The first day of Camp!

That’s a wrap on the first full day of Super Kids 1!

God answered our prayers with beautiful sunny weather today… but even though the skies were clear, our big games made it impossible to avoid getting wet!

We started off our morning  at 7:40 with the wake-up bell. Some brave campers even woke up early to take a polar plunge in the lake! Next up was flag raising in the amphitheater, breakfast, and cabin clean-up. After we finished our cabins, we took a group picture with everyone at Camp!

In between the skills sessions, we had a morning chapel where Kenn (the counselor of Canada cabin) taught us how to use our Bibles and find verses. For morning skills time, we moved as cabin groups between stations so that by the end of the week, we’ll get to try out all the different skills. This week, the skills are archery, canoeing, team-building and two outdoor survival sessions that focus on different aspects of appreciating nature and being prepared to handle the wilderness. There’s also a theme-relevant session where we can learn about space!

Speaking of our theme, we saw our summer-long characters Captain Kyper and P3T3R again after lunch. The mission they received from the Master Commander yesterday led them to the planet Ah-hecknah, where they helped a local named Nova Imadele learn to be brave and fight back against the giant space spiders attacking her home. We’ll hear more about their adventures through the galaxy tomorrow.

After Toes Up Time (nap time), we jumped right into one of campers’ all-time favorite big games: the Staff Hunt. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s basically a giant game of hide-and-seek with campers looking for staff members across the main area of Camp. When they find a staff member, they get to push them in the lake! The Staff Hunt rolled right into free time, which gave campers plenty of fun things to do (like zip-line and swimming) before flag lowering and dinner.

Once dinner was over, we had another game with a water element: The Amazing Space Race! The goal for campers was to find which door of the Chalet was unlocked (at that moment — it kept changing) without getting tagged by the “berserkers” or splashed with water. It was crazy!

Finally, we had to settle down enough to pay attention in chapel. Tonight, Adam talked about temptation and how sometimes we like doing the wrong thing, even though it’s bad for us. He showed us things we can do to fight back in the face of temptation using Jesus’ example, and also talked about how he put his faith in Jesus as a kid. It was great!

We’re so thankful for the lovely day God gave us, and looking forward to what tomorrow brings! See you later!

-Becky Boo

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