Sunshine, Swimming, and Snails

We had a wonderful first full day of Junior High 3. Our day was saturated with beautiful weather, laughter, and new ways to get to know each other. The day began with the Polar Dip; campers and counselors jumped in the brisk lake to wake themselves up. Then, after a delicious breakfast of pancakes, the campers had some time to spend alone with God to read the Bible, pray, and memorize verses.

Next, we had our first Clinics and Seminars for the week. These are brief classes about specific aspects of Christianity or life in general, and they’re always a great time for big questions and deep discussions. After Clinics and Seminars, the girls and guys split up for morning chapel. Today, the girls talked about Shalom and the guys talked about Purity. This morning was full of learning!

After lunch and a fun mail-call skit, it was Free Time! Today, Free Time featured a lot of swimming and boating, as well as crafts, a game of dodgeball, and paintball! Everyone enjoyed the warm and sunny weather today, especially the swimmers.


Free Time ended with lowering and folding our flag together, then dinner. After dinner we returned to the chapel to hear from our speaker Kirsten King. Tonight, Kirsten shared a couple of funny stories to illustrate man’s relationship with sin, and she talked about how the Bible is like our equipment that we wear when we join God’s team. Kirsten is a blast to listen to, and we are all pumped to hear more from her tomorrow!


Our evening is ending with an insane game of Capture-the-Flag 2.0. In this version of the game, there are “snails” to help win the game (staff members that have to move really slowly across the hub to win, but they can only move with a camper on their backs). We are having a great week so far!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Junior High 3

Rainstorms, Picnics, and JUNIOR HIGHERS!

We are so excited for the start of Junior High 3!!! Already, this group of campers seems eager to make new friends, learn, and enjoy the week. We started our evening by getting to know each other, eating a picnic dinner, and learning about Camp’s rules to help keep us safe this week.


A brief but heavy rainstorm brought us all inside for our first chapel with our speaker Kirsten King. Tonight, she introduced herself and gave us a brief idea of what she’ll be talking about for the week. This time, she talked about the “hall of faith” in Hebrews chapter 12 and all of the stories that chapter implies. We are pumped to hear more from Kirsten tomorrow night!


Now, the campers are enjoying some Canteen time before we watch the Staff Variety Show. We are ready for a great week!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Junior High 3

Thank You God for a Great SuperKids 3!

Super Kids 3 came to a close this morning after a wonderful week. Even though it was raining at Camp, we still ended the week on a high note with a wonderful closing rally inside.


During the closing rally, we watched the video show of the week, sang some of our favorite worship songs, took an offering for Source of Life Camp in Ukraine, and we heard a final message from our speaker Frank Lanier. We have learned so much from Frank this week! We also celebrated another session of LIT graduates, and together we prayed for some of our summer staff members that are departing from us today.


We had a wonderful week here with this crazy group of Super Kids, and we are excited to see them all back here next year! Thank you God for a really great week!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 3

What a Wednesday!

The last full day of Super Kids 3 started once again with a refreshing Polar Dip in the lake, followed by flag raising and learning another memory verse! Today, we learned 2 Timothy 1:7. After a tasty breakfast of French toast sticks, we had our first Skills classes for the day. We have had a blast learning about outdoor survival, wiffleball, fishing, canoeing, projectiles, and so much more this week.

CCC_0008 2CCC_0052 2

Next, we had morning chapel. Today, Rich Olson taught us about the value of prayer and some practical ways to incorporate prayer into our daily lives. We learned a lot! Then, after lunch, we had our final Skills classes.

After Toes-Up Time, we were ready for everyone’s favorite game of the week: the Staff Hunt! All of our staff hid all over Camp, and if the campers found and tagged a staff member, they got to push them in the lake!

Free Time followed the big game. Today, Free Time featured swimming, boating, crafts, a game of Mafia, and of course, more rides down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline! After Free Time we had our last cabin adventure time, then evening chapel.

CCD_0104 2CCD_0162 2

Tonight in chapel, our speaker Frank Lanier is wrapping up his message for the week. We have had a great time with Frank, and we are thankful for all of the unique ideas and truths about God and the world that he has been able to teach us this week. After chapel, we will enjoy some Canteen time and get ready for our traditional campfire out at Bass Point!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 3

A Day of Laughter, Popcorn, and Teamwork

The second full day of Super Kids 3 was full of exciting new ways to have fun and a ton of new reasons to laugh and rejoice. We started the day with the Polar Dip as always. This refreshing dip in the lake prepared us for the day! This morning we memorized Colossians 3:12, ate a delicious breakfast, and enjoyed our first Skills classes of the day.

Then, in morning chapel, Laura Orpen as “The Rocket” taught us about what it looks like to be a part of a team and why teamwork is valuable. After morning chapel, we had a tasty lunch of walking-tacos to refuel before our next Skills classes. Next, we had Toes-Up Time to rest before our big game!

Today, the afternoon game was the Mascot Challenge. Campers dressed their counselors up as a cabin mascot using only things that they already had in their cabins. Some cabins even came up with fun backstories for the characters they created, and everyone showed off their hilarious creations in a fashion show!

Next, it was Free Time! Today, Free Time featured swimming, boating, tie-dye, ziplining, and a round of Run & Jump. We all had a blast today! Free Time was followed by a delicious picnic dinner of hamburgers and ice cream.

BBD_0077 copyBBD_0114 copy

Once dinner was done, it was time for a cabin adventure, and then the carnival! The carnival is a highlight of the week for many campers. There were a ton of fun games to play, face paint, hair chalk, drawing, POPCORN, and a slip & slide! Also, campers were able to collect tickets from playing the games to add to their cabin points for the week.

BBE_0129 copyBBE_0186 copy

Now, the campers are enjoying some Canteen time as we get ready to go into evening chapel with our speaker Frank once again. Chapel has been a lot of fun so far this week, and Frank is able to hold our attention with incredible stories and hearty laughter. We are excited to learn more from him!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 3

Get Your Head in the Game!

The first full day of Super Kids 3 was joyous and filled with new ways to have fun and connect with each other and God. This morning after the Polar Dip, we raised the flag and learned a memory verse together. Today we learned Romans 10:9, and if the campers say it to the counselors this week, they get their names in a drawing to pie a staff member in the face at the end of the week!

After breakfast, we had our first Skills classes for the week. Skills are short classes where the kids learn how to do specific things at Camp, such as fishing, canoeing, outdoor survival, archery, and more. After this time, we had morning chapel together. During chapel today, Kayla Johnson taught us about the Bible. We learned why it’s important, as well as how to find specific verses in it. We learned a lot, then we had more Skills time following lunch.

AAD_0035 copy

This afternoon, we played a ton of new games on our lower field. It was fun to learn a bunch of games, and it helped us make friends in our cabins and get to know each other better. After the games, we had Free Time! Today during Free Time, kids were able to fish, swim, go boating, play games, make crafts, and ride the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline. It was a blast!

AAD_0105 copyAAD_0160 copy

After dinner, we had another fun game. We played Capture the Flag, and it was a highlight of the day for a lot of campers! This game is fun, competitive, and a great chance to get out all of the extra energy before evening chapel. We are ending our night with chapel with our speaker Frank Lanier. Tonight, Frank is talking about the “second base” of following Jesus, and we’re excited for all the fun stories he’ll share!

AAE_0125 copyAAE_0152 copy

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 3



Welcome Super Kids 3!

Super Kids 3 is off to a great start today! This group of campers is energetic and ready to have as much fun as possible this week.

We started the week with an opening rally to introduce all of the staff and get to know each other. Then, we had a delicious picnic dinner of hotdogs, veggies, cookies, and lemonade.


After learning Camp’s rules and having a brief tour of Camp, we settled in to our first evening chapel of the week with our speaker Frank Lanier. Frank started the week off strong by introducing himself, telling stories about when he was young, and laying out his game-plan for the rest of the week. We started off with “first base,” which is making contact with Christ. Frank talked about his own first experiences with Christ, and he also talked about the Woman at the Well in John and her first contact with Christ. We’re excited to hear more from Frank tomorrow night, and he’s excited to hang out with us all week!

Now, the campers are enjoying some Canteen time before the Staff Variety Show tonight. Tune in tomorrow for the first full day of Super Kids 3 fun!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 3

Cabin Adventures!

There’s nothing quite so fun as spending time with your cabin group every day. We love it so much that we even schedule in special times for cabins to have adventures together!  Going to camp is all about adventure – for some it is their first week away from home, first time at camp, or first time making friends outside of school or church.  These are big adventures in themselves!  But at Camp Lebanon, we want to make sure that campers come away with experiences that will last a lifetime.  Adventures that they can tell their friends and family about long after school has started up again.

Counselors get to plan daily Cabin Adventures, and this gives them the opportunity to build cabin unity and teamwork in their group of campers.  Since counselors get to plan these adventures throughout the week, they can make them special to the particular group of campers that they have.  If they have an energetic group, they might pick a more active adventure, like extra swim time, or a hike out to Bass Point, or a kayaking trip.

Other counselors might want to connect with a quieter cabin, so they might pick a more laid back adventure, like a tea party in the dining hall or chalk drawing on the Hub.  Other fun adventures have included (but are not limited to) costume parties, Wiffleball games, turtle hunting, and some fun circle-up games in the Treehouse.  The last thing you will ever hear a camper say at Camp Lebanon is that they are bored!  Counselors use these adventure times to help campers to get to know one another, learn how to have fun in different ways, and be creative with their time and energy.

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Thank You God for an INCREDIBLE Week!

Our closing day of Senior High Camp for 2017 was sweet. It is always hard to say goodbye to new and old friends, but we are incredibly grateful for this week and the ways that God worked through every part of it.DDD_0023 copyDDD_0032 copy

Today, we enjoyed a closing rally that featured an incredible video slideshow, prizes, a short graduation ceremony for all the campers that graduated high school this year, a final word from our speaker Nate Miller, and of course, pies flying. Emily, Mitchell, and Asher will smell like whipped cream for weeks, but it’s all for the sake of celebrating Scripture.

DDD_0040 copyDDD_0057 copy

We had an incredible Senior High week this year, and we saw God move in so many different, unexpected, and exciting ways. See you all next year!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Senior High

A Day of Significance

What a great last day of Camp! Today was significant for many reasons, and we all soaked up our last day together as much as we could. The day started with an extra hour of sleep, followed by breakfast in bed! Then, we had more time to spend alone with God to read the Bible and pray. After that, we had our final session of clinics and seminars. It was a fairly relaxed morning.

Next, we had our last morning chapel. Today, the women talked about Sin, Shame, and Forgiveness and the men talked about Work. We are thankful for everything that we’ve learned in morning chapel this week and for the sweet worship and discussions that were had during that time this week.

After lunch and Mail Call, it was our last Free Time! Today, Free Time featured paintball, swimming, crafts, and towards the end, everyone spent time getting ready for dinner. Dinner tonight was formal themed; everyone dressed their best and we ate the fanciest, most delicious meal of the week. It’s fun to see everyone dressed up, and formal night is always a great time of fellowship and fun!

DDD_0078 copyDSC_0021 copyDSC_0640 copyDDD_0063 copy

Immediately following dinner, we headed to the chapel to watch our final team video projects together. All of the videos turned out so good, and we were laughing the whole time! We are thankful for the teams we were with this week and the ways that this project brought us all together.

Then, we had a significant event here at Camp. Three people decided to be baptized tonight in Cedar Lake, witnessed by their friends and family. It was a beautiful and sacred time for Molly, Josh, and Weston. It was incredible to be able to rejoice with them in this occasion tonight!

DSC_0330 copy

We wrapped up our last day of Senior High Camp with our final chapel with Nate Miller. He really taught us a lot this week about “living a life that matters.” Now, we are enjoying an epic end-of-the-week campfire at Bass Point, and we are enjoying our last few hours together.

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Senior High