It’s tournament time!

Good morning! We had a fantastic day yesterday and played a LOT of volleyball.

Most of our schedule yesterday was pretty similar to the day before – in the morning, we had flag raising, breakfast, TAG time, clinics and seminars and a mini free time before morning chapel. We split up again and the boys talked about brotherhood and the girls talked about sin, shame and forgiveness. It was pretty heavy stuff, but in the end, super important!

After lunch, we followed Captain Kyper, P3T3R and Nova to Malk, a beach planet run by a cranky leader named Malk Fremulon. After seeing him being mean to his people, Captain Kyper convinced Malk Fremulon to change his behavior and join their crew!

Instead of paintball, we had zip line as an option during free time yesterday! It was super popular and lasted all of free time. Campers also got to swim (it was another beautiful day for the waterfront), make crafts, and check out the camp store. The 4 o’clock option was giant volleyball/nukem, which looked… difficult. But fun!

Last night, we got to have a picnic dinner on the North 40 before we started our biggest event of the day – the volleyball tournament! The tournament is always a great bonding experience for cabins, and some even coordinated outfits and face paint! In the end, the winner of the girls’ bracket was Israel, and the winner of the boys’ was Brazil! They’ll face off today during canteen.

During evening chapel, Kirsten went through Hebrews 12 and talked to us about living for Heaven, using examples of people from the Bible who have gone before us. The ultimate example? Jesus!

We have just a few days left of Junior High 1! Please pray for continued safety and fun for our campers and staff!

-Becky Boo

First full day of Junior High? Check.

One full day down, three full days left in the first session of Junior High camp!

Our day started like any other – with polar dip, flag raising, breakfast and TAG time. After breakfast yesterday morning, we had time for seminars – a chance for us to dive deeper into specific topics that we maybe didn’t have room to talk much about in chapels (one is about the different ways we can worship). The seminars offered rotate based on the day, so we’ll have plenty of options over the week! At the same time, there are also a few clinics, which are more focused on an activity – like Ultimate!

A quick pop break separated clinics and seminars time from chapel. For all junior high weeks, we split the campers up for morning chapel so we can talk about things as guys and girls. Yesterday, the boys talked about having platonic friendships with girls, and the girls talked about what a variety of healthy relationships (friendships, dating/marriage, and mentorships) look like.

We got our mail and caught up with Captain Kyper and P3T3R after lunch. Yesterday, their adventures took them to the planet Ah-hecknah, where they rescued a girl named Nova from giant space spiders and taught her about bravery.

There was a long stretch of free time after that, and campers had plenty of choices in activities – swimming, crafts, boating and chalk art, to name a few. There were also two sessions of paintball before dinner line-up.

During chapel that night, Kirsten talked about truths about life, how God wants us to know Him, and how sometimes (often) we incorrectly put our value in things that will fade (like stuff and things, relationships, and the approval of others) instead of living with heaven in mind. At the end, she encouraged us all to think about what we’re really living for.

Finally, we ended our day with a messy, crazy game called Board the Space Ship. The goal was to find which door of the Chalet was unlocked and get inside – but the unlocked door kept changing and the building was guarded by “berserkers” with pool noodles and buckets of water! By the end of the game, everyone was absolutely drenched.

It was a great first day! Please pray for continued safety for our campers so they can have the best time at Camp this week!

-Becky Boo

Welcome, Junior High 1!

We’re back for our second week – and our first Junior High camp of the summer!

Yesterday, 128 campers checked in, met their counselors, and settled in for an awesome week here at Camp! It was windy and crazy humid for most of the afternoon (which made swim tests a great choice), but our picnic dinner – the first time most of us got to meet and hang out with our whole cabin – had pretty nice weather.

But then it turned weird.


Kirsten King is our speaker for the week, and we can already tell she’s super funny!

We knew a storm was headed in our direction, but some light rain (and a gorgeous double rainbow!) quickly turned into heavy rain and a detour for us down to the lower level of the Chalet. Just to be safe, all of us – campers, junior staff, senior staff and a volunteer group here to help us with some grounds projects – squeezed into the back hallway for a short worship set, and we ended up listening to our speaker, Kirsten King, in the dining hall. (Kirsten previewed what she’ll talk about this week, and told us a hilarious story to communicate the idea that Truth is there to be discovered and enjoyed.) Thankfully, the storm passed without damage and we could go on with the schedule as planned.

Our night ended with canteen and the much-loved staff variety show. We (the staff) put a lot of effort into blending classic skits and new skits into a fresh show – and based on the laughter, I’m guessing we did a pretty good job!

It’s supposed to be a hot week, so please pray for safety for both campers and staff! We’ll try our hardest to keep everyone hydrated.

I’ll be back later to talk about our first full day! See you then!

-Becky Boo

Rain can’t stop our fun!

Good morning, friends! Tuesday was another great day for Super Kids 1, all the way from polar dip to lights out.

Our morning schedule was pretty similar to yesterday, but we met some new friends during morning chapel! Darl and Jill Powell (who have been missionaries for 22 years) visited to talk about missions and their experiences at and around a missionary kid school in Dakar, Senegal. It was the most quiet and attentive I’ve seen the kids all week! Darl and Jill will be back today to talk more about missions and answer our questions, and we’re so thankful they’re spending time with us.

After we rotated skills, we had lunch and ran into Captain Kyper and her intrepid crew again! This time, we found them on planet [Pop Noise] — pronounced by making a pop noise with your mouth. The inhabitants of the planet were so distracted by bubble wrap, they couldn’t focus on anything else! Luckily, Captain Kyper and her crew stepped in to save them.

Boys and girls split up for a very silly afternoon game time. The girls played a game called Collect the Planets, which involved a lot of running around the upper part of Camp and working together to collect balloons to bring back to Captain Kyper, and the boys played a Camp classic called Custer’s Last Stand, male staff against male campers. As always, it was loud and crazy, and the staff members lost hard.

Game time went right into free time, and we had a lot of the same fun options as the day before. The 4 o’clock option was Nukem, a variation on volleyball where you catch the ball. It was a big hit! At the very end of free time, it started pouring and campers and staff alike had tons of fun splashing in the puddles.

We had to move our carnival night inside because of the rain, but we packed all the games into the chapel and had a blast! There was face-painting, coloring, an “obstacle course,” and much more! Campers who collected one of each ticket color also got to drag a staff member out to “Sad Counselor,” where they could splash them with cold water!

Finally, we had a great evening chapel to close out the day. Adam talked about how everyone is on a quest for something, and Jesus came on a quest to rescue the lost, give us eternal life and guide us to the Truth. Many campers dedicated their life to Jesus last night!

We have one day left of Camp. Please pray for the safety of our campers and staff, and that we would keep having the funnest fun!

-Becky Boo


The first day of Camp!

That’s a wrap on the first full day of Super Kids 1!

God answered our prayers with beautiful sunny weather today… but even though the skies were clear, our big games made it impossible to avoid getting wet!

We started off our morning  at 7:40 with the wake-up bell. Some brave campers even woke up early to take a polar plunge in the lake! Next up was flag raising in the amphitheater, breakfast, and cabin clean-up. After we finished our cabins, we took a group picture with everyone at Camp!

In between the skills sessions, we had a morning chapel where Kenn (the counselor of Canada cabin) taught us how to use our Bibles and find verses. For morning skills time, we moved as cabin groups between stations so that by the end of the week, we’ll get to try out all the different skills. This week, the skills are archery, canoeing, team-building and two outdoor survival sessions that focus on different aspects of appreciating nature and being prepared to handle the wilderness. There’s also a theme-relevant session where we can learn about space!

Speaking of our theme, we saw our summer-long characters Captain Kyper and P3T3R again after lunch. The mission they received from the Master Commander yesterday led them to the planet Ah-hecknah, where they helped a local named Nova Imadele learn to be brave and fight back against the giant space spiders attacking her home. We’ll hear more about their adventures through the galaxy tomorrow.

After Toes Up Time (nap time), we jumped right into one of campers’ all-time favorite big games: the Staff Hunt. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s basically a giant game of hide-and-seek with campers looking for staff members across the main area of Camp. When they find a staff member, they get to push them in the lake! The Staff Hunt rolled right into free time, which gave campers plenty of fun things to do (like zip-line and swimming) before flag lowering and dinner.

Once dinner was over, we had another game with a water element: The Amazing Space Race! The goal for campers was to find which door of the Chalet was unlocked (at that moment — it kept changing) without getting tagged by the “berserkers” or splashed with water. It was crazy!

Finally, we had to settle down enough to pay attention in chapel. Tonight, Adam talked about temptation and how sometimes we like doing the wrong thing, even though it’s bad for us. He showed us things we can do to fight back in the face of temptation using Jesus’ example, and also talked about how he put his faith in Jesus as a kid. It was great!

We’re so thankful for the lovely day God gave us, and looking forward to what tomorrow brings! See you later!

-Becky Boo

Hello, summer!

It’s finally here! The first week of summer camp is here!


Bobber Bill was super excited to greet all the campers and their families!

Super Kids 1 kicked off with some not-so-great weather (rain and thunder for most of the evening), but we still had plenty of fun on our first day. It’s like we say here at Camp — weather is an attitude!

After campers arrived and met their counselors and cabin friends, they got the chance to take the swim test and explore Camp a little bit before learning the names of the other counselors at “Who’s Who.” Later, we had a delicious pizza dinner to refuel before rules and chapel.


Rich’s puppy Teddy visited us during chapel.

Our speaker, Adam Roub talked about creation and how we can discover things about God by looking at the things He has made, like beautiful landscapes and puppies!

After chapel, we had canteen and then got to watch a super fun variety show starring the camp staff. (You should definitely ask your camper about their favorite skit when they get home!)

We have a fun week ahead of us, regardless of the weather, but still — prayer for sunshine would be much appreciated.

I’ll be back with more tomorrow!

-Becky Boo



T-minus four days until Super Kids 1

We’ve brushed up on our action songs, earned our CPR and first aid certification, and bonded as a staff. Now we just have to meet our campers!

Super Kids 1 is just days away, and for the past week, the senior staff of 2016 has been hard at work prepping for an awesome summer. We’ve planned chapels and devos, organized clinics and seminars, and brainstormed carnival games and variety show skits. And we’re so excited to share it all with you!

20160222-DSC_0035 copy

On Sunday, we visited Community Covenant Church in Upsala and taught them the actions for one of our memory verses.

Aside from the logistics and program side of the preparation, much of our time is devoted to our relationships with Christ. Through TAG time in the mornings, evening worship sessions, sharing how God has been working in our lives, and praying about the summer, we’re making sure we remember why we’re here – to show God’s love to campers and live out our faith.

And it’s been so much fun! Through “family road trips” and many, many pick-up games of Ultimate (seriously, so many games), we’ve made new friends and have grown so much closer together. Though we arrived as strangers, acquaintances, or maybe old friends, the staff of 2016 is leaving staff training as a unified group.

There’s a great summer of ministry and fun ahead of us. See you in a few days!

New summer, new blog!

Hi, friends! Welcome to the new summer blog!

Over the next three months, I’ll be sharing nightly updates on what’s happening at Camp during the day – you’ll hear about special events, daily camp life, and the topics our speakers are sharing with the campers. You’ll also get a special preview of the end-of-the-week slideshow – in every post, I’ll show you some of my favorite pictures from the day.


The Blogger

Speaking of pictures, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Rebecca Rehm, and I’m the photographer/blogger for this summer. If your kids came to Camp last year, they may know me as Becky Boo… which is a not-very-long and silly story. (Ask me about it some time!) This is my second summer as photographer, and I’m so happy to return to this role.

I’m excited to show you the crazy fun we’ll have this summer and tell you more about the ways Jesus is working in the hearts of our campers, so keep checking back!

-Becky Boo

p.s. You can also follow Camp’s story on Snapchat!  Just search for @camplebanon or open your camera in Snapchat and hold your figure on Camp’s snapcode (picture below).