Of all the traditions at Camp Lebanon, perhaps the most loved of the summer camp traditions is the end of the week campfire out at Bass Point.  The campfire is a great send-off to the week – an opportunity for campers and staff to reflect on all that they have learned and all the fun they have had.

DSC_0093 copy

The night starts with everyone meeting at the Steps of Faith, clothed in long sleeves and long pants, ready for a hike through the woods.  Don’t forget the bug spray!  With flashlights and glowsticks in hand, campers and counselors make the trek out to Bass Point in one long line.  The hike takes them half-way down Camp’s dirt road, then off into the woods and towards the hidden gem that is Bass Point.  This open field is home to a beautiful old tree and a campfire ring and stage.

Campers gather around and enjoy yet another round of Gorilla Gets the Man and a few other crazy camp songs.  The speaker for the week usually gets up to say a few words and to close out the week with the campers.  Looking up at the stars and out at Cedar Lake, campers and staff sing worship to the Creator and have the opportunity to share about ways they have seen God in their week at Camp. And to finish off the night, the campfire just wouldn’t be the same without the staple Lion Hunt with Bobber Bill, or the Praise God Yell across Cedar Lake.



After the sun has set and the fire is dying out, campers start the hike back to main Camp, usually still buzzing with energy from an amazing week of summer camp.  The campfire is a tradition that campers look forward to every summer. Rain or shine, we find a way to gather the campers together – whether at Bass Point or in the chapel on a rainy evening.  It is important to have time to reflect and remember all that God has done in our lives, and the Camp Lebanon campfire is one way that we do that every week during the summer!

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