Slipping and Sliding into a Great Day

Wednesday of Senior High Week started with a relaxed morning. We enjoyed the Polar Dip and eating a delicious breakfast at the appropriate time of day. After breakfast, we had time to spend alone with God, then we had morning chapel. The men and women split up for chapel once again; today the women talked about Loving Your Neighbor and the men talked about Purity. Morning chapels are always followed by a time of great discussion.

After chapel, it was time for the traditional Senior High Volleyball Tournament! Unlike any other week, the Senior High tournament is filled with crazy music and dance parties, a slip & slide, yard games, and a picnic lunch. Everyone had a blast at the volleyball tournament this year, and a lot of us have the sunburn to prove it!

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The Volleyball Tournament was followed by Mail Call, and then Free Time. Today, Free Time featured swimming, boating, rides down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, a game of Ultimate Frisbee, and crafts. The surprise craft-of-the-day today was making handmade soap and bath bombs!

CCD_0027 copyCCD_0190 copy

Dinner tonight was Minnesota themed; we dressed in our best flannels and overalls, and we ate hot dish, jello salad, chicken wild rice casserole, biscuits, and cupcakes decorated to look like little camp fires. Everything was delicious! After dinner we had evening chapel with our speaker Nate Miller. He brought us more ideas to think about how we can live out being a part of God’s team and “living a life that matters.”

After chapel, we played another night game! For tonight’s game, cabins are running all around Camp to complete tasks and unlock video clues to find out where our friend Samuel was taken; he was kidnapped and we have to find him! After the game, we’re off to bed. We’re ready to enjoy the best part of the week tomorrow morning–it’s SLEEP IN DAY! Tune in tomorrow for the last full day of Senior High Camp!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Senior High

Day Backwards Happy!

Happy Backwards Day from Camp Lebanon! The second full day of Senior High Camp was entirely backwards. We embraced the theme of the day with everything from our clothing, to the schedule, to the meals. Some of us even spent the day walking backwards and speaking backwards!

So, for dinner this morning we had salad, pot roast, roasted potatoes, corn, and pumpkin pie. Then, as our morning continued in a backwards fashion, we had chapel. For chapel this morning, the men and women split up to cover different topics; the women talked about Shalom and the men talked about Responsibility and Integrity. Chapel was followed  by a time of great discussion and asking important questions.


After that, we had our evening free time in the morning, followed by Team Time to work on our videos. Today was a great day to finalize plans and do some filming! After that, it was time for lunch. Lunch was served backwards today; we traveled backwards through the dining hall to get our food (the line started at the dish return).

In the spirit of backwards day, lunch was followed by Call Mail and Time Free. Today, Time Free featured paintball, boating, karaoke in the chapel, and tie-dye. It was a relaxing day with great weather!

BBE_0043 copyBBE_0029 copy

After Time Free, we had our breakfast. We enjoyed our meal in our pajamas, and for breakfast this evening we had waffles, ham, fruit, and Camp’s famous oatmeal. Breakfast was followed by Clinics and Seminars.

BBF_0002 copy

Tonight, we enjoyed Coffee House. The Coffee House is a Senior High tradition; we hang out, play music, drink coffee, and enjoy good conversations and fellowship with each other. This year we held the Coffee House in our new Eagle’s Nest building and enjoyed yard games on the North 40 field.

BBF_0020 copy

An unexpected rain shower acted as our backwards Polar Dip tonight as campers made their way back to the Chalet. Chapel with our speaker Nate Miller is marking the end of our backwards day, and we are excited to hear what truths he has to share with us tonight. We’re looking forward to a great morning tonight!

Here’s a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Senior High

Butterfly Bonanza!

What a wonderful first full day of Senior High Week! Today began with the Polar Dip, as always; campers and staff took a refreshing dip in a foggy Cedar Lake to begin their day. Then, we enjoyed a pancake breakfast and got ready for the rest of the day.

Our day was made special by a beautiful butterfly who decided to hang out with us and join all of our Camp adventures. Greg the butterfly went to the zipline, the waterfront, and he hung out at all the games today. He had a great day and made a lot of friends.

BBB_0067 2

After campers had time to spend alone with God to read their Bibles and pray, we had our Clinics and Seminars. Senior High week is a great opportunity for the staff to go more in depth with what is taught during these classes, and we love that the campers are not afraid to ask hard questions.

BBB_0224 2

Once our morning free time and optional morning game were done, we had morning chapel together. Today, we heard from a missions team called Royal Servants about some opportunities that are available to high schoolers who feel called to missions and want to travel the world. It was cool to hear about it from Devon Harris, a full-time missionary!

Chapel was followed by lunch, mail call, and FREE TIME! During Senior High Camp, free time is relaxed and a chance to spend time with friends and build relationships. Today, Free Time featured swimming, crafts, a round of Two Rooms and a Boom (a fun strategy game), and rides down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline!


After Free Time, we had dinner. Dinner was luau themed tonight; we had crab and mango salad, Hawaiian meatballs, key lime rice, fruit, Jerk chicken, and key lime cheesecake. Everything was incredible, and we enjoyed fun music and costumes as well!

BBC_0027 2

Dinner was followed by Team Time, where the cabin teams had a chance to hang out and plan their video projects that they’re working on. Then we had Canteen time and got ready for evening chapel. Tonight in chapel, Nate Miller talked about how even when we feel like we’re not worth being on God’s team, we are still wanted. He focused on the story of the prodigal son in Luke.


We are wrapping up our day with a game called “Escape the Night Security,” where campers are running all around Camp for a scavenger hunt in the dark. This game is intense!

We are thankful for a great day of Senior High Camp, and we are so excited for more fun tomorrow.

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Senior High


Let the Games Begin!

The opening day of Senior High Camp has already been filled with a lot of fun and laughter. This group of Senior High campers is energetic, fun-loving, and ready to make new friends and build relationships this week.

We started our fun this week with learning Camp’s rules in a creative way; the campers went all around Camp to learn where things are and to catch the staff members that were breaking the rules. Then, we had a sports-themed dinner of hotdogs, chips, malt cups and root beer. Dinner was served stadium style at the Steps of Faith!


Next, the cabins were split up into teams. Throughout the week, the teams will work together to conquer our week long competition. This year, our competition is video skits! By the end of the week, each team will have made a fun video, and we will watch them all together to decide which team made the best video. Game on! However, tonight is about getting to know each other; the teams spent the evening comping up with a name, a design for their team flag, and a skit to introduce themselves.


After we perform the skits for each other, we will have our first chapel of the week with our speaker Nate Miller. We are excited to hear all of the truths that Nate is going to share with us this week! Tune in tomorrow for all of the fun that the first full day of Senior High Camp will bring!

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Senior High

It’s All About the Finish Line

We reached the finish line of this week of Camp, and although the last day of Camp is always full of sad goodbyes, we still rejoiced in the end of a great Super Kids 2.

Our last day of the week featured a video slideshow from the week, some of our favorite worship songs, a love offering for Source of Life Camp in Ukraine, and a final message from our speaker Wendy Gordy. She reminded us how important it is that we have finished the race and won the victory! We ended our closing rally today with PIES flying in the faces of some of our favorite staff members to celebrate memorizing Scripture throughout the week.


We are incredibly thankful for the 200+ kids that were here at Camp this week. We enjoyed great weather, a lot of laughter, and we are leaving feeling filled up by new friendships.

Thank you God for a really great week!

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 2

It’s All About the Victory

Our last full day of Camp this week started with beautiful weather and our final Polar Dip. After several people took a refreshing dip in the lake, we had a wonderful breakfast of French toast sticks, and then we had our first skills class of the day.

Skills brought us some little victories today as we caught fish, shot targets, conquered the waves in canoes, and won games of Octoball. After skills we had morning chapel, where Laura Orpen as “The Rocket” taught us about the importance of working together and uplifting the people around us.

CCC_0037 copyIMG_20170718_203423074_HDR copy

After lunch and our second Skills classes for the day, the campers had a chance for another small victory as they ran around Camp to find the staff members that were hiding. The Staff Hunt is always a favorite game. After the game, we enjoyed our final Free Time!

Free Time was also saturated with little victories today; we conquered our fears on the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, displayed our wit in a game of Mafia, and learned new skills in the craft room.

CCD_0038 copyCCD_0103 copyCCD_0152 copy

Our last lesson in victory came in chapel tonight when Wendy taught us about the last couple “bases” of the Christian faith. She focused on discipleship and the rewards of Heaven that await when we “finish the race.” We are thankful for Wendy and all that she has taught us this week.

Now, we are enjoying some Canteen time before our campfire at Bass Point tonight. We’re excited for what the rest of the night holds for us.

Here is a link to the Facebook page with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 2


It’s All About TEAMWORK!

Our second day of Camp for the week started once more with the Polar Dip. This morning the weather was warm and humid, so a lot of kids enjoyed jumping in the lake to start their day. After a favorite breakfast of scrambled eggs, ham, and donuts, we had morning chapel!

In chapel this morning, we sang some of our favorite Camp Lebanon action songs, played  a round of Gorilla-Gets-the-Man, and Rich taught us about the importance of prayer and some practical ways to practice praying.

After chapel we had skills classes once more. More campers learned how to fish, canoe, and play wiffleball on Camp’s new stadium! Then we had lunch (walking tacos!) and some time to rest before our afternoon game.


We got our first lesson in teamwork this afternoon when we played Capture-the-Flag. There was a lot of running, laughter, and working together! After that, it was Free Time. Today, Free Time featured swimming, tie-dye, riding the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, and chalk drawing. We loved the beautiful weather today.


Our next lesson in teamwork came with our carnival tonight. We worked together to play games and win tickets for cabin points! The carnival is a highlight of the week, and this one was a great way to bond with our cabins and counselors.


Our last lesson in teamwork came with evening chapel when our speaker Wendy Gordy talked about the “second base” of living out the Christian faith. Community with other believers looks a lot like teamwork! We have learned a lot today; tune in tomorrow for our last full day of Super Kids 2!

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 2


It’s All About the Game Plan

The first full day of Camp for Super Kids 2 started with the Polar Dip this morning! We had over 150 kids jump into the lake to start their morning. After a delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausage, we had our first skills class for the day. Kids learned how to fish, canoe, shoot BB guns and bows, and play various Camp games. It was a lot of fun!

After skills, we had morning chapel where one of our counselors, Kayla Johnson, taught all of the kids the importance of using the Bible and how to find verses in it. After chapel and lunch, we had more skills classes.


Then, we relaxed a bit with some Toes-up-Time and opening up our mail! This rest was much needed because we then played a bunch of group games before Free Time. Today during Free Time, kids took the swim test, rode the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, played Nukem, went boating and swimming, and did crafts. It was a hot day, so a lot of people enjoyed the water!


AAC_0144After dinner and cabin time, we had a fashion show! The campers dressed their counselors up as “cabin mascots” using only the things that they could find in their cabins. There were some fun characters made! After the fashion show, we had Canteen time and evening chapel with our speaker Wendy.

Tonight, Wendy talked about how getting into the Christian faith is similar to running the bases in a game of baseball, and how we need to get to the first base before we can get anywhere else. We need to know the game plan in order to live out our faith! The first base is deciding to follow Jesus, and we’re going to learn about the other “bases” as the week goes on. Tune in tomorrow for all of the fun that Tuesday holds for us!

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 2

Super Kids Sunday

The opening day of Super Kids 2 is almost over. This group is loud, energetic, and ready to have fun!

Tonight after a picnic dinner and learning the Camp rules, we had our opening chapel with our speaker Wendy Gordy. She introduced herself and showed us pictures of her family, and she also gave us a brief outline of what she will be talking about for the rest of the week. She is a lot of fun to listen to, she interacts well with the campers, and we are all excited to hear more!


Right now, we are enjoying some Canteen time before the Staff Variety Show. Then it’s off to bed to rest up for our first full day of fun tomorrow!

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Super Kids 2

A Fabulous Friday!

Fridays at Camp Lebanon are sad; they’re full of goodbyes and tired eyes. But even though we’re sad to say goodbye to all of the junior-highers that were here this week, we are so glad that they came!

We had a great last morning. We celebrated the week with our closing rally where we watched the video show of the week, worshipped, took a love offering for our sister camp in Ukraine, heard a final message from our speaker Nate Temp, and we threw pies into the faces of some of our favorite staff members to celebrate memorizing Bible verses. DDE_0038DDE_0016DDE_0053

We are thankful for all of the laughter and learning that happened this week at Camp. We will miss this group of campers, and we’re excited to see them again next year!

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Junior High 2