Welcome Junior High 1!

The first night of Junior High camp for the summer is off to a great start; the campers are already having a wonderful time!

As campers arrived today, they were greeted by their counselors, got to know each other, and some took the swimming test. Then, after being introduced to the staff, we all enjoyed a delicious dinner of hotdogs, chips, veggies, and cookies. DSC_0079

We went to chapel with full bellies to hear our speaker for the week Phil Campbell. Tonight, Phil introduced himself and his family to the campers with fun stories and pictures. Then, he gave us a visual representation of the Trinity by showing us a shape that is a circle, a square, and a triangle at the same time. We are looking forward to hearing more from Phil tomorrow night.


Now, the campers are enjoying some delicious Canteen treats, and we are getting ready to watch the Staff Variety Show!

Tune in tomorrow for the first full day of Junior High 1!

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures: Junior High 1 Album

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