask your camper what they learned about living for Christ while at Camp this summer.


As we always say, at the end of every Closing Rally, pies will fly!


And it wouldn’t be a Closing Rally without thanking the One who made the whole week at Camp possible.  Linking hands with everyone, the whole Camp shouted “Thank You, God, for a really great WEEK!”


It really was a truly wonderful week.  We are so thankful for the amazing staff and volunteers who invested into the lives of these 170+ campers, to the parents who chose to send their campers here, and to the campers themselves for genuinely making this place #TheFunnestFun!  To Victory – and see you next summer!

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Junior High 1- Photo Album

For higher quality pictures from the week that you can download, head to this link!

Storming the Castle & Learning to be a Knight!

Sleeping in on the last day of Junior High camp is one of the best traditions – campers got to have a whole extra hour of sleep this morning!  They certainly appreciated it, after the exciting night game called Storm the Castle!

Take Camp Home:  Storm the Castle is like Capture the Flag, only more complicated.  See if your camper can teach you how the game works!  This would also be a great opportunity to do a little history

Thursday of Junior High is always a little bittersweet, since we know that we only have one more full day at Camp.  Campers went through the usual morning routine, only an hour late.  Morning chapels were split guys and girls.  The guys talked about discipleship today, focusing on how to bring home the things that they have learned this week and to share them with others.  The girls talked about finding their identity in Christ, and not in what the world says about them.

For lunch today, campers enjoyed some tasty salad, chicken sandwiches, and fries.  We love the food here at Camp!  After lunch, campers went to get their mail at Mail Call, followed up by Clinics & Seminars.

Take Camp Home:  1) Your camper got to see at least 3 Mail Call skits throughout the week of Camp – which was their favorite?  2)  Your camper also got to go to at least 4 different Clinics or Seminars – which of those was their favorite, and why?

Then came the very last afternoon Free Time, and these campers sure took advantage of a beautiful day!  The sun was blazing, but that sent a lot of campers to the beach.  We saw so many great dives off of the diving raft today, along with some hilarious Corcl Boat action!

All afternoon, campers and their counselors zipped down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, played laser tag, crafted in the Craft Room, and played games on the Hub.

After dinner, campers headed right into our last chapel session with Rocky Hovda, our speaker.  He talked about the different ways that we can be a Knight of the Lord’s table.  Using many scripture references, Rocky walked through the Bible and taught about what it means to be a knight.


Take Camp Home:  Rocky used TONS of scripture references in tonight’s chapel – ask your camper if they remember any of them!  (A few that you can read together:  Luke 21:19; 1 Corinthians 9:24-27; 1 Samuel 17).

The last night of Camp wouldn’t be complete without the Campfire!  But first, campers have to stock up on some sugar for the hike and play a little more 9-Square.

Can’t wait for the Campfire, in only a few minutes!  We’ll trek out to Bass Point, sing some songs, hear another message from Rocky, and trek back for our last night of Junior High 1.  Parents arrive tomorrow for our Closing Rally (at 10am)!

See you then!

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Junior High 1- Photo Album

The First Round of Goodbyes

I’m sad to say that our first group of youth summer camp is packed up and heading home. We had a great week, and we are going to miss everyone!

Last night, we had our traditional campfire to close the final night of camp. There was worship, a story from this week’s speaker, a game of “The Gorilla gets the Man” (it’s like full body rock-paper-scissors), and other cool stuff we got to enjoy last night.

The game “Gorilla gets the Man” was won by one of our counselors, Weston, who was then showered with a bucket full of cold water.

Take Camp Home: Ask your child what the best part of the campfire was. How far did they get in “Gorilla gets the Man”?  Have them explain the game, and teach you the song – then play together!

This morning, campers woke up to start packing and cleaning their cabins. Then it was time for flag raising, and they went through the memory verses of the week one last time before heading in for breakfast.

Fun Fact: All the things at the edge of the Amphitheater stage are the lost and found items from the week!

After breakfast, it was time for the Closing Rally!  First, the kids were sent inside for a skit by our staff members following the story of Reginald and his friends.

Take Camp Home: Ask your child to tell you Reginald’s story!


After the skit, campers got their last batch of mail, and then they got to see the photo slideshow and video of the week’s activities!

Following the slide show and video, the campers, along with some of their parents, headed to the amphitheater. There was worship, prizes were handed out for various competitions that went on this week, our speaker gave one last message, and some staff members got pied!

Then came the goodbyes. Campers checked out of their cabins when their parents came to pick them up, and they headed home.  We had an amazing week with these super Super Kids, learning more about God and how we can all be knights of the Lord’s table!  To Victory!

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Super Kids 1 – Photos & Video

You can take the fun of Camp home with you!  Our photo slideshow, video of the week, and all of the photos from the week are located in their high quality versions HERE.

Super Kids 1 – Facebook Photo Album

Rainy Days and Mondays Are So Much FUN!

The first full day of Super Kids 1 was cloudy, rainy, blustery, and SO MUCH FUN!  Camp Lebanon loves rainy weather – we have a great time splashing in puddles, snuggling up inside for some fun indoor games, or getting a little messy outside during some rainy, muddy field games!

First things first, campers went to flag raising (indoors), had a delicious breakfast, and cleaned their cabins!  They learned the first memory verse and its actions (Colossians 3:12) today – memory verses earn them cabin points AND a name in the bucket to pie a staff member of their choosing!

Then, it was Morning Chapel time – we learned about the Parable of the Lost Sheep (Luke 15:1-7).  Campers headed back to their cabins with their counselors to talk about the morning lesson and to tell stories of times when they have gotten lost before.

Take Camp Home:  Ask your child to show you the actions for the memory verses, starting with Colossians 3:12.  Have them teach you the actions, and then pick another verse you can make up actions to together!

After chapel, it was still pretty rainy outside, so we had some great fun playing games in the chapel.  One of these games involved dressing up counselors in a “suit of armor.”

Take Camp Home:  What are some other fun things you could make a suit of armor out of?  Play the game with your child, and challenge them to be creative in making you a truly kingly outfit!

Next, it was time for lunch!

And then, more game time!

Take Camp Home:  Ask your child about how the “maze game” worked!

During free time, some kids embraced the rain and played octoball, four square, and wiffleball outside.

While others stayed inside for crafts and rainy day games!

Since it was still wet outside, flag lowering was moved inside, and then we were sent to supper. After dinner, it was dry enough for Cabin Adventures to be outside. The different cabins did a variety of things that their counselors had planned.

Cabin adventures were followed by the game “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge.” We had learned this game as a staff during training week, so we were very excited to teach it to the kids. It was a little chaotic with so many people playing, but it was a blast!

Take Camp Home: Ask your child how to do the “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge” chant.

The campers are now enjoying their afternoon free time!

And after free time, we will have evening chapel, cabin devo time, and then off to bed for tonight!

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Super Kids 1 – Photo Album

To Victory – Super Kids 1 has Begun!

It’s here!  Summer has arrived, and with it, over 200 Super Kids 1 campers!  The staff was buzzing with excitement as we welcomed the kids and their families to Camp, looking forward to sharing our victorious theme!

As soon as campers had settled into their cabins, taken their swim tests, and met the rest of the summer staff, they hustled down to the dining hall for a kingly meal of BBQ sandwiches, Fiery Dragon Scales (spicy sweet chili Doritos), veggies, and rice krispy treats.  This meal was a chance for campers to learn the names of their cabin mates, their counselors, and their cabin friends!

 We pack a lot of fun into the first night of Camp!  These super Super Kids headed right from dinner into Chapel, where they heard all about the fun they can have during the week, sang some awesome Camp songs, and met our speaker for the week, Wendy Gordy!  Wendy will be spending the week in Ephesians 6, talking about how we can be victorious if we wear the armor of God!  Campers are encouraged to memorize the different pieces of the armor of God – tonight, we learned about the Belt of Truth.

“Faith is putting your trust in the One who made you!”

– Wendy Gordy

Take Camp Home Read Ephesians 6:10-14.  Ask your child why the Belt of Truth comes first.  What do belts do for us?  They are a foundation – they hold everything together!

After chapel, campers got to take a short tour around Camp Lebanon, getting to know all of the most important locations.  Then came everyone’s favorite moment – Canteen opened!  What would the “Ye Olde Staff Theatre” (the Staff Variety Show) be without snacks?  After enjoying the last bits of daylight, snacks galore, and lots of fun playing on the Hub with their counselors, campers headed inside to finish the night with some hilarious skits!  The staff put on their first Variety Show of the summer, to lots and lots of laughter.

Take Camp Home:  Ask your camper about their favorite Variety Show skit!  Or maybe have them act it out for you!  (Don’t forget to pop some popcorn, or get another snack – what’s a Variety Show without snacks??)

After the show, campers headed off to get ready for bed, have cabin devos with their counselors, and go to sleep.  We have a big week planned for them – can’t wait to get started bright and early tomorrow morning!

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Super Kids 1 – Photo Album

Summer Staff Training Part 2

Hello! It’s Bekah, and I am back to tell you more about what has been going on here at Camp Lebanon to prepare the staff for the summer. It was a long first week, and so much has happened since my last post on Friday!

Saturday, we participated in a day of silence. We spent the majority of the day not talking and fasting. This gave us all time to rest and refocus our minds on God and all of the amazing things He is preparing us for this summer. Some people chose to be alone in the Word and in prayer and some chose to be together in silence. Everyone was able to recharge for the coming week.

At 5:30 on Saturday we gathered for worship so that the first words to come out of our mouths would be praise to God. It was an amazing experience! After worship, we shared together and had our first meal of the day. Since we didn’t talk during the day, we had testimony time after dinner and that brought our night to an end.

After Sunday morning breakfast we attended Community Covenant Church in Upsala, where we were commissioned as a staff. Our worship team got to lead worship at the church, and we got to meet the staff of Lake Beauty Bible Camp. Later in the week, we will be facing the Lake Beauty staff in a game of ultimate frisbee.

After church and lunch, we helped clean up around camp to prepare for groups to come. We split into groups to clear fallen tree branches and leaves, clean up the beach, and move furniture and set things up.


We then gathered back as a group to learn and talk about what we will be doing with the kids this summer and to listen to a few more testimonies before dinner.  We later got to participate in a strenuous and chaotic game we like to call “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge.” (Get excited, campers, because you get to play Mighty Mighty all summer long!)

Monday morning we could feel the achy muscles as we went through our morning routine of alone time with God, raising the flag, and having breakfast before we gathered as a group for a learning session.  Our session was led by a mental health professional who gave us insight into caring for campers this summer.

That afternoon, we were assigned to projects around Camp to clean and prepare this space for all the campers who are soon to arrive. It was a challenge working through the sore muscles, but a lot of progress was made.


Over dinner, we met with our staff families to come up with a silly skit. We preform these skits for the Junior High groups during mail call. There was lots of laughter filling the amphitheater as presented our ideas, and I can’t wait to see them when they are more fine-tuned.

Tuesday was a normal morning leading up to our testimony time and team time. Counselors were told what cabin they would be in charge of for the summer, and we got some free time to relax.  The lead counselors presented each counselor a cupcake with a flag representing the country that their cabin is named for.


Free time turned into fellowship time as staff gathered to talk, play volleyball, and throw a frisbee.


Afterwards, we learned about the carnival we will be putting on for the Super Kids groups. We came up with games, chose people to lead and set them up, and made signs for the attractions.


After dinner, our staff families were hosted by year-round staff members at their homes.  Sadly, I didn’t get any stories about the other staff family adventures, but my group had a blast.  There was a fire, snacks, a swing set, and a stream in the backyard that immediately peaked interest.


After a little exploring, we gathered around the fire to talk and enjoy s’mores. However, the s’more roasting quickly changed into odd food combinations. The boys ended up roasting Starbursts, which they said tasted amazing.


We have had a great week so far, and with only a few days left of staff training, we are excitedly looking forward to the campers getting here. I can’t believe how quickly we have grown close as a staff, and I know God is ready to do great things through us for His purpose with all the people we have coming to Camp this summer. Keep following the blog throughout the summer for more fun updates! Thanks for reading, and God bless!

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