Junior High 2 – Day One

It’s the first day of our second Junior High week!  Campers started arriving for 4 o’clock check-in and immediately headed down to the waterfront to take their Swimming Test, or went to enjoy some of the warm, sunny weather out on the Hub.  Campers played Octoball, 9-square, or just hung out together in the shade up until the first bell for Dinner Line-Up!


Campers go to meet the staff that will be hanging out with them this week before heading down to the Dining Hall to pick up their picnic dinner of sub sandwiches, chips, veggies, and a brownie.  Campers spread out all around camp with their cabin groups to spend some time eating together and getting to know each other.

After dinner, campers headed in to find out some of the rules of the week and to go on a tour of camp with their counselor and cabin groups.  This is a chance for counselors to answer questions about Camp, show campers some of the important places around Camp, and to explain things like how the Canteen and Swimming Buddy System work!


Then it was time for CHAPEL!  Our speaker this week is Joe Budish, a youth pastor from Iowa.  Joe used to be a summer staff member at Camp Lebanon, and it is so great to have him back in a speaking role.  We’ll recap tonight’s chapel in tomorrow’s blog post!


After chapel tonight, campers are going to play a Big Camp Game!  We can’t wait to play this game with campers, and to encourage them to immediately work together as a team.  It’s going to be a fun night, and tomorrow is on its way with a schedule packed full of the Funnest Junior High Fun!

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Adventurers – Day Four

What an incredible week of Adventurers Summer Camp!  We had a great time with all of these 1st-4th graders and it was a great day for celebrating with our Closing Rally.  Parents, grandparents, and friends arrived at 11am to see the Photo & Video Shows, before heading out to the Steps of Faith for the Closing Rally events!

Campers received their prizes for Polar Dip, the Carnival contest, Gorilla Gets the Man, and the Fishing Tournament!  Then we sang some songs and heard again from our speaker, Bobber Bill!

Here’s a message from Bobber Bill for parents & kids:

Our focus on the Awesome Creator began with a look at His Awesome Creation from Genesis 1Because God is the source of life, life is precious and has purpose. And because God made us, each individual boy and girl is special! The good news: God wants us to know Him. He reveals Himself in His creation (just look at those stars!), in His “love letter” (the Bible), and in His Son.  We also learned the Creator’s name (Jesus!) and used a dramatic allegory to help the kids understand that the Creator himself entered humanity in order to seek and to save that which is lost. But the Creator didn’t stop creating on the sixth day!

Today Jesus continues to hold the universe together (Col. 1:16-17), create new life (Psalm 136), make new creations (2 Cor. 5:17), and prepare heaven for His followers (John 14:1-4). Our Awesome God can be trusted and because He loves life, so do we. Best of all, the Creator fixes broken people. My closing challenge to both kids and parents was to keep looking for the Awesome Creator’s signature and fingerprints. They are to be seen everywhere! We also sent them home with daily devotions from Keys for Kids. Families will have a full supply of scriptural encouragement to get them growing in Christ through the whole year until it’s time to come back to Camp next summer!

To finish off the Rally, we of course had to draw the names of campers who said their verses all week!  We drew the names of two girls (they said a LOT of verses this week!), and one boy, who got to pick a staff member to pie in the face!


We had such an amazing week with these campers!  We can’t wait to see you next summer!

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Watch the Recap Video on Youtube!

Adventurers – Day Three

It’s the third day of Adventurers camp!  Campers got up this morning and, some of them, jumped into the chilly lake for the second Polar Dip of the week!  Campers who do it every morning this week will get a prize during the Closing Rally.

Then campers headed down to the Dining Hall for some breakfast, before going back to their cabins with their counselor to clean the cabin.  Then it was time for some morning Free-Time, which lets campers choose from a variety of supervised options, like fishing, playing Wiffleball, crafting, and going on nature hikes.

Morning Chapel – Bobber Bill talked about The Creator’s Gift!  We learned 3 Big Truths about the Creator (reading from John 1:1-18; 3:16-18).  We learned that the Creator’s name is Jesus, and that the Creator became Human (“The Word became flesh”), and the Creator came to SAVE us!  Bobber Bill told The Wall Story to illustrate how Jesus came to take our place on the Cross.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper to tell you the story about the Wall.  What kinds of animals were in the story?  What happened to the animals when the found the wall?  How did the story end?

For lunch today, campers had Tacos in a Boat, with fruit for dessert.  Then it was time to watch a skit, where the campers once more got to meet the summer characters.  They have been following the story of these characters all week.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper about the skits.  What were the summer characters’ names?  What were they trying to do?  Can your camper tell you the story and what happened with the characters during the whole week?

Then it was time to put their toes-up during “Toes-Up Time,” a chance for campers to go back to their cabins and open their mail, and take a little break.  This gives campers a little bit of rest and quiet time before all of the activity of afternoon Free Time!

There was a big game before Free Time started today, called “Pillowcase Scavenger Hunt.”  Each cabin took a pillowcase and filled it with random items from their cabin and brought it down to the chapel.  They had to match up items they brought with a secret list that the staff had created.  When their item matched an item on the staff list, the cabin got a point!

And then, FREE TIME!  It was a beautiful, sunny day today, and very warm.  Campers were encouraged to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen as they ran around and enjoyed the wonderful weather.  The waterfront was super busy, with tons of splashing and playing in the sand, on the slide, and on the watermat.

There were also lots of campers on the fishing docks (the fish have sure been biting this week!), trying to catch the biggest fish they can to put up on the Fishing Tournament poster.  We are so thankful to have so many volunteers helping out at the fishing docks, helping campers bait their hooks, take fish off of hooks, and measure fish for the tournament.


Then it was time for PIZZA DINNER, followed by Chapel!  Bobber Bill told us about how the Creator is STILL creating.  He is holding the universe together, He is creating new life, and He is making new creations! (2 Corinthians 5:17).  He is also getting Heaven ready for us (John 14:1-4).  Campers learned that, since God is the Awesome Creator, we can know that God can always be trusted, God loves life (so should we!), and God fixes broken lives.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Talk to your camper about being a new creation.  What does it mean to be made new?  How is Jesus making us new every day?  Then talk about how God can be trusted, because He created us.  What is something that you and your camper can pray about and trust Jesus for together?

The biggest even of our Tuesday evening was the Campfire Trek!  We took a long hike in the gorgeous sunset out to Bass Point, where the staff had built a campfire.  We sang some of our favorite songs from the week, played another round of Gorilla Gets the Man, and heard Bobber Bill tell another story!  Then we went on a Lion Hunt!

It was a great day – but we can’t wait to start again tomorrow!  Parents arrive to pick their campers up, and these kids are so excited to tell all about the amazing week they have had.  Praise God!

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Adventurers – Day Two

Hello from Day Two of Adventurers summer camp!  Campers woke up early this morning for Polar Dip and a yummy breakfast of French Toast sticks, sausage, fruit, and oatmeal!  Then it was off to clean up their cabins before the big, all camp photo!  Everyone gathered on the Steps of Faith to have their picture taken.  Check out the “goofy” version below!

Then it was time for some fun options before Chapel, including BB guns, Puddle Jumping (it was a little bit of a rainy morning), Fishing, and Crafts!  At Chapel this morning, we learned about the Awesome Creation.  Bobber Bill told us about the book of Genesis, and about how God created everything out of nothing!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper to tell you what they learned about the Creation story!  How many days did it take God to create the universe?  What did He say about His Creation when He was finished?

After Chapel, campers took a trek up to the North 40 Field for some fun relay games with their cabin groups!  The games usually involved adding people to the hula hoop as cabins ran around the bucket in the middle.

Lunch was chicken fingers, mac & cheese, salad, and fruit for dessert.  Campers also got to see a fun skit before going to their cabins to get their mail and have some rest time, which we call “Toes-Up Time.”  Campers needed to get some rest and relaxation before the BIG GAME of the day – the (drum roll, please) Staff Hunt!

For the Staff Hunt, campers get to play a massive game of hide and seek with the summer staff, but with a fun twist – the staff member they find gets pushed in the lake!  Staff found great hiding places all over Camp, and campers got to run around hunting for them.  The line of campers who had caught staff was longer than it has ever been, stretching all the way in front of the Chalet!

Then it was Free Time!  Which, for most campers, meant two things: Swim Time and Fishing Time!  There were also lots of campers playing games on the Hub or making really fun art projects in the Craft Room.  Free Time is also a fun time to hang out with their counselor and cabin groups.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Campers spent a lot of time in or near the water today!  Ask your camper about their favorite waterfront activity.  Did they go fishing?  Did they catch anything?  What about swimming – did they go down the slide?  Did they play on the watermat?  How many times do they think they jumped into the lake off of the dock?

The big event of today came after a delicious dinner of spaghetti and meatballs!  The Camp Carnival is held down on the Lower Field, in and around the Wiffleball Stadium.  Staff set up games and activities for campers to enjoy.  At some of them, campers can win tickets, which they can use to bring a staff member of their choice to the dunk tank!  There is also face painting, crazy hair, fun music to dance to, and a slip-n-slide!

Campers will have a little Canteen time this evening before Chapel.  Bobber Bill will talk more tonight about God’s Creation, but in particular about The Creator’s Book.  Campers were encouraged to bring their Bibles to Chapel tonight, as they will be learning more about how God provided us with His instructions for how to live while we are in the world He created!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper about their Bible (maybe open it up together).  Remind yourselves about how many books of the Bible there are.  Can your camper find Genesis 1:1, the very first verse that we learned this week?  What does it mean when we say that the Bible is God’s love letter to His Creation?  How is it a “rescue plan to save His lost people?”

Good night from Camp Lebanon and these amazing Adventurers!  We can’t wait to share more with you about our day tomorrow!

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Adventurers – Day One

Welcome welcome, Adventurer campers!  It’s one of our favorite weeks of the summer, seeing so many precious little ones arriving at Camp, many of them for their first summer camp experience.  We can’t wait to hang out with these 1st – 4th graders as we learn more about the Awesome Creator.

We started off with beautiful, sunny weather for Check-In Day.  Parents arrived with campers, checked them in at their cabin, and some headed down to the Waterfront for Swim Tests.  The playground, fishing docks, and Octoball court were already buzzing with activity already.

Then it was time for Flag Lowering, Staff Intros, and Dinner.  Campers met at the Steps of Faith to meet the Summer Staff and to learn about raising and lowering the flag each day.  Campers will have the chance to sign up with their cabin to help raise and lower the flag while they are here!

We had a delicious picnic dinner of sandwiches, veggies, chips, and brownies.  Campers went with their counselors to find a spot outside to sit as a cabin and get to know each other.  After dinner, it was time to run into the Main Hall chapel for a run down of the rules for the week.  Our Staff want to make sure everyone stays safe and has a great time, and these campers did a great job of listening before following their counselors back outside for a tour of Camp.  This is another opportunity for counselors to remind them of how things like the Canteen and Swimming Buddy Board work, and to help their campers remember where important landmarks are (including the Main Hall, the Steps of Faith, and their own cabin!).

Then it was Chapel time!  Campers got to spend their first Chapel with Bobber Bill!  He introduced himself to the campers and told them that we would be learning more about our Awesome Creator this week.  Their assignment was to find something that makes them say “Awesome!” and to look for God’s fingerprint at Camp.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Talk to your camper about the Awesome Creator!  What does the word “awesome” mean?  Can they remember any of the awesome things that they found in God’s Creation, things that showed God’s fingerprint?  What are some things in your own backyard that show God’s amazing creation?

After Chapel, campers got to enjoy some treats from the Canteen, and later tonight it will be time for the Staff Variety Show!  The Staff have put together some really funny skits to share with the campers, and they can’t wait to make them all laugh before it’s time to go to bed.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper to tell you about their favorite skits from the Variety Show.  Can they perform one for you?

Tomorrow is a full day of summer camp fun – the “funnest fun,” in fact!  We can’t wait to get started!

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Junior High 1 – Last Day of Camp!

An incredible week of Junior High 1 is coming to an end, and we are already missing all of these amazing students as they head home!  We did so much this week, and it always seems to fly by so quickly.  Hopefully these campers have some really fun memories to share with their friends and family, and some excitement to dive even deeper into their faith for the rest of the year!

Today, parents arrived at 10am for the Closing Rally, which kicked off with the Photo & Video shows in the Main Hall.  Then everyone met out on the Steps of Faith for the rest of the program, including prizes, Love Offering, and a final word from our speaker, Mark Allen.  And, let’s not forget, the much anticipated pie-ing of the summer staff!

Mark reminded campers of the main points from the week and encouraged them again to bring the reconciliation they have experienced with Christ into the world.  Here’s a note from Mark for the campers and parents:

“This week we focused on our AWESOME CREATORWe dug into Genesis 1-3 to see who God is and to learn about His purpose for us! We started by looking at how our Creator makes good things and that He made us, His crown jewel of creation, to be good. We then talked about how sin crept into the world and how it damages everything God created. Once we established the problem of sin, we discussed how God reconciled the entire world, including us, to Himself through Jesus’ death and resurrection. The story then went to how we become agents of His reconciliation in this world, that God is making His appeal through us. We ended our week looking at how God Himself is a community (Holy Trinity) and that the first thing God called “not good” was Adam all alone without community. I ended the week by encouraging students to look for a great church or youth group where they can be part of God’s plan of reconciliation in the world.

It was a great week getting to teach campers, there were so many great stories of change and movement. Camp Lebanon is a special place and it was a joy to be with these kids. I’ll be praying the changes take root and that God does more and more in this world through these amazing students!”

We also took a Love Offering for the two camps in Ukraine that Camp Lebanon supports!  Thank you to everyone who gave so generously, and who continues to pray for our sister camps overseas.

Then it was time for pies!  Campers who said verses to their counselors all week got to put their names in the bucket for a drawing on the last day.  They then got to choose a staff member to pie in the face!

Thank you, Junior Highers, for an incredible week!  Thank you, parents, for sending your kids to Camp with us this summer!  And thank you, God, for a really, REALLY great Junior High 1!

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Watch the Recap Video on Youtube!

Junior High 1 – Rainy Days are the Funnest Fun!

In Chapel last night, we learned that God reconciles all things through Jesus.  Mark taught in part from Colossians 1:15-21, which talks about Jesus as “the firstborn of all Creation,” and how “all things were created through him and for him.”  This includes us, the crown jewel of Creation!  But verse 21 also includes us – we were separated from God when we disobeyed, but we can be reconciled to God through Christ’s death on the cross.  Now, we are called to help others reconcile with Him!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper to tell you the story that Mark told about someone being reconciled with God.  Read 2 Corinthians 5:17 with your camper.  In what ways do they see themselves being a new creation?  Talk about what it means to be an ambassador for Christ.  How can we take God’s reconciliation to others?

Good morning from the last full day of Junior High 1!  The day started off a bit cloudy and breezy, but campers still showed up for Polar Dip.  Then on to breakfast, TAG Time, Morning Chapel, and Morning Free Time!  After a delicious lunch of hamburgers, french fries, salad & chocolate malts, campers had Mail Call and Clinics & Seminars.  In today’s last round of seminars, campers had the choice to attend several different options, including “Environmentalism,” “Stewardship,” “Identity,” “Missions,” and a Q&A with the speaker, Mark (plus many more!)

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper what seminars they attended during their week at Camp.  What were their favorite topics?  Did they learn anything that they had never known before?  Is there anything that they want to pursue further?

Then it was Free Time!  It was a rainy day today, but since there was no thunder or lightning, campers could still enjoy the zipline and waterfront.  And they did!  It was a pleasant, warm rain, which actually seemed to add a bit of fun to lots of the activities of the day.  The Craft Room was very busy during Free Time as well, with a few free crafts that our Craft Coordinator had prepared.

The 4 o’clock Option was a game of Pass-It Pictionary in the chapel, where it was nice and dry.  Campers could also add to the finger-painting on the backdrop of the Chapel!  Other campers that wanted to stay out of the rain played carpetball, pool, and ping pong in the game rooms or under the awning of the Chalet, while others had some time in their cabins.  Then it was dinner time.  The last night is Pizza Night!  Campers had the choice between meat & cheese pizzas, some yummy salad, and cheesecake for dessert!

Then it was time for Chapel.  Mark talked about what it looks like to go home from an experience like these campers have had at Camp Lebanon.  When they are here, they are surrounded by other believers who can encourage them in their faith.  That isn’t always true when they are away from Camp.  Mark wanted to encourage these campers to do two things: 1) Choose their friends wisely (Prov. 13:20), and 2) Get involved in a great community.  He challenged campers to find good friends who can walk with them in their faith.  And, because we are made to be in community (Gen. 2:15-18), he also encouraged them to find a community to invest in, whether at their church or youth group or a mission field.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper to tell you more about their experience at Camp.  In what ways was it a “mountaintop experience?”  How can they practically take steps to continue to grow in their faith this year?  Ask them how you can help.  Then read 1 Corinthians 12 (specifically verses 7, 12, & 26-27).  Talk about what it means to be a part of the Church, and what gifts your camper might have to bring to their community!

Then the grand finale of the week of summer camp – the Campfire Trek!  Since it has been raining all day, the ground is too wet for a real Campfire at Bass Point.  But that doesn’t stop us from having the traditional campfire!  The staff set up the chapel like a campfire, with a giant “campfire” projected on the screen and the same fun staples like crazy camp songs, the Lion Hunt, and a word from our speaker.  It’s always a fun time, no matter the weather.

Tomorrow is the last day – parents are arriving so soon to pick campers up and bring them home.  It’s been an amazing week, and we can’t wait to share all of the memories with you through a video of the week and the photo album.  And more than anything, we’ve learned so much this week about our Awesome Creator and His love for us.  We pray that these campers would take the things they’ve learned back to their homes, and continue living for Jesus in their own communities!

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Junior High 1 – The Rockit is Back, Plus a Big Night Game!

In last night’s chapel, our speaker, Mark Allen, gave the Gospel presentation.   Going through Genesis 2, he talked about the first sin, in the Garden of Eden, when God set a very clear standard (“you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”), and humanity disobeyed Him (Gen. 2:15-17).  The enemy tempted them to disobey by claiming that they would be more like God, but they were already image bearers of the Creator!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Read Gen. 3:8-12 with your camper.  When confronted with their sin, how did Adam and Eve respond?  How do we sometimes respond when confronted with our own sin?  Then read Gen. 3:13-14; 21.  What does God do with that sin?  How does God’s grace come into play in this story?

Then Mark went to the book of Matthew and challenged the campers to make their faith their own (Matthew 7:13-14; 21-23).

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Campers were encouraged to share in their cabins about any decisions that they made this week.  Ask your camper about the illustration that Mark used to share the Gospel.  How has your camper seen God’s grace in their own lives?

On to Wednesday!  Campers woke up to another beautiful summer day – we are so grateful for the glorious weather and the reminders of God’s faithfulness through His beautiful Creation each day.  It’s been a busy morning already, with breakfast, TAG Time, Morning Chapel, and morning Free Time/Cabin Time.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper about the rest of the Morning Chapel times during their week – what were some of the topics that were talked about?  Did they have any fun discussions as a cabin?  Are there any topics that they have more questions about?

Then it was on to lunch (ham & cheese sandwiches, tater tots, salad, and fruit for dessert) and Mail Call.  Then the next hour of Clinics & Seminars!  Today’s Seminars included “Christians in Sports,” “Spiritual Gifts,” “Biblical Crash Course,” and “ASL (American Sign Language)” – if campers missed any of these on Monday, they had the chance to attend today!

Free Time has been a blast so far – the Rockit inflatable water toy was put in last night, so campers finally got to break it in today!  And several groups headed up for their Zipline and Laser Tag slots.  The afternoon option today was a throwback to last summer – a field game called Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge!

Dinner tonight was BBQ chicken, veggies, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls, with cake for dessert.  Campers will head right in to Chapel in a little while to hear from Mark (we’ll recap Chapel in tomorrow’s blog post), before evening Free Time/Canteen and the Big Night Game!  The game tonight is called Bible Smuggler.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper about the night game.  What was the goal of the game?  How did the game work, and how successful were they and their cabin?

It’s been another great day of Junior High Camp – it just keeps getting better!  Tomorrow is Sleep-In Day, so campers get an extra hour to snooze in the morning.  Tomorrow is also the grand finale, with the last chance to go to Zipline or Laser Tag, and the epic Campfire Trek to finish off the night!  We can’t wait to spend more time with these amazing Junior Highers!

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Junior High 1 – Tuesday Tacos and Tie-Dye!

It’s Day Three of Junior High 1, and we have so much to look forward to today!  Zipline opens for the first time, campers who signed up for Tie-Dye shirts get to make them today, and tonight it is the epic Volleyball Tournament!  Every cabin today is preparing for the big game, whether by practicing their volleyball skills, or creating their “team uniform” together.

First, let’s recap last night.  After a fun round of the big game, Clue, campers had some chill Canteen time leading up to a Chapel session with our speaker, Mark Allen.  The focus last night was on Creation and Identity.  Mark talked about the Creation story in Genesis 1.  He wanted campers to take away two points:  1) God makes good things, and 2) God made you.  Campers were encouraged to see themselves the way that God sees them, as precious – as the “crown jewel” of His Awesome Creation!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Read through Genesis 1, and Psalm 139 with your camper.  Take note of all the times that God says that His creation is “good.”  Ask your camper about what they learned about who God says they are and what their identity is.

It’s a beautiful day at Camp today, and campers were full of energy and ready to go this morning.  There was another solid turn-out at the morning Polar Dip, and campers had a delicious breakfast!  Then it was time for TAG Time (“Time Alone with God”), a chance for campers to do a devotional on their own, sitting somewhere outside at Camp.  It’s a great way to enjoy God’s Creation, get the day started off in Scripture, and to learn to have a daily quiet time.  The hope is that this quiet time would continue on throughout the year!



Then it was time for Morning Chapel, followed by Morning Free Time and Cabin Time.  Lunch today was Tacos in a Boat (hurray, Taco Tuesday!).  Then campers had another visit from our summer-long characters at Mail Call, seeing more of the story before getting today’s mail.



Clinics & Seminars was next, with a different set of topics and classes to go to today!  Ultimately, specific seminars and clinics are led twice a week, which gives campers opportunities to go to all of the ones that they are most interested in.



Then, it was Free Time!  Today, in addition to the usual fun of swimming, crafting, and generally hanging out and having a good time, Zipline was open!  Campers are signed up in cabin slots, so they get to go as a cabin group down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline.



It was also a great day for Tie-Dye!  We can’t wait to see the beautiful creations that campers made this year.



TAKE CAMP HOME:  Did your camper make a Tie-Dye shirt during their week at Camp?  Share a photo of the shirt on social media and tag us!  We would love to see how it turned out!  Use the hashtag #CLTieDye to help us find your photo.

Then it was time for a delicious dinner of brats, veggies, chips, and potato salad before the trek up to the North 40 Field for the Volleyball Tournament!  Campers and their counselors got to use face paint and whatever else they would like to create a team uniform.  Then it was time to face off against other cabins!  The Volleyball Tournament is always an incredible night for cabin bonding and unity, and usually sets the tone for the rest of the week!  It gives campers the chance to work together with their cabin group and connect with their counselor.



TAKE CAMP HOME:  What was the Volleyball Tournament like for your camper?  How far did they make it in the tournament?  Did their cabin do anything special for their team uniform and cheer?

Tuesdays are a big day at Junior High summer camp!  These campers have had a busy day, but there are so many more days to come.  The only thing left tonight is Chapel, and then bed time.  Stay tuned for a recap of chapel in tomorrow’s blog post!  Until then, goodnight from Junior High 1!

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Junior High 1 – Leaping into the Lake!

Hello from the first full day of Junior High camp!  Monday started off bright and early with a wake-up bell and Polar Dip, followed by flag raising and the delicious morning meal!  Then we all gathered on the Steps of Faith for the big group photo!  Check out the goofy one we did below:


Then it was time for Morning Chapel.  These chapel sessions will be split between guys and girls.  Today, the guys talked about Trusting in God, studying specifically the story of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17).  They learned about how David took an active step of faith by going onto the battlefield with nothing but stones and a sling, leaving aside armor and any other weapons.  He completely trusted God as he confronted Goliath.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  For guy campers, read through the story of David and Goliath found in 1 Samuel, and talk about David’s act of faith in God.  What does it mean to be active in your faith?  Ask your camper about what ways they want to take an more active step of faith in the future, and pray about that together!



The girls talked about how we are made in God’s image, and that when we believe in Christ, we are washed and sanctified.  God sees us as washed and clean, even though there is no way that we could do it on our own.  Our Creator defines who we are!  The girl campers were encouraged to look at a list of who God says they are and to pick one to dwell on.  It takes a lot of courage to believe what God says about us.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  For girl campers, revisit some of the verses from today’s morning chapel (Ephesians 4:22-24; Colossians 3:9-10; Romans 6:3-7).  Ask your camper to tell you what they remember from this morning chapel.  What does it mean to be washed?  What are some things that God says about who we are?  Ask your camper to tell you about the abstract painting and the artist metaphor (Hint: What did the abstract painting look like to them – and what would the artist say about it?  How does it apply to what our Creator says about us?)

Morning Chapel was followed by some Free Time and Cabin Time, where campers got to hang out as cabin groups and do some fun activities.  Then it was on to lunch and Mail Call – campers got to meet the summer-long characters for the second time and find out more about the story of the week.


This was followed by Clinics & Seminars!  Campers get to choose from a variety of options for an hour of digging deeper into a particular topic, led by different staff members.


And then it was Free Time!  Today, the beach, craft room, and canteen opened, and campers could head up to the Laser Tag field.  The swimming area was packed today, with tons of kids out on the Raft and on the Watermat, not to mention the people taking out paddleboats, canoes, and kayaks.  Some campers even took out the Corcls (small, colorful saucer water toys)!  There were lots of impressive leaps off of the diving raft today, some of which are shared below!


The craft of the day was a mason jar mug with a really cool lid, which campers got to design themselves.  It was a popular craft today, along with friendship bracelets and nail & string art!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Did your camper do any art during the week at camp?  Have them show you what they made.  Could it be a craft you could do together?


Every day at 4pm, there is a different Free Time option.  Today it was a game of Ultimate down on the Lower Field, running around in the soft grass and sunshine!


Tonight after dinner is the first Big Game of the week – Clue!  This game is very similar to the classic board game, with cabin groups working as a team to solve a mystery created by the staff.  Several staff members get to dress up as characters who all know different pieces of information about the mystery (some helpful, some not so much).  The first cabin to figure out the mystery is the winner!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Who won the game of Clue?  What was the mystery, and what was the solution?


The game tonight was so much fun!  Campers get a little break for Canteen before Chapel tonight.  The recap of the Chapel topic will go up in tomorrow’s blog post!  We’ve had such a great day with these campers already – we love all the energy and enthusiasm Junior Highers bring to summer camp!  Let’s have some more fun tomorrow!

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