Jumping back into Junior High

Hello! Yesterday was the first day of Junior High 2 – a big switch from last week’s little Adventurers – and we had a lot of fun!

When we arrived at Camp, our first stop was at our cabins to meet our counselors and cabin mates and settle in. There was also a chance for everyone to take their swim tests before introductions, where we got to meet the other counselors and make up a cabin cheer that we’ll use throughout the rest of the week. We presented them to the group as we were sent down to the dining hall for dinner after flag lowering.

After we ate, we went over some rules for the week, had cabin bonding time, and went to chapel. Joe Budish, our speaker for the week, talked a little about himself and what his messages will focus on this week. Our night ended with canteen and the staff variety show!

We have a great week ahead of us! Please pray that we would be given many opportunities to grow deeper in our faith, learn more about God and His Truth, and build good relationships with the friends we’re sharing this week with. Prayers for a safe week would be appreciated as well!


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