An Amazing Summer Awaits!

Staff Training has begun, and that means summer is only a week or so away!  Our staff of 40+ young people have gathered together at Camp Lebanon to undergo an intense couple weeks of training, where they will learn the ins and outs of summer and plan all the fun campers will experience for the next 3 months.

Days during Staff Training are all a little bit different, with various sessions that give the staff tools to love on campers and show them who Jesus is.  Staff also get to connect with their supervisors during Team Times, play games that grow team unity and cooperation, and have worship and chapel times at the Eagle’s Nest.

One highlight from Staff Training so far was our visit to the home of our Executive Director, Bill Abeler and his wife Lisa (Women’s Ministries Director).  The staff got to enjoy yard games, board games, and absolutely delicious crepes!  After some worship in the living room, the Abelers led a get-to-know-you activity that involved trying to draw an animal on a paper plate on top of your head, which ended up with very amusing results.  Then Bill and Lisa shared their vision for the summer with the staff, challenging them to learn more about God as our Awesome Creator this summer!

One final highlight of the last few days was the male and female counselors receiving their cabin assignments for the summer.  Their supervisors handed out the flags that represented the country name of the cabins that they will be in for most of the summer!  These summer staffers are SO excited to meet their campers!


Keep watching this blog for more updates on our summer preparations!  And get ready for daily updates about summer camp starting June 9th!  To continue following the story on social media, follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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