Super Kids 3 – Day One

Super Kids 3 has begun!  We welcomed over 200 3-6 graders to Camp Lebanon this afternoon, and we’ve already had a great time hanging out with them.  The campers and staff can’t wait for the week to get started.  Campers got settled into their cabins and met their cabin mates and counselors before heading down to meet the rest of the staff in Main Hall (it was a bit of a rainy Check-In Day).  Then we had dinner (yummy sub sandwiches, veggies, chips, and brownies).

Next, we sang some songs on the Chapel before hearing some of the rules of the week and going on a tour of Camp.  Campers got to learn all about the Canteen, Swimming Buddy Board, and other important Camp landmarks on their tour with their counselor and cabin.

Then it was time for chapel!  In chapel, campers sang some fun Camp songs with lots and lots of actions, and then met our speaker for the week, Jackson Standafer.  Jackson introduced himself to campers by telling them 5 things that make him say “Awesome!”  Then Jackson gave campers an assignment for the week – to look for God’s fingerprint at Camp!

After chapel, campers will have some Canteen time before the Staff Variety Show, where our summer staff put on a bunch of hilarious skits for the campers.  Laughter is a great way to finish off the first night of their summer camp week!

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Super Kids 3 – Facebook Photo Album

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