We greatly enjoyed our final afternoon with the Adventurer 1 campers!

After toes up time, campers were introduced to “Cedar Lake Bingo.” Staff members stood at different landmarks around camp, and counselors led their cabins around getting signatures from the different staff members. To get the signatures, staff members made them do various things like singing a song or running somewhere and back. The cabins got points for each signature and for each bingo they got.

Take Camp Home: Ask campers what sort of goofy things they had to do for a signature during bingo!

Then came free time for crafts, games, swimming, and boating!

At the end of free time, campers were gathered at the Amphitheater for flag lowering before dinner.

After dinner came worship and evening chapel. Bobber Bill talked about how great Heaven will be and the ABC’s to asking Jesus to be your savior.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what they learned about being a “Knight of the Lord’s Table.” See if they remember the “6 Cool Things About Heaven.”

Campers then had their cabin adventures with their counselors, and now campers are heading out to the campfire! I will talk about the campfire along with some pictures in tomorrow’s blog!

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Adventurers 1 – Photo Album

Mighty Mighty Morning!

We have had some great fun already this morning, and we have plenty more cool things in store for this afternoon!

First, let me tell you about what the campers learned in evening chapel last night. We started off with a game of “Gorilla Gets the Man,” and then we moved into worship.

Take Camp Home: Have your camper teach you “Gorilla Gets the Man,” and play it as a family!

Bobber Bill read Romans 6:23 and John 3:16 to talk about how we are all sinners, and even though we don’t deserve it, God gave His son Jesus to die for us so that we can live with Him forever! He told a story about a group of animals ruled by a King and a Prince as an analogy to tell the story of the Fall and Jesus’ death and resurrection.

This morning started off like yesterday with the polar dip and flag raising. After the flag was raised, the campers went over the actions for their memory verses this week (Colossians 3:12-13). Then, we headed into breakfast, had Options time, and went in for chapel.

After worship, Bobber Bill talked about what knights do. We read Mark 12:30-31 to learn what we are called to do as “Knights of the Lord’s Table.”

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper the two things knights do, and the two things God commands us to do as His knights. Together, brainstorm some ways your camper can live out God’s commandments.

Afterwards, campers were introduced to the game “Mini Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge.” We have a game we play called “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge,” but it’s a little rough for the young kids, so we altered the game. It’s similar to capture the flag, but with more items moving around, and a few added rules. The kids love this game, and it is just as much fun to watch!

Then came lunch, followed by Mad Libs scene part two. The campers got to fill in the blanks to the next part of their characters’ story.

Campers are now in the main hall watching Veggie Tales for toes up time so they can rest up for all the fun to come this afternoon!

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Ye Olde Afternoon

We had a spectacular afternoon here with the Adventurer 1 campers!

After toes up time, we had the Staff Hunt. Staff members hid around camp, and the campers got to go look for them. If a camper found a staff member, they got to push them in the lake.


Then, campers had free time for crafts, games, fishing and some more swim tests followed by swim time.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what their favorite free time activity was. Is it something you can do at home?

Following free time, campers were gathered for flag lowering before dinner.

Once they finished dinner, campers got to go on a cabin adventure with their counselors. A cabin adventure is an activity for the cabin that counselors plan ahead of time.

After cabin adventure, the Ye Olde Renaissance Faire began! There were a variety of fun games and activities set up for the campers to enjoy. It was a blast!

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what they got to do at the Faire.

Campers are now enjoying a little bit of free time before they head into evening chapel. I will share what the campers learned in tonight’s chapel in tomorrow’s blog. After chapel comes cabin devotionals and then it’s lights out for the night!

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Morning of Adventure!

We had a great first night with the Adventurers 1 group, and so far, we have had a great first day!

This morning the temperatures were a little cooler, which made the polar dip live up to its name! The polar dip is an optional opportunity to start your day off by jumping in the lake. If campers do it every morning, they will win a prize on our closing day.

After polar dip, there was flag raising and breakfast. Then, campers were sent to clean their cabins before everyone gathered to take our whole camp picture! Every camper will be sent home with a printed off picture, but here is a silly sneak peak!


Can you spot your camper?

Campers then had Option time. Staff members led different activities for them to choose from.


Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what they got to do during Options time. Is it something you can do as a family?

After, campers went inside for worship and chapel time. Bobber Bill told the story of Daniel in the Lions Den (found in Daniel 6).


Take Camp Home: This week, the campers are learning about how God is the King of all. Ask your camper how to do the “Long Live the King!” chant.

Then, campers got to play a fun game where they collected random items from their cabin and got points for having certain things. They also got to dress their counselor in the objects to win points.


Lunch came next, followed by an interesting game of Mad Libs. Campers filled in the blanks and staff members came on stage to act out the story that they created.


Campers are now enjoying toes up time. During this time, everyone has to be quiet so they can relax and maybe take a nap to have energy for the rest of the day.

Check back in tonight to hear about the rest of our day!

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Kickoff for Adventurers 1!

The youngest group of campers we get this summer are here and we are beyond excited to get to know them and have lots of fun!

Campers got to meet their counselors as they moved into their cabins and went through the check-in process. Some campers took the opportunity to take their swim test today after they checked-in.

Once everyone was settled in, the campers were gathered at the Amphitheater to be introduced to the program staff and find out who their cabin friend is. Then, staff members acted as the “Color Guard” to show the campers how we do flag lowering every day and how to properly fold our country’s flag.

We then got to have a picnic dinner. The campers ate with their cabins and chose a spot outside to enjoy their meal and get to know one another.

After dinner, campers went inside to learn about the camp rules, and then we had worship and chapel time. Our very own Bobber Bill will be the chapel speaker this week. Today, he talked about how God is an all powerful, all knowing, all present, all loving, and all holy king. He also taught the campers 1 Timothy 1:17 and some actions to go with it.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper if they remember the actions for 1 Timothy 1:17. Pick another verse for them to learn and come up with some actions together!

Campers were then had a little free time to get treats at the canteen and play things like Octoball, Nine-square, and draw with sidewalk chalk.

Afterwards, campers came back inside to watch a few skits put on by the staff. Hopefully, they got their giggles out so they will be ready for bed tonight!

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what their favorite skit was! If they want, have them act it out for you!

Campers are having their cabin devotionals and then they will get some rest for their first full day tomorrow!

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Thank You, God, for a Really Great Jr. High 1!

Our first Junior High camp for the summer is over, with over 170 campers heading home to tell their families all about their week.  We are sad to see everyone go, but so joyful to know that they met God at Camp and had some of The Funnest Fun they will have all year!

While today is a Closing Rally for campers and parents, our traditional last night Campfire was definitely a closing rally of its own for these campers.


We sang all the classic action songs, played our final round of Gorilla Gets the Man, and even went on a Lion Hunt with Bobber Bill!  The Campfire was also a time to reflect on the week.  Bobber Bill called up ten campers to share how God had worked in their lives over the course of week – it was incredible to hear their stories and to see their bravery in sharing before the entire Camp!  We finished off the Campfire with a mighty Praise God! yell, which could be heard echoing across Cedar Lake!

This morning, it was time to pack up and welcome parents back to Camp for our Closing Rally day!  Campers were recognized for their many achievements throughout the week (Polar Dip, cabin points, biggest fish, to name a few!) and got to demonstrate their memorized verses for all the parents (Colossians 3:12-14).



We also heard from our speaker, Rocky Hovda, one last time.  He commissioned the campers once again to live like Knights of the Lord’s Table.  Here’s a message from Rocky:

“What an amazing week of transformation in the lives of your young Knights in training! So, what does it mean to be a KNIGHT of the LORD’s TABLE? I gave students a tour of my own Heroes of Faith that molded me. As I shared stories of growth and challenge, such as learning obedience, not complaining, and waiting on the Lord, I would share a person who modeled that from my own life and a ‘forever verse’ that reminds me of this hero in my own life.

After many kids made a decision for Christ (PRAISE GOD!), we took a journey inward. I used the short story, ‘My Heart, Christ’s Home,’ to take them thru the rooms of their heart, challenging them with next steps. (Read it, it is powerful!) I wrapped up the week with 12 qualities of a Knight! Thanks for letting me speak into the lives of your students. What a blessing!”

  1. Knights do what is right, even when they are alone! (Genesis 6:58; 7:1; Daniel 6)
  2. Knights embrace the unknown.  (Genesis 12)
  3. Knights endure in spite of circumstances. (Genesis 37; Romans 12:12; Col. 1:11-12; Gal. 6:9; Rev. 3:10; James 1:12; 2 Thes. 3:13; Prov. 3:5-6; Luke 21:19; 1 Cor. 9:24-27)
  4. Knights stand beside their own. (Exodus 3)
  5. Knights lead by example.  (Joshua 24; 1 Tim. 4:12; 1 Peter 5:3; Hebrews 13:7; 1 Cor. 11:1; Phil. 4:9; James 3:1-18)
  6. Knights do not fear dragons, ogres…or giants!  (1 Samuel 17)
  7. Knights rise to the occasion. (Isaiah 6:1-8)
  8. Knights challenge the foolish. (John 3)
  9. Knights are servants. (John 13:6-17)
  10. Knights are passionate. (Acts 9)
  11. Knights own their failures.  (Luke 22:54-62, then Acts 2)
  12. Knights have ONE KING!  (1 Timothy 2:5; Isaiah 43:11; Matt. 6:24; 1 Cor. 8:6; Rev. 1:8 and about 80 more!)

Take Camp Home: Take one of these bullet points every day and read through the verse(s) with your camper!  Talk about what it looks like to be a Knight of the Lord’s Table in practical ways.  Ask your camper what they learned about living for Christ while at Camp this summer.


As we always say, at the end of every Closing Rally, pies will fly!


And it wouldn’t be a Closing Rally without thanking the One who made the whole week at Camp possible.  Linking hands with everyone, the whole Camp shouted “Thank You, God, for a really great WEEK!”


It really was a truly wonderful week.  We are so thankful for the amazing staff and volunteers who invested into the lives of these 170+ campers, to the parents who chose to send their campers here, and to the campers themselves for genuinely making this place #TheFunnestFun!  To Victory – and see you next summer!

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Junior High 1- Photo Album

For higher quality pictures from the week that you can download, head to this link!

Storming the Castle & Learning to be a Knight!

Sleeping in on the last day of Junior High camp is one of the best traditions – campers got to have a whole extra hour of sleep this morning!  They certainly appreciated it, after the exciting night game called Storm the Castle!

Take Camp Home:  Storm the Castle is like Capture the Flag, only more complicated.  See if your camper can teach you how the game works!  This would also be a great opportunity to do a little history

Thursday of Junior High is always a little bittersweet, since we know that we only have one more full day at Camp.  Campers went through the usual morning routine, only an hour late.  Morning chapels were split guys and girls.  The guys talked about discipleship today, focusing on how to bring home the things that they have learned this week and to share them with others.  The girls talked about finding their identity in Christ, and not in what the world says about them.

For lunch today, campers enjoyed some tasty salad, chicken sandwiches, and fries.  We love the food here at Camp!  After lunch, campers went to get their mail at Mail Call, followed up by Clinics & Seminars.

Take Camp Home:  1) Your camper got to see at least 3 Mail Call skits throughout the week of Camp – which was their favorite?  2)  Your camper also got to go to at least 4 different Clinics or Seminars – which of those was their favorite, and why?

Then came the very last afternoon Free Time, and these campers sure took advantage of a beautiful day!  The sun was blazing, but that sent a lot of campers to the beach.  We saw so many great dives off of the diving raft today, along with some hilarious Corcl Boat action!

All afternoon, campers and their counselors zipped down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, played laser tag, crafted in the Craft Room, and played games on the Hub.

After dinner, campers headed right into our last chapel session with Rocky Hovda, our speaker.  He talked about the different ways that we can be a Knight of the Lord’s table.  Using many scripture references, Rocky walked through the Bible and taught about what it means to be a knight.


Take Camp Home:  Rocky used TONS of scripture references in tonight’s chapel – ask your camper if they remember any of them!  (A few that you can read together:  Luke 21:19; 1 Corinthians 9:24-27; 1 Samuel 17).

The last night of Camp wouldn’t be complete without the Campfire!  But first, campers have to stock up on some sugar for the hike and play a little more 9-Square.

Can’t wait for the Campfire, in only a few minutes!  We’ll trek out to Bass Point, sing some songs, hear another message from Rocky, and trek back for our last night of Junior High 1.  Parents arrive tomorrow for our Closing Rally (at 10am)!

See you then!

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Junior High 1- Photo Album

A Sunny Day for us to Play!

It was a beautiful day outside today; perfect weather for enjoying the outdoors here at camp!

Last night at chapel, we worshiped, and then we got to play another round of Medieval Apples to Apples.

Then, Rocky told us about more role models in his life and the traits they taught him to have as a “Knight of the Lord’s Table.” His final role model was Jesus, and he talked about how Jesus displayed all of the traits in His life. He then invited anyone who wanted to accept Christ as their savior or rededicate their life to following God to meet with their counselor outside and pray with them. While the others were gone, we began to praise God for the relationship we can have with Him.

This morning, we had the polar dip, followed by flag raising and breakfast, campers had their TAG time, and then we went into morning chapel. The girls heard from one of our wonderful staff members Marissa. She shared about her life before she chose to follow God, and how He forgives our sins and desires us in our brokenness. The boys learned about Christian fellowship from our awesome staff member Elias, and what it looks like to live in brotherhood with one another as men of God through love and forgiveness.

After chapel, campers enjoyed some free time until clinics and seminars. Today, there were the same options for seminars as Monday so that they could go to another one they were interested in.

Then came lunch and afterwards was the mail call skit.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper to tell you the punchline of this story.

Once the mail was handed out, campers were let loose for free time!

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what their favorite free time activity was.

After free time, campers went to flag lowering before heading into dinner.

Evening chapel came right after dinner today, and we enjoyed an extended period of worship.

Then, Rocky came up and we played another round of Medieval Apples to Apples.


Afterwards, he told us a story. He used an analogy of showing God around his house (in this case, his mind and heart) and being ashamed of what God was seeing. Using this, he talked about asking God to help us live the way He calls us to live and use our gifts for the work of the kingdom. God knows that we can’t do it alone, and he is waiting for us to ask him for help.

Campers then went back to their cabins to talk with one another about the message.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper if they had any interesting discussions about their relationship with God over the week. See if they have any further questions they want to ask.

Now, the campers have a short amount of free time before we play “Storm the Castle.” In tomorrow’s blog, I’ll share a few pictures from tonight’s game.

After the game, there will be cabin devotional time and then lights out!

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Junior High 1- Photo Album

Volleyball Tournament Tuesday

Today was an awesome day, and I hope your campers all had as much fun as I did!

To catch up, last night in chapel we played a game called “The Gorilla Gets the Man” before worship. It’s like whole body rock paper scissors and we play until one person is left standing and it’s great.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper to teach you “Gorilla Gets the Man” and play as a family.

After worship, we got to hear from our speaker Rocky again. He told us about a few more role models in his life and what they taught him about being a “Knight of the Lord’s Table.” We also read Hebrews 11 and talked about acting by faith for God’s glory.

This morning started off similar to yesterday with the polar dip, flag raising, breakfast, and then splitting up for boys and girls chapel. Today in girl’s chapel, the campers learned about healthy relationships with a boy, both friendships and romantic relationships. Then, they got the opportunity to ask some of the female staff members questions, and we had a great discussion. The boys talked about purity as a man of God and what that looks like.

Campers then had a short section of free time while staff set up their clinics and seminars. I was leading a seminar on creative writing today, so I was not around to get pictures of the other groups today. It was an amazing experience to share my writing knowledge with younger writers and hear their incredibly creative ideas.

After seminars and clinics came lunch and then mail call. It was my group’s turn to do the mail call skit today, so I also did not get pictures of that, but it was a very punny skit.

Once campers got their mail, free time began!

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper if they had a favorite craft this week. Is it something you could do at home together? Try coming up with your own craft!

Following free time was flag lowering followed by supper out on the North 40 Field.

Then came the Volleyball Tournament!

Tonight, campers will be heading into evening chapel, and then they have cabin devotionals until lights out!

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Junior High 1- Photo Album

Mighty Mighty Monday!

It’s Junior High 1’s first full day of camp today, and it’s going to be a fun one!

This morning, campers got to participate in the first polar dip, which they can do every day this week for cabin points. After polar dip came flag raising and learning today’s memory verse: Colossians 3:12 with actions.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper to walk you through the actions of this week’s memory verses (Colossians 3:12-14). See if you can come up with your own actions to a different verse as a family!

Following today’s memory verse, the campers had breakfast and were then dismissed for their TAG time (Time Alone with God).

We then gathered to take the whole camp photo before heading into morning chapel. Each camper will be sent home with the printed out camp photo, but we took a goofy one to share with you here!


Take Camp Home: Look at the printed out camp photo with your camper, and play a game of Where’s Waldo? *Bonus if you can find him in this picture*

For morning chapel this week, we will be splitting up into a boy’s chapel and a girl’s chapel. Today, the girls learned about finding sisterhood in women of God and how we can use our tongues to life one another up. In the boy’s chapel, they talked about being imitators of Christ and that the reason we should imitate Christ is because our ultimate goal is to bring glory to God.

Campers then got to enjoy a little free time before going to clinics and seminars. Campers can choose from a list of options which clinic or seminar they want to go to, which is led by a couple staff members. Clinics are typically an activity, and a seminar is more of a lecture/discussion.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what they learned in their seminars or clinics this week. What was their favorite? Maybe it is something they want to explore outside of camp!

After clinics and seminars, campers headed to lunch. Then came today’s mail call skit in the Amphitheater before mail was distributed. The skit today was a game show theme; they chose a random camper from the audience to answer some questions to win the camper’s mail.

Then came free time for crafts, laser tag, zipline, and swim tests!

We then had flag lowering before heading into supper.

After supper, campers got to enjoy a little more free time while the staff set up for “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge!” This is a game similar to capture the flag, except much more chaotic, and so much fun! It’s my favorite game to watch, and the kids love it.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper to teach you the “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge” chant. If you have an upcoming event with a large group of people, maybe give the game a try! #mightymightymonday

Up next, campers are heading to evening chapel before cabin devotionals and lights out. What a crazy fun day it has been!

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