What’s NEW in Summer 2018?

There’s so much to be excited about for Summer 2018, and our Director of Youth Ministries just can’t wait to share them with you! Check out this short video.

Spring has been slow in showing up in Minnesota this year, but now that the air is warming up we are getting so excited about all the new things we are bringing to our summer camping ministry.  Now we just need Cedar Lake to unfreeze so we can use the brand new Corcl Boats!

Not only are we introducing a bunch of fun new activities to Camp this summer, but we are hiring a really amazing Summer Staff team!  God is pulling together a great group of college-aged staff who are ready to have The Funnest Fun with campers and to share the love of Jesus.

Keep praying for Camp Lebanon as we gear up for Summer 2018!  There’s still time to register for Youth Camps and Family Camps.  See you soon!

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