Waffle Wednesday!

Wednesday morning of Junior High 1 started with the Polar Dip and a delicious breakfast of waffles! After breakfast, the campers once again had time to spend alone with God to read their Bibles, memorize verses, and pray.

After our morning clinics and seminars, we split up for chapel. Today, the guys talked about Communication and the girls talked about Sin, Shame, and Forgiveness.

After lunch and a fun mail call, we had free time! Today, free time featured swimming, boating, crafts, paintball, a round of Two Rooms and a Boom (a fun strategy game), and even some campers sleeping on the playground (good thing tomorrow is sleep-in day)!

DSC_0110 copyDSC_0185 copyDSC_0207 copy

In chapel tonight, our speaker Phil Campbell is talking about using the gifts that God gave us to honor Him, as well as the discipline it takes to perfect a God-given talent. He is focusing on Hebrews chapter 12.

After chapel, we will have our championship volleyball game between the winners of yesterday’s tournament. Good luck Germany and Denmark!!! Later tonight, we are playing a new game; the campers will be running all around Camp collecting tickets to win points for their team.

We are looking forward to a fun evening and we are excited for all of the questions, conversations, and fun that tomorrow will bring with our last full day of Camp.

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Junior High 1

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