To Victory – Super Kids 1 has Begun!

It’s here!  Summer has arrived, and with it, over 200 Super Kids 1 campers!  The staff was buzzing with excitement as we welcomed the kids and their families to Camp, looking forward to sharing our victorious theme!

As soon as campers had settled into their cabins, taken their swim tests, and met the rest of the summer staff, they hustled down to the dining hall for a kingly meal of BBQ sandwiches, Fiery Dragon Scales (spicy sweet chili Doritos), veggies, and rice krispy treats.  This meal was a chance for campers to learn the names of their cabin mates, their counselors, and their cabin friends!

 We pack a lot of fun into the first night of Camp!  These super Super Kids headed right from dinner into Chapel, where they heard all about the fun they can have during the week, sang some awesome Camp songs, and met our speaker for the week, Wendy Gordy!  Wendy will be spending the week in Ephesians 6, talking about how we can be victorious if we wear the armor of God!  Campers are encouraged to memorize the different pieces of the armor of God – tonight, we learned about the Belt of Truth.

“Faith is putting your trust in the One who made you!”

– Wendy Gordy

Take Camp Home Read Ephesians 6:10-14.  Ask your child why the Belt of Truth comes first.  What do belts do for us?  They are a foundation – they hold everything together!

After chapel, campers got to take a short tour around Camp Lebanon, getting to know all of the most important locations.  Then came everyone’s favorite moment – Canteen opened!  What would the “Ye Olde Staff Theatre” (the Staff Variety Show) be without snacks?  After enjoying the last bits of daylight, snacks galore, and lots of fun playing on the Hub with their counselors, campers headed inside to finish the night with some hilarious skits!  The staff put on their first Variety Show of the summer, to lots and lots of laughter.

Take Camp Home:  Ask your camper about their favorite Variety Show skit!  Or maybe have them act it out for you!  (Don’t forget to pop some popcorn, or get another snack – what’s a Variety Show without snacks??)

After the show, campers headed off to get ready for bed, have cabin devos with their counselors, and go to sleep.  We have a big week planned for them – can’t wait to get started bright and early tomorrow morning!

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Super Kids 1 – Photo Album

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