The End of an Adventure

We are sad to see all the Adventurers leave this afternoon! After another great Polar Dip and delicious breakfast, the campers had one final cabin adventure together before the Closing Rally.


We watched a fun video with highlights from the week, prizes were handed out, Bobber Bill gave us a summary of what he talked about all week, and we celebrated the end of the week once again with pies flying into the faces of our beloved staff (our victims today were Erin, Ben, and Jackson – they will smell like whipped cream for days!). We also celebrated the graduation of our first group of LITs (Leaders in Training) for the summer. They did a great job and they have learned a lot over the past three weeks.


We are thankful for all of the kids that came to Camp this week, and we are hoping to see all of them again next year.

Thank you God for a really great adventure!

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Adventurers


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