Three days down, one to go!

Good morning!

We had a pretty standard morning yesterday – polar dip, flag raising and breakfast (waffles!) followed by clinics and seminars time. Campers have really been learning a lot this week in those sessions and I’m sure they’d love to tell you about it when they get home… tomorrow?! It’s hard to believe today is our last full day!

In morning chapel yesterday, the girls talked about leadership and how they are capable of great things with God; the boys talked about sin, shame and forgiveness. After that, we had lunch and another installment of the Adventures of Captain Kyper – this time, we followed the crew on a mission to the planet [Pop Noise], where everyone is very distracted.

Free time opened up an opportunity to play paintball for the first time this week, and the two sessions were packed! Campers also took advantage of the nice weather by swimming, going sailing and just being outside. (The craft room was still pretty popular, though.)

Last night, we had chapel before the big game. Joe talked about being prepared for quests and the kinds of tools we have to prep for our quest of following Jesus. We discussed ways to connect with God through various ways, and also how to connect with others through encouragement, praying with others and wrestling with Scripture together. It led to a really sweet time where everyone was praying together and the counselors were going around and telling their campers encouraging things.

After chapel, the boys and girls volleyball champions (Germany and Mexico) faced off on the sand volleyball court during canteen, and the girls emerged victorious! We then rolled right into our night game – Free the Hostage. (Basically, it’s Capture the Flag but with a staff member instead of the flag.) It was super fun!

Today is our last day! Please pray that it would be meaningful, safe and fun for everyone here!

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