Finishing Strong for Junior High 3!

It’s the last day of Junior High 3!  It feels like these awesome teenagers just got here, and we are already sad to get ready to say goodbye.  Thursdays are for making some really great memories with camp friends, and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to do that!  The sun is shining, the lake is cool, and everyone is looking forward to our traditional Campfire Trek tonight!

Today started with a little gift to our campers (and staff!) in a sleep-in day!  Campers got an extra HOUR of sleep this morning, which was much needed.  After breakfast and TAG time, campers split up for Men’s and Women’s Morning Chapel.

Then came lunch (chicken sandwiches, waffle fries, salad, and fruit for dessert!) and Clinic & Seminars.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper what Clinics & Seminars they went to this week at Camp!  What was their favorite, and why?

Mail Call came next, and campers were treated to a fun skit out on the Waterfront – someone had stolen the mail, and one of our staff members went to save it!

Free Time came next and, by now, you know what that means…


If campers weren’t at the waterfront playing 9-square…

…they were at the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, in the Craft Room, or relaxing with their friends playing Hub games like four square, 9-square, and octoball.

The afternoon option was a game of Ultimate up on the North 40 Field!


The evening bell ran for flag lowering and dinner (Calzones, salad, and cheesecake!), and then campers went immediately into their final Chapel service of the week with Mark Allen.

Tonight, Mark talked about how life is full of highs and lows, and that God is present in all of them.  He spoke from the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 19, when Elijah was experiencing a very “low” point.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Read through 1 Kings 19 together and discuss it.  Compare that passage to other lows in life (ask your camper if they can remember the story that Mark told about another very high and very low point in his own life).  What are ways that we can remember God’s presence in the midst of the highs and the lows?

Tonight is the campfire!  We’ll sing some fun songs, hear another word from our speaker, and maybe even go on a Lion Hunt.  Tomorrow we will say goodbye – but first we want to thank God for the amazing week He has given us together by making some fun memories on the last night!

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Wonderful Wednesday (Part Two)!

Part two of our Wednesday blog is packed with stories of a very full day!

Today for Free Time, a staff member had the great idea of bringing a 9-Square set down to the shallow end of the waterfront!  It was so fun to see campers playing this popular game in the water today!


There are plenty of other fun things happening during Free Time – including swimming, zipline, and laser tag!  Cabins get to participate together in these activities with their cabin groups.  It was a warm day, but that just made the trip down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline more enjoyable because of the nice breeze!

If you didn’t want to hang out in the hot sun for a while, lots of campers headed into the Craft Room for some quiet crafting time.  The craft of the day was decorating a mug!


The waterfront was busy with campers enjoying the water – lots of fun on the Raft, the Rockit, and the watermats!

After a delicious dinner of chicken enchiladas, rice, salad, and chocolate cake, campers had evening chapel!  Mark Allen talked about what comes after beginning the journey of following Jesus.  Making the decision to follow Him means that we will be changed.

I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.

-Ephesians 4:1

Mark talked to campers about how after a big decision to follow Jesus, we often focus on our behaviors and what we need to change about those.  But he said that instead we should focus on  our thoughts.  “Thoughts are as important as actions” to Jesus.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Talk to your camper about this chapel and have a conversation about things that they took away from it.  Ask them about the story Mark told about the river – ask them what they think is “upstream” that might need to change.

Mark finished the chapel by talking about the 4 questions to ask ourselves:

  1. What am I consuming?
  2. What AREN’T I consuming?
  3. What am I believing about myself?
  4. What am I believing about God?

Campers will discuss this questions throughout the rest of the week!

There is one more full day left of Camp, but first, tonight there is Canteen and then an all Camp game called “Storm the Castle,” a medieval-themed Capture the Flag!

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Wonderful Wednesday! (Part One)

Last night, after dinner, campers participated in our traditional Junior High Volleyball Tournament!  Practicing teamwork, creating cheers, and demonstrating good sportsmanship, cabins banded together to have an amazing night of friendly competition.



Evening chapel, our speaker Mark Allen shared the salvation message with the campers.  He talked through Romans 8, and several other passages, and then asked campers to talk to their counselors if they had any questions about following Jesus!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper about chapel times – what was their favorite chapel topic?  Ask them to share their favorite story from the speaker this week!


This morning, campers woke up and some of them jumped into the lake!  Polar Dip is still going strong, and lots of campers were showing up to take a chilly dip this morning before breakfast!


Morning continued with flag raising, memory verse practice, breakfast, and TAG time.



Now campers are heading in to lunch time (grilled cheese & tomato soup!), and then they will have Mail Call and Clinics & Seminars.  Today is just getting started!  We’ll share more from today in a second blog post this evening – until then, enjoy pictures and social media updates!

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Tournaments & Tie-Dye Tuesday!

Tuesday has been full of fishing, corcling, swimming, ziplining, and playing!  This morning, campers woke up to Polar Dip, breakfast, and TAG time (Time Alone with God), followed by morning chapel.

TAKE CAMP HOME: What did your camper learn most from their daily TAG time?  Ask them what passages they studied, where their favorite spot to sit was, and see if you can come up with a plan to help them maintain a daily TAG time while they are home!

After chapel, campers did what they seem to love best – spending time with each other out on the Hub.  We even moved the 9-square court so that we could open up a second 4-square court by the Canteen – these campers just love to hang out and enjoy the sunshine!

Fishing was popular this morning – and it was beautifully still out on the lake, so campers spent time with the Fishing Grandparents and their counselors out on the fishing docks.

After morning free time, there was a more structured time called “Cabin Time,” where counselors planned an activity for their cabin to participate in together.  Some cabins teamed up to play games like dodgeball and volleyball, while others went corcling or played a game of extreme spoons!

TAKE CAMP HOME: Find out what your camper’s favorite “cabin time” was this week – what were some of the activities they did as a cabin team together?

We enjoyed a lunch of hotdogs, mac & cheese, and salad for lunch, and headed right in to Clinics & Seminars time.  Campers got to pick from a whole new set of subjects taught by staff members.

Then, it was time for Free Time!  Including what our Craft Coordinator calls a “Tie-Dye Party!”  Campers get to dye their shirts today and then, by the end of the week, they will be able to take home a fully ready tie-dye shirt!


There’s never a dull moment during afternoon Free Time…

Tonight is the big Volleyball Tournament!  But first, we will have a cookout dinner up on the North 40 Field at the Eagle’s Nest, where the tournament will happen.  Tonight is a great night for cabin bonding.  Counselors usually try to help their team unify as a team by using face paint or similar outfits to help them build a team.  After flag raising, we’ll hike up to our tournament!  To Victory!

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Mondays are Mighty!

Today began with a beautiful, still Cedar Lake and Polar Dip – campers woke up and got to jump in the lake for a chilly morning wake-up call.  Campers who choose to jump in the lake every morning of the week get a prize on the last day!

Mondays at Camp are packed full of new things – new memory verses to learn, Morning Chapels (split for guys and girls), Clinics & Seminars, and a brand new game called “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge!”


Morning Chapels will focus on a different topic for guys and girls each day.  Today, guys talked about Purity – what does it mean to be pure and how to stay pure in today’s world?  Girls talked about Sisterhood – how to be a good friend and what it means to treat others women with kindness.  Campers get the opportunity to delve deeper into these topics with their counselors.  In the girl’s chapel, there was even a question and answer time at the end where staff women answered questions from campers.

Before lunch, there was plenty of free time for these Junior Highers to just enjoy hanging out with each other.  Most choose to spend that time on the Hub, playing volleyball, foursquare, 9-square, or Octoball.

Clinics & Seminars happens after lunch.  Campers get to choose from a variety of subjects, taught by different members of staff.  Seminars are more of a “classroom” setting, whereas Clinics tend to be a more active learning experience.  The Clinics & Seminars from today will repeat again on Wednesday, so campers won’t miss out!

As always, campers enjoyed Free Time after lunch.


Mondays at Camp Lebanon are known as “Mighty Mighty Mondays,” because we always play a giant field game called “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge.”

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper to describe the game of Mighty Mighty, and see if you can find your child in any of the pictures from the game (here or on Facebook).



After Mighty Mighty, campers headed back to main Camp to clean up and get ready for Chapel with our speaker Mark Allen.

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Junior High 3 Begins!

Over 200 Junior Highers have arrived at Camp Lebanon and we can’t wait to spend a full week with them, investigating God’s Word, playing crazy games, and bonding with cabin teams!  There’s a lot to look forward to this week, but even the first day of Camp has some great adventures!

Campers arrived this afternoon to a medieval-themed Camp, including a bell tower “castle,” staff members dressed up as knights, and watermelon dragons at dinner.  It’s hard to miss the theme for the summer – “Knights of the Lord’s Table.”  Don’t forget to cheer “To Victory!” 

After a delicious dinner of sloppy joes, “dragon scale” chips, veggies, and cookies, Campers spent some time getting to know their cabin mates for the week.  Counselors take the opportunity of the first meal together to ask “get to know you” questions and help campers meet their cabin mates.

Campers sang some crazy actions songs, learned some of the guidelines for having a great week, and got a quick tour of Camp from their counselors!  Then it was time for chapel with our speaker for the week, Mark Allen.

Mark started off the week by talking about how we all come to Camp with things that we need to let go of, things we need to talk about, and things that God already knows about.  He talked through the passage of Matthew 16:13-19.

TAKE CAMP HOME: Talk to your camper about this passage of Scripture.  Campers were asked how they would answer Jesus’ question – ask your camper what they think about who Jesus is after a week at Camp!

After chapel, campers will head outside to enjoy some evening free time (including Canteen) before the big variety show!  Staff put on “Ye Olde Staff Theater” on the first night of camp – skits and shenanigans galore!  Laughter is a great way to close out a wonderful first day.

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Taking the Leap of Faith

Today was bittersweet as we celebrated everything God had done this week, campers reunited with their parents, and we sent them on their way home.

At the campfire last night, we had worship, played another round of “Gorilla gets the Man,” we heard from Bobber Bill and Darla, some campers shared their decision of faith, we went on a Lion Hunt, and then we ended with our traditional “Praise God” yell and listened as it echoed around the lake and back.

This morning, campers woke up to clean their cabins and pack up. Then, everyone walked around camp to pick up any garbage and turn in lost and found items laying around. Afterwards, we raise the flag and went in for breakfast.

Then, as parents started showing up, it was time to go into the Main Hall for the last round “Story Time with Tori!” She had another Mad Lib for the campers to fill out and then a few counselors acted out the end of the story and handed out today’s mail.

Once mail was distributed, it was time to watch the photo slideshow and highlight video of the week! After the video, we headed out to the Amphitheater for worship, prizes, our traditional Love Offering, and of course, staff members getting pied in the face!

To close, we thanked God for our really great week full of fun activities, amazing lessons, and super cool people!

Campers were dismissed from the closing rally back to their cabins for their parents to check them out.

This was such a fun week, and we are sad that it has come to an end. We are grateful for each Super Kid that came this week, and we are praying for everyone’s safe return home!

We would like to leave you with a message from our speaker: Darla Benjamin – Director of Impact, Grace Church; Roseville, MN

“This week at camp we talked about faith – using Hebrews 11 as our starting point. Through looking at Abraham & Sarah and Deborah & Barak, we learned that our faith will be tested and faith is sometimes hard. But if we put our faith in the right place – in Jesus – we will experience a victorious and everlasting faith!

“Kids were challenged to spend time in God’s Word and choose a faith buddy. Ask them about both! Many campers prayed to either receive Christ as their Savior or renew a commitment by rededicating their lives to following Jesus. The common phrase was, ‘God is King. I am not. Long Live the King!’ Thank you for building connections with your kids and helping us continue their discipleship.”

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what the most memorable thing was about their week at camp and why.

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Super Kids 3 – Photo Album

For full-sized versions of this weeks photos, go to our Google Drive Album!

Chilling in the Chilly Weather

It was a pretty chilly day here at camp with the cloud coverage and a little wind, but that didn’t prevent us from enjoying the outdoors!

In last night’s chapel, campers were taught the game “Gorilla gets the Man.” It is like full body rock-paper-scissors to a song. Then, we went into worship and the lesson. Darla talked about how having faith takes trust. She told the story of Abraham and Sarah. They had to trust God when they moved to the promise land, and sometimes their faith was tested like when Sarah didn’t believe she could bear a child and when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son. The campers learned that our faith will be tested, but promises from God can always be trusted.


Take Camp Home: Ask your camper to teach you “Gorilla gets the Man.” Try playing a few rounds as a family!

This morning started like yesterday with polar dip, flag raising, learning the memory verse of the day, breakfast, and then morning chapel. Today, campers saw a video telling the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (found in Matthew 18:21-35). Then, they went to their cabins to discuss the story.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper to show you the actions to their memory verses of the week (Colossians 3:12-14). Pick a few different verses and try coming up with your own actions!

There was then some free time until it was time for campers to go on their final Cabin Adventure of the week.


After Cabin Adventures, it was time for lunch, and then we had another round of “Story Time with Tori!”


Then, it was Toes up Time; campers got an extra long Toes up Time today to recharge after a long week of fun. Afterwards, it was free time!


Following free time, we lowered the flag before dinner.


After dinner, we had chapel. Tonight, Darla talked about the importance of Christian community. She told the story of Deborah and Barak (found in Judges 4) and talked about how Barak had little faith and needed the support of Deborah, who was strong in her faith. The campers learned that as Christians, we are supposed to support and encourage one another, as well as seek out support when we need it.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what they remember learning from chapel this week. Do they have some more questions about what we talked about? Use the references from the Bible stories we talked about to discuss what they learned.

Now, campers have free time until we head out to tonight’s campfire! In tomorrow’s blog, I will share the campfire activities, along with a few pictures. When we get back from the campfire, campers will have their cabin devotions and then it will be lights out.

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Super Kids 3 – Photo Album


Going on a Staff Hunt!

Today was another great day here at camp to play lots of games and learn about God!

In last night’s chapel, Darla continued her message about faith. She told the campers that faith is personal and requires a decision, and she shared the message of salvation. She talked about how we were made to have a relationship with God, but sin separated us from Him, so He had to send Jesus to pay the price for our sins in order to restore the relationship. At the end of chapel, campers had the opportunity to pray to accept Jesus as their savior.

This morning, campers had polar dip, flag raising, breakfast, and then morning chapel. In today’s morning chapel, campers heard a telling of the Parable of the Good Samaritan (found in Luke 10:25-37). Then, they went back to their cabins to discuss the story as a group.

Then, campers had some free time before going on their Cabin Adventures!

After Cabin Adventure, it was time for lunch, and then it was “Story Time with Tori!” Tori had another Mad Libs story for the campers to fill out following the journey of the characters we met yesterday.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what the Mad Libs stories were about!

Then, it was Toes up Time to give campers some much needed rest. Once all the campers were up, they learned about the Staff Hunt! Staff members hid around camp, and the campers were released to go find them. If they found a staff member, they got points for their cabin, and they got to push that staff member in the lake!

After all the staff members had been pushed in the lake, it was free time for campers to go swimming, ziplining, play laser tag, do crafts, or other games around camp!

Following free time, we lowered the flag before dinner. After dinner was cleaned up, campers go to go to the “Ye Olde Renaissance Faire!” There were games set up for campers to win tickets. They could save their tickets for cabin points, or they could use some of their tickets to spray their counselor, or another staff member, with the hose!

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what games they played at the Faire. What one was their favorite?

Now, campers have some free time before evening chapel starts. After chapel, there is cabin devotions and then lights out.

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Super Kids 3 – Photo Album

Super Kids Storm the Castle

What a beautiful day to get outside and play some games around camp today!

This morning started with the polar dip. Each morning, campers will have the option to jump in the cold lake to wake themselves up. After polar dip, campers gathered for flag raising, and then they learned today’s memory verse along with the actions (Colossians 3:12) before heading into breakfast.

We then gathered to take the whole camp photo that each camper will go home with. For now, enjoy the goofy one we took!


Take Camp Home: Search for your camper’s goofy face!

We then went into morning chapel for worship and a short video teaching the Parable of the Lost Sheep. After the video, campers went back to their cabins and talked about the story as a cabin.

Then, campers had some free time before Cabin Adventure. Counselors come up with an activity to do during this time as a cabin, and sometimes join with other cabins, to get closer as a cabin and have some fun!

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what they got to do for their Cabin Adventures this week!

After Cabin Adventures, it was time for lunch, and then we had “Story Time with Tori!” Our worship leader, Tori, had a Mad Lib story and had the campers fill in the blanks. Then, staff members acted out the story and campers were given their mail. Once mail was passed out, it was Toes Up Time. During Toes Up Time, campers have to be quiet and in their cabins so that those who want a nap can fall asleep.

After Toes Up Time, the campers were taught the game “Storm the Castle,” which is like a medieval themed capture the flag.

Then, it was free time with the waterfront, crafts, laser tag, and zipline open.

At the end of free time, we gathered for flag lowering before supper. After supper, we played “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge!” This game is also a spin on capture the flag, but with some different rules, and with over 200 campers playing, it gets crazy, but it is incredibly fun.

Now, campers have some evening free time until tonight’s chapel, which I will touch on in tomorrow’s blog. After chapel, campers will have cabin devotions and then they will go to bed.

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Super Kids 3 – Photo Album