What a fabulous first day!

People like to complain about Mondays, but our Monday was great! We kicked off our week with a day packed full of fun games, relaxing hang-out time, delicious food and great teaching!

Right after breakfast, we took our weekly camp picture. There are so many campers, so it took a little maneuvering to fit everyone in the frame, but we did it! From picture time, we were dismissed into our first session of Clinics and Seminars. Throughout the week, we’ll learn about prayer, finding our identity in Christ, overcoming the distraction of technology, and much more! There are also two activity-based sessions (clinics) for Ultimate and basketball, and a clinic-seminar hybrid about appreciation God’s creation in nature. Neat! A short break separated that time from morning chapel.

For morning chapel, we split into two groups – guys and girls – so we can talk a little more deeply about things that might be harder to discuss in a mixed group. Both groups talked about what healthy relationships look like, just from different perspectives and covering slightly different subject areas.

After lunch, we watched an installment of The Adventures of Captain Kyper, our summer-long character who is on a quest across the galaxy with her robot pal, M4R1-AH, and then went into free time! We finished our swim tests, splashed around the waterfront, took out boats, played Nine Square in the Air, made crafts… and so much more! It was also the first day for paintball.

In evening chapel, Josh continued his illustration of how in Star Wars, Stormtroopers are stripped of their identity and programmed by their surroundings to be destructive – and tied it in to how our sinful nature and the clamor of the culture around us tries to do the same. He encouraged us to consider what we’re listening to in our lives – media? Other people? – and turn towards God’s voice.

There were two things left between chapel and bedtime – canteen and a night game! We played “Board the Space Craft,” a wild game where the campers try to avoid being tagged by “berserkers,” figure out which door of the Chalet is unlocked, get in and deliver their ticket to the kiosk. The twist? The location of the unlocked door is constantly changing! It was SO much fun!

Please pray that we keep having the funnest fun, stay safe, and have open hearts to what God wants to teach us!

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