Rain, rain, go away…

We had so much rain yesterday – good thing “weather is an attitude” and we could still have fun!

One day down, three more full days to go! During our first 24 hours at Camp, the crazy weather switched up our schedule a little bit, but we had plenty to do.

Our morning started off with flag raising (indoors), breakfast (pancakes!), and clinics and seminars. Throughout the week, campers will have the chance to attend four different clinics/seminars, where they’ll learn more about specific topics like prayer, worship, and healthy friendships.

Speaking of friendships – in our guys/girls split chapel yesterday morning, the girls talked about what healthy versions of three different relationships look like (friendship, romantic relationships, and mentorships), and the guys talked about platonic friendships with girls. After chapel, we had lunch (quesadillas) and met some summer-long characters – Captain Kyper, her robot pal Beep Beep Boop BOP, and a girl named Nova!

During free time, the waterfront was only open for a little while before we heard thunder, but the staff made sure we had other options. We played Mafia, Swat, four square, octoball and splashed around on the lower field!

Later on in evening chapel, Joe talked to us about how making our main focus and pursuit something other than God will just lead to “dead ends” in life. He encouraged us to put God first, and some campers decided to follow Christ for the first time!

Today is another big day (with better weather) – please pray that we would be safe, have fun, and grow closer to God!

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