It’s tournament time!

Good morning! We had a fantastic day yesterday and played a LOT of volleyball.

Most of our schedule yesterday was pretty similar to the day before – in the morning, we had flag raising, breakfast, TAG time, clinics and seminars and a mini free time┬ábefore morning chapel. We split up again and the boys talked about brotherhood and the girls talked about sin, shame and forgiveness. It was pretty heavy stuff, but in the end, super important!

After lunch, we followed Captain Kyper, P3T3R and Nova to Malk, a beach planet run by a cranky leader named Malk Fremulon. After seeing him being mean to his people, Captain Kyper convinced Malk Fremulon to change his behavior and join their crew!

Instead of paintball, we had zip line as an option during free time yesterday! It was super popular and lasted all of free time. Campers also got to swim (it was another beautiful day for the waterfront), make crafts, and check out the camp store. The 4 o’clock option was giant volleyball/nukem, which looked… difficult. But fun!

Last night, we got to have a picnic dinner on the North 40 before we started our biggest event of the day – the volleyball tournament! The tournament is always a great bonding experience for cabins, and some even coordinated outfits and face paint! In the end, the winner of the girls’ bracket was Israel, and the winner of the boys’ was Brazil! They’ll face off today during canteen.

During evening chapel, Kirsten went through Hebrews 12 and talked to us about living for Heaven, using examples of people from the Bible who have gone before us. The ultimate example? Jesus!

We have just a few days left of Junior High 1! Please pray for continued safety and fun for our campers and staff!

-Becky Boo

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