Hello, Super Kids 2!

It’s been a while since we had Super Kids, but they’re back! Our Super Kids 2 session kicked off yesterday with around 200 campers. (Needless to say, the chapel is packed!)

After checking in, campers headed over to their cabins to meet their counselors and get settled in. During check-in time, the lifeguards were also down at the beach, administering the swim test so campers can swim out to the raft during free time today! I have a feeling that swimming will be extra popular this week – it’s going to be really hot outside all week!

Our programmed activities started with a “Who’s Who” introduction to all the counselors, flag lowering, and dinner line-up. We all created cabin cheers to use throughout the week and presented them to the group before heading down to a picnic dinner! After we ate, we heard some rules for the week and had a quick tour of camp before chapel.

Last night, our speaker Frank Lanier told us the first chapter in a story about the Starship “Fellowship,” then connected it to the Parable of the Sower in Mark 4:3-20. He talked about how different types of hearts are represented by types of soil in the parable, and what that can look like in our lives. He’ll continue the story later today!

After chapel, we had canteen time and the Staff Variety Show! We laughed, we screamed at the top of our lungs, and had a great time! (Ask your camper about their favorite skit when they get home!) When the show was over, it was time for bed.

We have a lot of fun things on the schedule for today! Please pray that we would all stay safe, hydrated and cool so we can have the best time at Camp possible!

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