See You Soon, Adventurers!

Today, we said goodbye to our last youth campers – over 50 wonderful Adventurers who hung out with our summer staff for a few days at Camp.  We love spending time with this littles ones, and our Closing Rally time was a way to celebrate the fun we have had this week!

During the Closing Rally, we sing our favorite songs from the week, hand out prizes, say our memory verses, and hear a message from our speaker for the last time!

Sir William of Bobber had a final word for the campers this morning.  He recapped the week, and reminded campers to be expectant and excited for our heavenly home while serving the King as a Knight while we are here on our earthly home.  And true knights look like JESUS!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  A Message from Sir William of Bobber –

“God is King…and I am NOT!  Long live the King!!” That powerful statement became our rallying cry all week as we studied about the King. On Sunday, we met the King:  All Powerful, All Knowing, All Present, All Loving, and All Holy. Monday morning, we focused on the King’s Word, which contains both his edicts to follow and His love story to embrace. Monday evening featured ‘The Wall Story,’ an original allegory grounded on Romans 6:23 and John 3:16, both of which declare God’s rescue plan through His son. Tuesday morning was all about the King’s Knights and what they look like. For one, they look (and act) like Jesus (Colossians 3:12), and secondly, they obey the King (Two Great Commandments, Mark 12:30-31).  Tuesday evening saw us explore the King’s Castle (Heaven!) in John 14 and Revelation 21.  No more tears. No more death. No more pain. No more sin. Best of all – God is there and Jesus is preparing a place for us! Woo hoo! As Camp ended, we encouraged the kids to say both ‘YES!’ to the King and ‘NO!’ to wearing the crown that belongs only to him. Thanks for encouraging these kids in their journey of faith!” 

We ended off the rally with a viewing of our slideshow and video of the week!  It was a great way to see the highlights of this week of Camp.  Campers will receive their All Camp photo in the mail, along with a flashdrive containing the highlight video.  High quality photos can be downloaded HERE.

Thank you, God, for a really great ADVENTURERS 2!!  And for a great summer!  We are so blessed to have spent time with these campers this week.  Praise the Lord for the work He has done this summer – and we look forward to seeing you next year!

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Adventurers 2 – Photo Album

For full-sized version of this week’s photos, go to our Google Drive Album!


A Mini Finale to a Mini Week!

Our last full day of summer youth camps was a blast!  So much happened, and these Adventurers knew just how to make the most of their time at Camp Lebanon.  Last night, they sat in on another chapel with Sir William of Bobber, who told them the amazing “Wall Story” and shared the story of salvation.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Have your camper tell you The Wall Story, then read Romans 6:23 and John 3:16.  Talk to your camper about the story and how God’s love story for His people is found in it.

Campers woke up this morning to the usual – Polar Dip, Breakfast, and Morning Chapel.  In todays morning chapel, Sir William talked about what it means to be a Knight of the King!


TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper about the King’s Two Great Commands.  What are the commands, and what are some ways that you and your camper can live them out?  (The commands are found in Mark 12:30-31).

After chapel, it was time for Mini Mini Mighty Mighty, a field game that has been played all summer up on the big field.  Because of the small size of our group (and the smaller legs of our campers), we had the game down on our lower field instead.

After the big game, we headed in for lunch (taco-in-a-bag), and then to Toes-Up Time.  Campers get to look at their mail and relax in their cabin for an hour.  The rest is certainly needed after the busy days they have been having!  And the down-time was helpful before the big game of dodgeball that came next!

Then came Free Time!

Today there were lots of campers on the waterfront and in the craft room.  Our craft of the day was making swords out of pool noodles!  It was a little chilly today, but the sun came out just in time to shine on our Waterfront.  Campers who passed their swim tests played on the watermat and the Rockit, while the rest of the campers did cannonballs and belly-flops off of the dock, or went down the shallow slide.  Goggles were particularly popular with the campers today – they loved going under water and seeing what they could see!

China cabin lowered the flag before dinner.  Their cabin did a great job of folding the flag, while the campers stood at attention.  Tonight’s dinner was the crowd favorite (and a great finale) – PIZZA!

After dinner was our final chapel of the week, and Sir William had something very exciting to share with campers at this session!  He told them all about “The King’s Castle” – Heaven!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper if they can remember any of the 6 Cool Things about Heaven!  Grab your Bibles and read Revelation 21:1-8 & John 14:1-6!

The big event on the last night of Camp is always the Campfire Trek!  Tonight, Bobber Bill blew his trumpet to start the hike out to Bass Point.

We had our last Gorilla Gets the Man round, and we celebrated our winner for the week!


Before the Lion Hunt, Bobber Bill told the story of Tommy and his boat.  The campers listened with great attention as he told the story.


TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper to retell the story of Tommy and his boat.  What did he name is boat?  What happened to the boat after he built it?  What did it mean when Tommy said that the boat was “twice mine?”  What does it mean that we are “twice mine” to God?

Tomorrow is the final day!  We will celebrate an amazing week, give out prizes, sing some songs, and thank God for a really wonderful week!  Until then, sleep well!

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Adventurers 2 – Photo Album


Pancakes, Polar Dip, and Popcorn!

Happy Monday!  Our Adventurers were ready to go this morning for a chilly Polar Dip and a yummy pancake breakfast.  After eating, campers went back to their cabins to help their counselors with tidying the cabin.  Our nurses this week walk around in the morning to do cabin inspections, and everyone wanted to try to get 5 stars!

Then it was time for the All Camp Picture!  We picked a new spot this week – in front of the Chalet building.  Campers will go home with a copy of the photo, but we will share the goofy picture with you here!


We had some cabin time during the morning to play and enjoy the rain ending.  Then campers headed in for morning chapel with Sir William of Bobber!  Today, Sir William talked about The King’s Word – The Bible!  We learned lots of important facts about the Bible, including that it is God’s Love Story – a rescue plan to save His lost people.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper what they learned about the Bible?  See if they can remember how many books there are in the Bible.  Do they remember how many human authors wrote the Bible?  Or how many errors it has (here’s a clue: there are zero!)? Take some time to look through some of the books of the Bible – maybe share your favorite Bible story with your camper!

After Chapel, campers played a game called “Staff Hunt.”  Staff went to hide all over Camp, and if a camper found them, they got to push them in the lake!

Then it was time for lunch (mini corn dogs, smile fries, salad, and fruit for dessert), Story Time with Tori, and Toes Up Time!  Campers took a little mid-day rest in their cabins before another game called Camp Lebanon Auction.  Campers went back to their cabins with their cabin friends to fill up a suitcase with random items from their cabin.  They get points for every object they bring that is on the list!

Then it was time for Free Time!  The Canteen, Craft Room, Trading Post, and Waterfront all opened up for campers!


Particularly popular today were the fishing docks!  There were lots of campers out their using some leftover breakfast foods as bait.  Our fishing grandparents spent time measuring fish, helping campers take fish off of hooks, and generally keeping everyone safe on the fishing docks.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  What was your camper’s favorite Free Time activity this week?

Free Time went all too quickly, and then we headed in for our delicious dinner (BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, salad, and corn bread or apple pie for dessert)!

Then came the BIG event – the Ye Olde Renaissance Festival (formerly known as the Carnival).  Staff organize a bunch of fun carnival games and activities and give campers tickets for completing them!  Plus, there is always really delicious popcorn!


It’s been a great day!  We still have a great chapel session to look forward to tonight before we all head to bed.  Monday was our first full day, and we can only guess at all the fun we are going to have tomorrow!  Until then…To Victory!

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Adventurers 2 – Photo Album

Adventurers #2 – Mini Everything!

The 2018 Summer Staff is so excited to welcome a second round of Adventurers to Camp Lebanon this summer!  This is the smallest camp of our summer season, but these little campers are full of energy.  The staff loves spending lots of quality time playing, singing, swimming, bible reading, and laughing with these kiddos!

We welcomed campers on the Steps of Faith and introduced them to the staff members they will be hanging out with this week.  Then it was time to learn about lowering the flag, pray for our meal, and head down for a yummy dinner of BBQ sloppy joes, chips, veggies, and rice krispy treats!



After dinner, it was time for our introductory chapel and rules!  Campers heard all about the best ways they can have fun at Camp this week.  We heard from the life guards about waterfront safety, and from Bobber Bill and the fishing grandparents about how fishing works!

Then it was time for some crazy Camp songs and a message from our speaker for the week, Sir William of Bobber!

Sir William taught us a cheer for the week:  “God is King, I am not!  Long live the King!”  He talked to campers about how sometimes we want to take the crown for ourselves, but that God is the only true King.  Tonight, he spoke out of the beginning of the Bible – Genesis 1 – and described how God created everything!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Talk to your camper about God as the King of our lives.  Sometimes, we decide that we want to put the crown on our own heads – what does that look like?  Ask your camper about a time when they decided that they wanted to wear the crown, and talk about why only God is the King!

After chapel, campers got to eat some snacks from the Canteen and play for a little bit on the Hub.  Then the staff are going to put on some fun skits before sending the campers off to bed!  We had a great first day of Adventurers 2!  We can’t wait to spend more time with these great campers tomorrow!

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Adventurers 2 – Photo Album


See Ya Next Year Super Kids!

Today, we had a super fun closing rally to say goodbye to our last group of Super Kids this summer.

Last night at the campfire, we sang worship songs, played a final round of “Gorilla Gets the Man,” heard from Bobber Bill and Don Mackay, and went on a Lion Hunt! To close the night, we did our traditional “Praise God” yell and listened for the echo circling around the lake.

Campers started the day with cabin clean up and packing their things. After clean up, we had flag raising and then breakfast.

Then, campers had some free time as parents started coming for the closing rally. When most of the parents had arrived, we gathered the campers inside for the end of the Mad Lib story.

It was then time to watch the slideshow and video of the fun we had this week!

After the video, we went outside for worship, prizes, offering, and of course, pies!

To close our closing rally, we thanked God for a really great final week of Super Kids.


Campers were then checked out and are now on their way home. We had such an awesome week with these campers, and we are so thankful to have gotten such a sweet group of kids. Thanks to parents for sending your kids here; we hope they had a fun week, and we look forward to seeing them back next year!

We would like to leave you with a message from our speaker, Don Mackay:

“This week has been an incredible experience! Our theme of ‘Knights of the Lord’s Table’ has permeated the music and teaching in our Chapels this week, through both fun action songs and more focused worship. I focused our messages this week on Victorious Faith. In each message, I was able to intertwine a challenging story from my 20 years serving in the Philippines and other mission trips around the world. Each day we have had a Victory Value. Sunday I spoke about Proper Prep using our 1 John 5:4-5 passage on how to be victorious overcomers. Monday we spoke of Daniel and Powerful Prayer. Tuesday we focused on the Cool Courage of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Wednesday on the Faithful Friends of the paralyzed man in Mark 2. Also Tuesday night we shared the gospel using the colors of the wordless book via bracelets, and several kids made first time commitments to following Christ. We had a Wonderful Week!!!”

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what they will remember most about the week!

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Super Kids 4 – Photo Album

For full-sized version of this week’s photos, go to our Google Drive Album!

Campfire Celebration Night!

Today was such a beautiful day to enjoy our last full day of activities with Super Kids!

In chapel last night, Don told the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (found in Daniel 3). The night’s lesson was about having courage and keeping calm in tough situations, and these three men showed this by not backing down when they were asked to do things against their beliefs.

Don also shared a story of when he was on mission in Nepal, and some people he knew were arrested for sharing about God. He later had an opportunity to share God’s word with people, and he had to put his trust in God to have the courage to do so while putting himself at risk. The people he talked to decided to accept Jesus as their savior that day.

He then handed out Gospel bracelets for everyone and sand them a song to remember what they mean. Afterwards, campers who wanted to accept Jesus as their savior were able to pray with Don.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper about what their Gospel bracelet means and if they remember the song that goes with it.

This morning started with Polar Dip, flag raising, learning today’s memory verse (Colossians 3:14), and then breakfast.

After breakfast, it was time for morning chapel. Today in morning chapel, campers learned the game “Gorilla gets the Man,” which is like a whole body game of rock, paper, scissors. Campers then heard the Parable of the Good Samaritan (found in Luke 10:25-37).

Then, campers had free time until Cabin Adventures.

When Cabin Adventures were finished, it was time for lunch. After lunch, we had “Story Time with Tori” and filled out another Mad Lib story.

Then, it was Toes up Time, and instead of playing a game before free time, there was an hour long Toes up Time. That way, campers could be well rested for the rest of the fun we had in store for today.

After getting up from Toes up Time, campers got to go to free time!

At the end of free time, we had flag lowering before dinner time. After dinner, we had chapel. Tonight in chapel, Don talked about being faithful and doing good works that God calls us to. He told the story of the men who carried their paralyzed friend to Jesus and cut a hole in the roof to get him close to Jesus (found in Luke 5:18-25).

He also shared a story of a friend of his who lives in the Philippines. When a devastating hurricane hit, it destroyed his home and took the lives of many people. After hearing about the hurricane, Don felt called to return to the Philippines on mission, so he took a team to help as many people as they could.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what they learned during chapel this week. What did they take away from the lessons? Maybe they have more questions that you could talk about with them!

Now, campers have a period of free time while we set up for tonight’s campfire! There will be worship, sharing, we will hear from our speaker, and maybe even go on a Lion Hunt! In tomorrow’s blog, I will talk about the campfire activities and post a few pictures.

After the campfire, campers will go back to their cabins for devotions and then go to bed.

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Super Kids 4 – Photo Album

A Staff Hunt and a Carnival

Today was a nice cloudy day to cool off after how hot it was yesterday!

In last night’s chapel, Don talked about the power and importance of prayer. He shared a story of when he was working in the Philippines and two children went missing, and after sharing the incident on his Facebook page asking people to pray, they were eventually able to find them. We then looked at the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den (found in Daniel 6) and talked about how we should pray regularly like Daniel in all circumstances.

This morning began with Polar Dip, flag raising, today’s memory verse (Colossians 3:13), breakfast, and then morning chapel. Today in morning chapel, campers heard the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (found in Matthew 18:21-35).

Then, campers had free time until Cabin Adventures.

After Cabin Adventures, it was lunch time, and then we had “Story Time with Tori.” The campers got to fill out another Mad Lib story following the journey of the two characters from yesterday’s story.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what the Mad Lib stories were about!

Then, it was Toes up Time, and following Toes up Time, campers learned about today’s game, the staff hunt! Staff members hid all around camp, and campers were released to go find them. If they found a staff member, they got to push them in the lake!

Once the game was over, it was free time!

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what their favorite free time activity was and why. Maybe it’s something you can do at home as a family!

After free time, we gathered for flag raising before dinner. Then, we had the “Ye Olde Renaissance Faire!” We had a variety of activities for campers to play to win or spend tickets. The tickets they kept go towards their cabin points for the week, but campers love to spend their tickets to spray their counselor with the hose!

Now, campers have some free time before evening chapel. After chapel, they will have cabin devo time and then go to bed.

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Super Kids 4 – Photo Album

Super Kids Scoop Noodle Challenge

We had a successful first full day with these Super Kids! It was very hot and humid today, which made it a perfect day to enjoy the lake!

We started off our day with the Polar Dip. Campers have the option to jump in the lake each morning this week. After Polar Dip, we gathered at the Amphitheater for flag raising and learning the actions to today’s memory verse (Colossians 3:12). Then, it was time for breakfast.

It was then time to take the whole camp picture! A printed off copy of the picture will be sent home with every camper. For now, check out the goofy picture we took!


Take Camp Home: Can you spot your camper’s silly face?

Then, we went inside for morning chapel. Today, the campers learned the Parable of the Lost Sheep (found in Luke 15:3-7). After chapel, there was a short period of free time while the counselors set up Cabin Adventures! During Cabin Adventures, counselors lead their cabin in an activity, and sometimes cabins join together for their adventure.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what they got to do during their Cabin Adventures this week!

Following Cabin Adventure time, we had lunch, and then it was time for “Story Time with Tori!” One of our staff members led the campers in filling out a Mad Libs story and then had a few counselors act out the story.

Then, it was Toes up Time. During this time, campers go back to their cabins for some quiet time so those who need to nap can do so. After Toes up Time, we played a game called “Camp Lebanon Auction.” In this game, each cabin fills a pillow case with as many items as they can and they get points for having certain items. To finish the game, campers take the items they gathered and use them to dress up their counselor.

After the game, campers were dismissed to free time!

When free time was over, we lowered the flag and then went to dinner.

After dinner, it was time to play “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge!” This game is new to camp this summer, and it is so much fun to play with the campers. It is a little bit like capture the flag but with more items and a few different rules. With over 200 people playing, it is a crazy game to be involved in, but the craziness is part of the fun.

Now, campers have a bit of free time before they have to head in to tonight’s chapel, which I will talk about in tomorrow’s blog. After chapel, campers will go back to their cabins for devotions and then it will be time for bed.

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Super Kids 4 – Photo Album

Super Kid Sunday!

We are so happy that we got to welcome our Super Kids 4 campers today!

Campers checked into their cabins this afternoon and met their counselors. During the rest of check in time, campers had the option to take their swim test while we waited for the rest of the campers to arrive.

Then, we all gathered at the Amphitheater for campers to meet the non-counseling staff and learn who their cabin friend for the week is. Cabin friends are non-counseling staff members who hang out with a cabin for the week to help the counselor and get to know the campers. After introductions, a few staff members demonstrated how to properly lower our country’s flag. Campers were then dismissed for dinner. Tonight, cabins chose somewhere outside to eat dinner as a picnic!

Following dinner, we went inside and learned the camp rules.

After rules, counselors took their cabins on a tour of camp before chapel. In tonight’s chapel, campers were introduced to our speaker for the week, Don Mackay. He shared stories of his missions work and talked about how “in battle” we need our sword and that our sword is the Bible.

Then, campers had free time while staff members set up the Variety Show. Campers got to enjoy a handful of goofy skits put on by staff members to bring our first night to a fun close.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what their favorite skit was!

Now, campers are going back to their cabins to get ready for bed and have night time devotions before lights out.

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Super Kids 4 – Photo Album

Friday Farewell!

This week of Junior High 3 has been AMAZING!  What a blessing to spend this week with such incredible teenagers who passionately seek after truth and play so hard!  Our staff is exhausted but invigorated by their time spent with these campers, and we are very sad to see them go.


We had our Closing Rally this morning – parents and guardians arrived to pick up their campers, and we treated them to some action songs, the giving out of prizes, and a word from our speaker.

Mark Allen gave the campers a quick recap of what he had talked about this week, and left them with a challenge as they go forward into the new adventures ahead.

“This week at Camp we focused on owning your faith. Jesus tells us that we find life via a small gate and a narrow path (Matthew 7:14). It is when we choose him intentionally and learn to know him personally that we really find a life worth living. Many students still live in their parent’s basement when it comes to faith and Jr. High is a great time to move out and make your faith your own. It is so important because this generation of students is 40% religiously unaffiliated and the percentage of atheists has doubled from their parents’ generation to theirs. We need more students living for Jesus among their generation! I am praying God would move these students to make a difference in their world for Jesus.”

After the message and a Love Offering for our partner camps in Ukraine, we drew names from our verse buckets!  Campers got to memorize verses all week, and their name went into the bucket for each verse they were able to say to their counselor.  If chosen, they got to pie whichever staff member they wanted!


With a final “Thank you, God, for a really great WEEK!” campers headed home with their parents.  Camp is so excited to watch these teenagers head out into the world and a brand new school year.  We know that they are going to be doing great things for Jesus in their churches, schools, and communities!  Can’t wait for next summer!

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For full-sized versions of this week’s photos, go to our Google Drive Album!